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Makunouchi Bento releases Organg v0.9 Beta

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Makunouchi Bento Organg v0.9 beta

Felix Petrescu (waka x) of Makunouchi Bento has released Organg v0.9 beta, a freeware VST synth (donations appreciated).

Organg is an electronic (transistor) organ that sounds a bit “broken”. Check this mp3 for a sound demo.


  • ADSR controls
  • Speed + Depth – rotator (pan)
  • Instability slider (that is the “magic” slider – character maker)
  • Treble – brightness of the sound
  • Power – 1st amp (gentle one)
  • Balance – pan
  • Gain – second amp (analog simulation)

There is no limiter on the output, so be careful with your ears/equipment or use a limiter.

You can download Organg v0.9 Beta here.


Makunouchi Bento plug-in pack

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Waka x (Felix Petrescu from Makunouchi Bento) has released a plug-in pack with 5 VST plug-ins for applying to FSU effects to your audio.

Download all the effects in one pack here, or check below for individual downloads of each plug-in.


by waka x / makunouchi bento | last update: ???
Makunouchi Bento Statiq

statiq ALPHA build 2, simulates static interferences and bursts. Use left controls for noise shape properties and right controls for random trigger properties.

Download Statiq.

Mouse Family

by waka x / makunouchi bento | last update: 08 sep 2006
Makunouchi Bento Mortimer Mouse

Mouse Family (mono) 0.9 Beta, splits the sound in 4/8 bands and you can pitch them up/down.

  • Morthimer Mouse = Mortimer Mouse + dry/wet on bands
  • Ludwig Mouse = 8 band Mortimer Mouse
  • Agatha Mouse = 8 band Minnie Mouse
  • Digi Mouse = 4 band bit reducer

Download Mouse Family.

Limun Shaper

by waka x / makunouchi bento | last update: 07 sep 2006
Makunouchi Bento Limun Shaper

Limun Shaper (mono) 0.9 Beta, is a 8 band waveshaper. It has a limiter on output. The sound is processed in this way: sound -> band split -> waveshapers -> volumes -> limiter -> out.

Download Limun Shaper.

radio Gloria

by waka x / makunouchi bento | last update: 06 sep 2006
Makunouchi Bento radio Gloria

radio Gloria 0.9 Beta, simulates old romanian distorted radio sound. Use left controls for static properties and right controls for volume and output.

Download radio Gloria.


by waka x | last update: 14 dec 2005
Makunouchi Bento eLEKT

eLEKT Fx v1.0, simulates static interferences and nasty electric charges applied random to your sound source. The sound will be damaged for a while.

WARNING: the plug-in may produce some sudden and unexpected noise bursts which could damage your monitors/earing/scare your pets. It would be wise to use a limiter on the master bus or right after elekt.

Download eLEKT.