Versilian Studios releases Marimba & Etherealwinds Harp (free)

Versilian Studios has released Marimba and Etherealwinds Harp, two new instrument plugins and Kontakt sound libraries.

Versilian Studios Marimba

The Marimba is a relative of the xylophone, distinct for its large, typically semi-tubular resonators found underneath the keys, and larger range than its smaller counterpart. Its history is complex, having early origins in Africa and Central America, but it found a prominent home in the halls of America’s Vaudeville at the start of the 20th Century. The marimba is unique from many modern instruments in that its playing style is still evolving quite rapidly, with new applications and playing techniques coming forth every few years.

Marimba features

  • 4-6 RR, 3 velocity layers. Very dynamic sound.
  • 3 mixable mic positions: Main, Close, and Ribbon.
  • Pre-recorded rolls at different velocities.
  • Performance by professional mallets player.

The Marimba is available for purchase for $15 USD.

The Etherealwinds Harp features the sounds of a diatonic folk harp recorded by the Newgrounds musician Etherealwinds.

Versilian Studios Etherealwinds Harp

Folk/lever harps differ from their big orchestral brothers by having a smaller range, and additionally by the functionality of their tuning system. On a pedal harp, the orchestral staple, levers at the base, activated by foot, control all the notes of the same variety (so if you change C to C#, all the C’s are sharped). However, on lever harps, each note has an independent “sharping lever”, which can raise that particular note by a half step. This system only allows a halfstep of motion- each octave has to be sharpened if it is desired. In addition, the smaller body of the lever harp gives it a different overall tone than their big brothers.

Etherealwinds Harp features

  • Diatonically sampled, 2x RR, 3 velocity layers.
  • Celtic Lever/Folk Harp with a delicate, warm tone.
  • Full Decays Sampled.
  • Played and recorded by Newgrounds musician Etherealwinds.

The Etherealwinds Harp is available for download at no charge.

Versilian Studios has also released updated versions of Tubular Bells and Timpani, which resolve some issues, enhance the user interface, and add functionalities.

More information: Versilian Studios


Cinematique Instruments releases Ensemblia for Kontakt

Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of Ensemblia, a modern chamber orchestra library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Cinematique Instruments Ensemblia

ENSEMBLIA is the sound of a modern chamber orchestra that lets you easily write organic and truly natural music. A selected range of classical instruments combined with a fine mix of unique sounds are ready for your cinematic suspense, drama and comedy or even to give a special spice to your pop and R’n’B tracks.

Ensemblia was built to easily create beautiful polyphonic chamber arrangements and textures while you are just playing chords or single notes. We didn´t recorded phrases, a powerful 16step arranger will do it.

Ensemblia can layer up to 7 instruments at the same time and gives you a quick access to a broad range of timbres and tone colors while playing. A special voicing engine will split your notes and chords automatically into separate voices and lets you individually assign them to each particular instrument.

Building Ensemblia we aimed to create a modern minimalistic ensemble sound inspired by composers such as Michael Nyman, Philip Glass or Steve Reich. Ensemblia is a really helpful and inspiring tool for composers.

Ensemblia features

  • Instruments include violin, a viola, a cello and a horn in several articulation such as spiccato, staccato, pizzicato and long notes (normal, ponticello, harmonics), up to 5 velocity layer and 4 round robin variations.
  • Also includes Baritone Trombone (re-recorded), Marimba (C2-C5), Alto Glockenspiel, Upright Piano, Shruti Box, and Bowed Psaltery from the Cinematique Instruments library.
  • 2 separate patches: „longs“ and „shorts“. Instruments are spread over 7 slots – each of them provide separate mixing and editing options in order to compose the ensemble at your own requirements.
  • Kontakt interface with a master page and a mixer page, and shorts patch has an additional arranger page that lets you define and built up polyphonic 16 step patterns.
  • Both patches have a Voicing engine that lets you easily spread certain voices to particular instruments. While playing notes or chords Ensemblia automatically analyzes your playing and splits all incoming notes into 5 voices which are low – midlow – mid – midhigh – high. You can separately assign these 5 voices to each instrument at your own requirements.
  • The Arranger, a powerful 16 step ostinato engine that sets the velocity, the voicing and the octave for each step and instrument separately. The arranger plays the flexible pattern using only notes and chords that you are holding down. As a result you get versatile and inspiring musical patterns and riffs playable in all ranges and speed variations. There are no pre-recorded phrases. Optionally you can play in- or off-sync.

