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Sample Magic releases Vinyl & Tape Drum Hits + Massive Bass House Patches 2

Sample Magic has announced the release of two new sound packs.

Sample Magic Vinyl & Tape Drum Hits

Vinyl & Tape Drum Hits features a collection of 6,480 drum hits.

Looking for deeper kicks, warmer snares, smoother claps and fuller percussion? Tired of digitally over-processed drum hits that never fit the mix? Then audition SM43 Vinyl & Tape Drum Hits: our love affair with all things analogue, featuring a whopping 6,000+ of our finest drum hits tracked to tape and cut to vinyl for our richest, warmest and most characterful drum collection ever.

Tape and vinyl sampling has been at the cornerstone of dance music production since the start. Today, our passion for the production pioneers explains a generation of tape and vinyl modelling plugins.

But no amount of plugins are as good as the real thing – meticulously edited drum hits recorded to tape, consumer cassette and vinyl using a range of high-end and classic outboard.

The sample pack is available for £34.90 GBP, with parts also sold as separate Click+Mix packs.

Sample Magic  Massive Bass House Patches 2

The Massive Bass House Patches 2 soundset features 101 sounds for the Massive synthesizer instrument by Native Instruments.

Essential selection of fat bass, metallic leads, deep chords, percussive plucks and atmospheric pads for NI’s Massive. Dark, driving and laced with big-room appeal, it’s an unmissable addition to any house producer’s toolkit.

Packed with solid subs, FM-style leads, rave-style Reese tones, dubbed-out keys, modulated pads and lead-line plucks, Massive Bass House Patches runs from the underground sounds of Catz & Dogz, Friend Within and Dusky to the crossover appeal of Gorgon City and Route 94.

The soundset costs £14.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic


ADSR Sounds releases Chillout soundsets for FM8 & Massive

ADSR Sounds has released Chillout for FM8 and Chillout for Massive, two soundsets featuring 50 patches each.

ADSR Chillout for FM8

Chillout for FM8

Chillout sounds for FM8 will suit ambient, experimental, chillwave, chillout and alternative electronic styles.

Complex sequenced sounds have been designed for rhythmic inspiration, arps for melodic inspiration, warm analogue bass sounds, stacked major chords, evolving pads, spacey keys and more sit alongside each other in this pack exploring the creative side of FM8.

Chillout for FM8 features

  • 10 Arp & Seq.
  • 6 Bass.
  • 6 Chord.
  • 5 Key.
  • 6 Lead.
  • 10 Pad.
  • 7 Pluck.
ADSR Chillout for Massive

Chillout for Massive

Exploring the often overlooked softer side of NI Massive, Chillout Sounds presents 50 patches just in time for summer.

Analogue bass sounds, spaced out chords, trippy keys, plucks, pads and creative sequence and arpeggiator sounds are all on offer in this pack and ready for your next sunset production.

Chillout for Massive features

  • 10 Arp & Seq.
  • 8 Bass.
  • 6 Chord.
  • 7 Key.
  • 6 Organ.
  • 6 Pad.
  • 7 Pluck.

The soundsets are on sale for $9 USD each (regular $17 USD each).

More information: ADSR / Chillout


ADSR Sounds releases Fresh Leads 2 for Sylenth1 & Massive

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ADSR Fresh Leads 2 for Sylenth1 & Massive

ADSR Sounds has launched Fresh Leads 2 for Sylenth1 & Massive, a new collection of presets for modern Trap, Hip Hop and EDM.

With 31 leads for Massive and 35 leads for Sylenth1, you’ll get a total of 68 fresh new synth sounds to lead the clubs.

All presets in this pack are are assigned to the macro controls (in Massive) and many to the mod wheel (in Sylenth1) and tested to fit in to many genres of EDM music.

In detail, this pack contains many new fresh leads for the clubs and your own personal productions, whatever the genre may be.

The soundset is available for purchase for $18 USD.

More information: ADSR / Fresh Leads 2


Noisefactory releases Massiah Vol. 3 – Complextro Elements

Noisefactory has launched Massiah Vol. 3 – Complextro Elements, a new soundset for the Massive synthesizer from Native Instruments.

