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Back In Time Records updates ManyOne Deluxe to v2.0

ManyOne Deluxe

Back In Time Records has announced version 2.0 of ManyOne Deluxe, adding 31 new multisample instruments (212 MB) and presets to the virtual instrument library for Windows and Mac.

Back to the roots – this easy handling sample-based synthesizer is a pleasure to work with. Equipped with a huge 4.2 GB sample library and over 450 Presets with a clear focus on the 70s and 80s vintage synthesizers plus EPs, Clavinet and Piano. Handpicked samples taken from all the legends: Yamaha CS80, Minimoog, Korg MonoPoly and MS20, Yamaha DX7II Centenntial, Minimoog and many more. Also included are the famous string ensembles like the Solina, the tape-based Mellotron with it’s Choirs, Flutes and Violins. Synth Leads, Basses, Pads and each one is a great sound.

It comes with vintage E-Pianos too: CP80, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet and even the famous DX7 EP. And legendary tone-wheel organs!

The clear and straight back to the roots handling concept: Just one page, no menus or subpages. Select a sound and play it, that’s it. If you want to change something to make the sound even more suitable to your music you don’t need to read dozens of owner’s manual pages – the entire parameter set is visible with one view. A helpful extra sound design tutorial is included though. Finally you can concentrate on your music instead of learning overfeatured parameter monsters and how they work.

ManyOne Deluxe for Windows and Mac (VST) is available to purchase for 79 EUR. The update is free for existing ManyOne Deluxe users.

More information: Back In Time Records / ManyOne Deluxe


The Indie Dev Collective launches Winter Sale

Indie Dev Collective

The Indie Dev Collective has launched its Winter Sale, offering over 30 deals on its products.

The Indie Dev Collective 2011 Winter Sale brings you a diverse selection of top quality synths, effects, and soundware for Windows, Mac, and iOS from 11 developers. Over 30 deals with prices as low as $6.99 and discounts up to 65% off for this limited time sales event!

The Indie Dev Collective Winter Sale includes products by Dangerous Bear Underground, H.G. Fortune, Manytone, Mildon Studios, Nucleus Soundlab, Perimeter Sound Arts, Ugo, Westgate Sounds, whiteLABEL, White Noise Audio Software, xoxos.

The sale runs from November 25th – December 4th, 2011.

More information: Indie Dev Collective


Indie Dev Collective launches IDC Spring 2011 Sale

IDC Spring 2011 Sale

Indie Dev Collective has announced the IDC Spring 2011 Sale, a limited time collaborative sale featuring various synth & effect plugins and soundware products.

We’re back with our most diverse sale yet.

Featuring 14 developers, including four new IDC members, bring you some of their latest synths, effects, samples, loops, presets, and even a host – all on sale at the same time, direct to you, with prices cut up to 65% off for this limited time sales event.

IDC Spring 2011 Sale

  • 26 deals on over 55 products.
  • Participating developers: Dangerous Bear Underground, Dusted William Sounds, H.G. Fortune, Hardcore Harmonics | Supersynths, IMEA, Manytone, Mildon Studios, Nucleus Soundlab, Perimeter Sound Arts, Psychic Modulation, Ugo, Westgate Sounds, whiteLABEL, xoxos.

The IDC Spring 2011 Sale is available until May 23rd, 2011.

More information: Indie Dev Collective


Indie Dev Collective launches IDC Sale #2: November 15th – 30th

Indie Dev Collective

The Indie Dev Collective has announced their second massive sale, offering discounts on a wide range of products from various developers.

Following the success of their first collaborative event (May 2010), the Indie Dev Collective are back with another fantastic sale.

Nine developers providing a highly diverse selection of synths, effects, samples, loops, and presets – all on sale at the same time, with prices up to 70% off.

IDC Sale #2 includes products by:

  • Dusted William Sounds
  • H.G. Fortune
  • Hardcore Harmonics/Supersynths
  • Manytone
  • Nucleus Soundlab
  • Perimeter Sound Arts
  • Ugo
  • Westgate Sounds
  • whiteLABEL

The sale lasts until November, 30th, 2010.

More information: Indie Dev Collective


Indie Dev Collective launches with Sale

Indie Dev Collective

The Indie Dev Collective has launched with a collaborative sale, offering up to 65% discount on various products.

We are a group of 12 plug-in and soundware developers who have banded together to bring you a massive collaborative sale on synths, effects, and samples. Up to 65% off – over 50 deals on more than 90 products!