The library is available for purchase for 179 EUR. Requires Kontakt 4.22 full version.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Ensemblia


New Atlantis Audio intros Marimba Suite for Reason

New Atlantis Audio has launched the Marimba Suite, a new orchestral instrument library for Propellerhead Reason.

Marimba Suite for Reason

New Representing a new level in sampled instrument design for Reason — Marimba Suite features a 5 octave rosewood grand concert marimba, deeply sampled with multiple dynamic velocities, round robins, and articulations. The feel and performance are top notch, and because the sampling took place inside an anechoic chamber, you can guarantee that it will fit perfectly into any mix! This is a rich, full, expressive, and truly transparent representation of a modern classic.

Recorded, edited, and designed in a completely 24bit/96khz workflow – and captured with the finest mics and converters.

This is unlike anything ever available on the Reason platform, and is offering a special limited edition with bonus content and an amazing discount. Head there to check it out!

The library is available for purchase at a discounted price for a limited time.

More information: Reason ReFill


Orange Tree Samples releases Paradise Marimba for Kontakt

Orange Tree Samples has launched Paradise Marimba, a marimba instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Orange Tree Samples Paradise Marimba

Paradise Marimba was developed in collaboration with Chris Poehler of Lujon Audio. The marimba in this library was specifically selected for its warm, full sustain. The lowest two octaves of the marimba were additionally sampled with softer bass marimba mallets as an alternate option to the standard mallets. These bass marimba mallets are designed for ambient, cinematic music.

Paradise Marimba accompanies Orange Tree Samples’ Pure Jazz Vibes sample library, also recorded at WaterSound Productions, in Studio City, California. As with the vibraphone library, Michael Aarvold engineered the session.

Paradise Marimba features

  • 3.9 GB of 24-bit samples.
  • Up to 11x round-robin with four dynamics, chromatically sampled.
  • Playable rolls.
  • Separate close, mid, and far mic signals.
  • Alternate bass marimba mallets, muted hit articulation.

The library is available for the introductory price of $79 USD until until September 30th, 2014 (regular $99 USD). Requires full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4/5.

More information: Orange Tree Samples / Paradise Marimba


Spitfire launches Producer Portfolio series of Kontakt libraries

Spitfire Audio has announced the launch of its new Producer Portfolio range of sound libraries.

With Spitfire’s existing orchestral and definitive ranges, we’re very proud of the “impression” that the hall at Air studios gives, but it’s not right for every application.

With this new range, we have recorded in smaller spaces, close, mid range and room perspectives with carefully positioned, fine, ‘A class’ mics and pres to give you the raw materials you need to make these sounds your own, and at an affordable price.

Spitfire Producer Portfolio

Producer Portfolio features

  • Analogue Foundry #1 Pylons – A definitive collection of phrases, squeaks, bleeps, hits and FX from their enormous selection of classic vintage synths.
  • Kitchenware #1 – Metal – Sampled from 12 specially selected (with a variety of both simple and complex harmonic sonority) bowls, jugs and cups, this new sound-set will provide you with hours of inspiration.
  • Frank Ricotti – Marimba – Ricotti Marimba features 7.6 GB of compressed content from over 11,700 samples, over 24.5 GB samples in WAV format (this losslessly compresses very efficiently in Kontakt!)

The libraries are available to purchase at a 20% introductory discount until December 4th, 2013. Requires Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher, full version.

More information: Spitfire Audio / Producer Portfolio


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