Noisefactory Massiah Vol. 3 - Complextro Elements

This incredible pack is the third volume of the series and also a collaboration with upcoming talent White Zoo, who has recently released on labels like Audiophile Live and Big Fish Recordings.

“Massiah Vol. 3″, designed and dedicated for hard-hitting complextro styles, contains not less than 50 NI Massive sound patches and 22 Demo-MIDI-Files for inspiration.

Every preset is handcrafted, optimized and constructed from scratch. With the well assigned macro knobs you can push the desired sounds to the max. Trigger your creativity: Load the MIDI-Files and use the macro controls to bring them to life.

Massiah Vol. 3 – Complextro Elements features

  • 50 NI Massive presets.
  • Includes 18 basses, 16 leads, 2 plucks, 2 pads and 12 special effects.
  • 22 MIDI files.
  • 5 bonus samples.
  • 5 Massiah Vol.2 demo presets.
  • Requires NI Massive 1.3+

The soundset is available for purchase for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Noisefactory / Massiah Vol. 3 Complextro Elements


ADSR Sounds releases EDM Banger-Aid for Massive by Kid Zero

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Kid Zero EDM BangerAid

ADSR Sounds has launched EDM Banger-Aid, a new soundset by Kid Zero for the Massive synthesizer instrument from Native Instruments.

It comes fully loaded with 150+ drop and breakdown-worthy presets that will fit into any EDM tack. These ready to go presets are widely diverse and are inspired by some of EDM’s biggest producers (Awell, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, Armmin Van Buuren and Avicii)

150+ NI Massive Sounds To Take Your EDM To The Next Level!

We took extra special care of every sound in the pack so that each has its own unique sound. This pack is a seal.

EDM Banger-Aid features

  • 150+ Massive presets.
  • All 8 macros active on every preset.
  • 18 custom drum samples.
  • 70 MIDI files.
  • 1 Ableton Live Session.

The pack is available exclusively from ADSR Sounds for $24 USD.

More information: ADSR / EDM Banger-Aid


ModeAudio releases Dark Waves for Massive

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ModeAudio has released Dark Waves, a new collection of deep house presets for the Massive synthesizer instrument from Native Instruments.

ModeAudio Dark Waves

Cover the last few steps to the very edge of the ground, take a deep breath and let yourself fall over the brink…feel yourself plunge into the darkest, dreamiest depths of sound with our latest subaquatic sound collection, Dark Waves – Massive Deep House Presets!

Using Massive as our deep sea diving suit, we’ve plumbed the depths and uncovered entire fissures filled with sublime, submerged sound. From brooding, moody chords, bubbling percussion synths, floating pads and shimmering SFX to the thickest, deepest sub bass presets Massive can muster, the glimmering underwater adventure these 50 presets take you on will be an endless one.

Alongside fuel to allow Massive to take you down under, Dark Waves also includes 50 MIDI loops covering synth, chord, pad, bass and SFX patterns, giving your musical vessel the ability to float as well as sink.

The pack is available for purchase for £12 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Dark Waves


Zenhiser releases Massive Psytrance Presets 2

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Zenhiser Massive Psytrance Presets 2

Zenhiser has launched Massive Psytrance Presets 2, a collection of 105 patches for the Massive synthesizer by Native Instruments.

It was only a matter of time before the office got inundated with requests for more Psytrance presets, could we refuse ……. hell no!!! After a few months back in the studio our favourite Psytrance producer emerged with what is probably the most detailed, crystal clear and truly awesome psytrance presets ever heard. Totalling 105 broad spectrum NI Massive presets this Zenhiser pack delves deep into the Psytrance sound and delivers a soundest that turns your Massive synth into a true Psytrance monster!

To put it simply, Massive Psytrance Presets 2 will take your future psy tracks to a whole new level, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for the latest Psytrance sounds or something to cover the classic Goa era, “Massive Psytrance Presets 2” has it all. This truly is a gold mine for all psytrance enthusiasts, driving basslines, twisted synths, mind altering sequences, huge sweeps, lush pads and some essential fx to boot.

The soundset is available for purchase for $30 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Massive Psytrance Presets 2