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Martin Wheeler releases DR1 Dr.DRONE v0.1b

Martin Wheeler DR1 Dr.DRONE

Martin Wheeler (aka. Vector Lovers) has released beta of DR1 Dr.DRONE, a VST plug-in for the generation of fat electro-style synth sounds.

DR1 Dr.DRONE features

  • Audio Out level indicators.
  • ADSR and level controls.
  • Six X/Y pads:
    1. Oscillator Pitch: pitch of OSC 1 over a 3 octave range (X), pitch of OSC 2 over a 10 octave range (Y).
    2. Modulation A: modulation of OSC 2 pitch (X), depth of OSC 2 modulation (Y).
    3. Modulation B: Phase Modulation of OSC 1 + 2 (X), Pulse Width of OSC 1 + amount of signal going to Ring Oscillator (Y).
    4. LFO.
    5. Lo Pass filter.
    6. Hi Pass filter.
  • Filter ASDR.
  • Osc Sync and tuning, Stereo, Ring Osc, Note on controls, mono/stereo switch, retrig, glide and test controls.

The registered version of DR1 Dr.DRONE will soon be available for purchase for 5.99 GBP.

A shareware version (Windows PC) with the following restrictions is available for download.

  • LFO SYNC TO HOST disabled
  • MONO MODE only. Registered version has 8 note polyphony
  • Master tune is disabled
  • Limited to 16 patch memories (64 in full version)
  • Register/Nag screen

Visit the DR1 Dr.DRONE website for more information and a link to download the shareware version of DR1.