The following developers participate in the Indie Dev Collective:

  • Dangerous Bear Underground – Synths, Samples & Soundbanks
  • de la Mancha – VST Synths & Effects
  • Dusted William Sounds – Samples & Loops
  • H.G. Fortune – VST Synths & Sequencers, & Samples
  • Hardcore Harmonics/Supersynths – VSTi & Soundbanks
  • Impact Soundworks – Soundbanks & Samples
  • Manytone – VST Synths & Samples
  • Nucleus Soundlab – Soundbanks, Refills & Samples
  • Perimeter Sound Arts – Loops & Presets
  • Ugo – VST Synths & Effects
  • Westgate Sounds – Soundbanks & Samples
  • whiteLABEL – VST Effects

The collaborative sale is available from May 17 until May 31, 2010.

More information: Indie Dev Collective


Manytone Music announces Birthday/Halloween discounts

ManyTone ManyBass

Manytone Music has announced a special Birthday/Halloween discount for October.

Paul Brown writes:

It’s my Birthday October 14th and I turn 44. It is also Halloween on the 31st which is one of my favorite special occasions.

So, We decided to offer a special Birthday/Halloween deal. It’s the best price we have ever offered on a few of the ManyTone products so please have a look.

Manytone offers 44% off the regular price of their products until October 31st 2008.

Birthday/Halloween discounts

  • ManyBass Bundle – Regular $179.95. Get it now for $100.77
  • ManyBass – Regular $139.95. Get it now for $78.37
  • ManyGuitar – Regular $99.95. Get it now for $55.97
  • ManyStation – Regular $99.99. Get it now for $55.99
  • ManyOne – Regular $49.95. Get it now on sale for 50%off – $24.95
  • Upright Bass or Electric/Acoustic Bass or Ultimate Bass Kit – Regular $29.95 each. Get them now for $16.77 each.
  • Fretless Bass – Regular $59.95. Get it for $33.57

To get these prices you need to use the special purchase links on the Manytone homepage (it is the only page with these special priced links).

Visit Manytone Music for more information.


Review: Orange Tree Samples CoreBass: Cherry

Orange Tree Samples CoreBass: Cherry

Orange Tree Samples may be a relatively new name in town, but founder Greg Schlaepfer certainly isn’t new to the game.

Greg has worked on ManyGuitar and ManyBass, as well as individual Manytone Music sample sets such as the Ultimate Bass Kit, Manytone Upright Bass, and Manytone Fretless Bass.

While Manytone’s products are Wusik Engine based, the CoreBass – Cherry libraries are specifically crafted for Kontakt 2/3.

Greg writes:

Kontakt has a very powerful scripting engine which lets me implement the technology that makes the sample set so playable.

Currently there are three CoreBass libraries available: Cherry, Cherry Slapped, and Cherry Picked. Each of these libraries features the sound of a Schecter Stiletto Elite with EMG Hz pickups and active EQ.

Orange Tree Samples CoreBass: Cherry
Orange Tree Samples CoreBass: Cherry

CoreBass Cherry features

  • 523 MB (Cherry) / 1021 MB (Cherry Slapped) / 1.16 GB (Cherry Picked) of 24-bit samples.
  • 4x intelligent round robin (no more machine gun effect!).
  • Sampled down to a low B.
  • Long, natural decay.
  • Release tones.
  • Automatic hammer-on, pull-off, slide up, slide down articulations (intelligent legato).
  • Automatic slap/pop articulations (Cherry Slapped), and upstroke/downstroke (Cherry Picked).
  • Modeled EQ to simulate the tonal change of different velocities.
  • Custom slides, allowing you to slide from one note to another.

The libraries are available as a digital download, with prices ranging from $49.95 USD to $69.95 USD. A bundle of all three Cherry libraries is available for $159.95 USD.

So what do I think?

Greg has made the right choice in using Kontakt for his instruments. The CoreBass samples are of outstanding quality and combined with Kontakt’s KSP scripting, these bass instruments really come to life.

The various articulations are very well done (loving the slides) and each of these basses has a wonderfully realistic sound, while being easy to play or program — exactly like Orange Tree Samples intended them to be. Just check out the CoreBass audio demos to get a taste of these lovely basses.

Orange Tree Samples also shows their commitment by listening to what you want. An update to the Cherry series was already released (increased note range, custom slides etc.) and a free MIDI loop library for all three CoreBass Cherry libraries is under development.

You can even have a say in what instrument should be sampled next by casting your vote in a poll (Jaco Fretless Bass!). The next product to be released is the CoreGuitar library. The final product will feature more articulations, but you can already listen to some lovely audio clips.

All in all, I can say I’m impressed with the CoreBass instruments and I’m looking forward to seeing any of the instruments mentioned in the poll made into sampled instruments by Orange Tree Samples.

More information: Orange Tree Samples