Martin78 releases Yamaha TG500 / SY85 sample pack

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Martin78 has announced the release of a free Yamaha TG500/SY85 drum and fx sample library.

Martin78 Yamaha TG500/SY85
The 1992 Yamaha TG500 is the rack version of the SY85 workstation.

Free 48khz 16bit sample pack of ALL drum and fx waveforms. Waveforms – it means, no internal effects were used, no layers. Pure samples looped as originals. Every waveform recorded few times in different pitch.

Recorded thru Akai s5000 sampler, then DC adjusted, normalized, denoised, trimed and looped on Windows.

The sample pack is a free download.

More information: Martin78


Free Roland U-220 / U-20 drum & fx samples from Martin78

Martin78 has released a free Roland U-220 / U-20 drum and fx sample pack, featuring sounds from the U-220 RS-PCM Sound Module.

Martin78 Roland U-220 / U-20
The Roland U-220 is a simple 16-bit rompler, featuring 30-voice polyphony, 4MB ROM, and onboard reverb, chorus & delay effects.

Absolutely FREE, drum & fx samples from my Roland u-220 rompler module from 1989. It is rack version of Roland U-20 keyboard.

Provided sample pack includes additional latin and fx sounds from expansion card number 2. It contains all drum and fx samples with different pitches, effects off, long decay and relase set. Samples were originally recorded at 24bit 48khz by Motu 2408 mk2 interface, then denoised (removed few db of noise floor) and converted to 16bit.

The download is free at Martin78.

More information: Martin78 / Roland U-220