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Loopmasters releases Marshall Jefferson – House Generation Vol 2

Marshall Jefferson - House Generation Vol 2

Loopmasters has released Marshall Jefferson – House Generation Vol 2, a collection of samples produced by Marshall for producers looking to make inspired classic and future House tracks, using some of the sources that up until now Marshall has kept a closely guarded secret.

For House Generation Vol1 Marshall recruited the services of luminaries such as Byron Stingly and Paris Brightledge to record a great selection of classic House vocals, Chris ‘Bam Bam’ Westbrook recorded the guitars, Louie Louie played percussion, Ed Funk was on Drums, whilst Sherman Burks and Rob Crawford recorded the Keyboard loops.

This time round, House Generation Vol2 focuses more on horn and music Loops performed by another great musician, Onyx Ashanti lets rip on his Akai Ewi electronic wind controller for some of the most expression filled lead and music loops you will ever hear. Highlights include: 38 Flute, Horn, Lead, Rhodes, Synth Sax and Trumpet Loops which will lift your productions to new levels.

Marshall’s dedication to the project and musical input has resulted in a truly unique collection of rare and previously unreleased samples, which are sure to grace many hits in the future, both within the House genre and other styles.

Marshall Jefferson – House Generation Vol 2 features

  • Over 330MB of content including over 300 Wav files, 230 Rex 2 Samples and 39 Ready to play patches.
  • 30 Bass Loops, 54 Drum Loops, 34 Music Loops, 38 ‘Onyx Ashanti’ Loops, 42 Real Horn Loops, and 30 Percussion Loops.
  • Single Sounds include more than 40 Drum Hits from 707, 808 and 909 kits, 8 Guitar Stabs, 19 Pads Samples, 5 Synth Mulitsamples and 14 Horn Ensemble Patches.

Marshall Jefferson – House Generation Vol 2 is available to purchase for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / House Generation Vol 2


Tekniks releases Housemasters

Tekniks Housemasters

Tekniks has released Housemasters, a 1.37GB world-class collection of exclusively crafted samples by some of the world’s leading house artists, including Marshall Jefferson, Knee Deep, Liquid People, Johnny Fiasco, Kerri Chandler, Jon Cutler, Mark Picchiotti, Cricco Castelli and Copyright.

No stone is left unturned in this innovative package featuring 25 construction kits and 100s of drum, Rhodes and FX sounds from the personal archives of producers making music that rock dancefloors across the world.

Housemasters features

  • 25 construction kits, broken down into individual basslines, Rhodes, guitar, synth and clav loops, as well as full beats and stripped beats – down to individual kicks and claps. The emphasis is on ease of use throughout.
  • All loops are presented in Acidized Wav, Apple Loop and Rex formats, 100% copyright free.
  • An additional folder of Rhodes chords, synth and bass sounds, FX plus 350 raw drum one-shots (kicks, snares, hats, percussion).
  • All synth and bass multisamples are offered in EXS24, NNXT and Kontakt sampler formats.

Housemasters is available in various formats from Sounds/To/Sample, starting at 39.95 EUR.

Visit Sounds/To/Sample for more information.


Loopmasters releases Xmas Giveaway – Pack 2 & 3

Loopmasters has released Xmas Giveaway – Pack 2 & Pack 3, two free sample libraries.

Loopmasters Xmas Giveaway - Pack 2

Pack 2 features material from the new Artist Series, in which Loopmasters introduces world-famous producers in new roles.

A direction that we are sure to follow – releasing audio material from musical trendsetters and gurus – it has already enabled us to lead the way with a brand new way of publishing artists. As more and more people worldwide successfully hop on the producers’ bandwagon, we give them something that is even better than studio tips and tricks. We let top producers into their studios. Excellent sonic quality and the unique vibes that shake, rattle and roll are knocking at your door. So open it up wide: Aquasky, Marshall Jefferson, Chris Cowie, Harley & Muscle, Joey Youngman and Trafik share their tools with you in this free Pack. On top of that you will also get a slice of Dubstep, Minimal Houserock, Hip Hop Guitars & Bass and Funk Guitars. This stuff could be Nitro to your productions. And it is FREE!

Loopmasters Xmas Giveaway - Pack 3

Pack 3 is filled with material that is unavailable elsewhere in the world.

That is right! We are giving you loops and samples from artists that are on our release roster for 2009. Be the first to hear and use the audio building blocks that nobody has heard or used before. We will not explicitly reveal all our publishing plans, however, we can tell you that you will find loops from Zed Bias, Classic, Full Cycle, 2020 Vision, Nextmen, Todd Terry, Way Out West, Tim Healey and Marc Adamo. All of these will be widely available next year. And now – go ahead! Satisfy your curiosity! And be the first kid on the block with these cutting edge samples. Lay your tracks with the best of the best. And have pure fun this holiday.

All Xmas Giveaway Packs are available for download to registered users (registration is free).

More information: Loopmasters


Loopmasters releases Marshall Jefferson – House Generation and Harley & Muscle – Deep House Producer

Loopmasters has released two new titles in their Artist Series sample libraries: Marshall Jefferson – House Generation and Harley & Muscle – Deep House Producer

Marshall Jefferson – House Generation

Loopmasters Marshall Jefferson - House Generation

Marshall recruited the services of luminaries such as Byron Stingly and Paris Brightledge to record a great selection of classic House vocals, Chris ‘Bam Bam’ Westbrook recorded the guitars, Louie Louie played percussion, Ed Funk was on Drums, whilst Sherman Burks and Rob Crawford recorded the keyboard loops. Perhaps one of the biggest triumphs of this exclusive sample collection has to be the recruitment by Marshall of Orbert Davis from the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, who was put in charge of capturing an awesome selection of live House Strings and Brass Sections for the project.

Marshall says:

When I first thought about doing a loops CD with Loopmasters I wanted one that had no throw away loops – and I honestly think every single loop on this CD is a hit component… This Collection is going to take you from Acid to Synth House to true live Philly style House and back to the Garage, then swing you back to the 90′s and 2k styles.

Marshall Jefferson – House Generation features

  • 1.2+GB of content including over 1,100 wav files, 450 Rex 2 samples and 63 patches.
  • More than 100 Drumloops, 50+ synth and real played bass parts, 40 guitar loops, 27 synth loops, 19 house brass loops, 27 string parts, 95 percussion loops, 20 vox loops, 33 piano loops, 60 drum hits, nearly 400 vocal samples, and much more.

Harley & Muscle – Deep House Producer

Loopmasters Harley & Muscle - Deep House Producer

Harley & Muscle are two House Music artists living in Milan, northern Italy. From 1985, these young guys began to hear the first real House Music of the early 80′s from Artists such as Farley “Jackmaster” Funk, Mr. Fingers, Tyree, all the DJ International label productions and the great house music coming out of Chicago, NYC and London.

William “Harley” & Flavio “Muscle” write:

We created this CD for all people who have a soul that understands what the real aim of ‘House Music’ is… “House is a feeling…” (Mr. Fingers, 1986) and this is why it became our main reason for life… It’s a great pleasure to know that in this globe there will be many people using our keys, basslines or grooves to produce new Deep tracks that will spread our love for this kind of music through their hearts…

Harley & Muscle – Deep House Producer features

  • 2+ GB of content including 472 Deep House wav files, 177 Rex 2 samples and 40 patches for Reason, Kontakt, Halion, EXS24, Stylus RMX, Cakewalk Rapture and Dimension (full DVD also includes a Reason Refill, Apple Loops, and patches for the Ableton Live Sampler).
  • 50+ 4 bar Deep House drum loops, 42 bass lines, 9 lead Loops, 48 piano samples, 25 string loops, 8 SFX samples, around 200 single hit Deep House drum samples.
  • 10 multi multi sampled House Piano and Rhodes ready to play with that Deep House flavour.

Both titles are available to download (shipping of DVD orders will commence Feb 1st) for £29.95 GBP each.

More information: Loopmasters