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ADSR Sounds intros NI Massive Masterclass for Massive 1.4

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ADSR Sounds has announced its updated NI Massive Masterclass video course, completely remade for Massive v1.4.

ADSR Sounds NI Massive Masterclass

11 videos / Over 3 hours of expert tuition on every single feature and function of NI Massive. Every feature, button and knob in Massive thoroughly explained – the most comprehensive NI Massive video course available!

ADSR and released the original Learn Every Function & Feature Of Massive course to help beginners deepen their understanding of Massive and to offer intermediate, self-taught producers access to some features they may not have previously thought to incorporate into their sound designs.

The updated version of Learn Every Function & Feature Of Massive advances this vision, bringing fresh insights and detailed instruction on the most up-to-date version of Native Instruments’ Massive.

This major course update covers all the basics of using Massive plus gives you advanced insights into all the new and updated features released with Massive 1.4.

The course is available to purchase for $39 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / NI Massive Masterclass


ADSR Sounds intros Art of Dubstep Bass Megapack for Massive

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ADSR Sounds Art of Dubstep for Massive

ADSR Sounds has launched the Art of Dubstep Bass Megapack, a bundle that comprising two dubstep soundsets for Native Instruments Massive previously on sale at MassiveSynth.

Howling, tearing basslines in the style of Skrillex, Datsik, Excision and more. The packages previously on sale were incredibly popular, not just among novice producers, but also bought and used by platinum selling dance music artists, including some very prominent pioneers of the dubstep genre.

This enormous NI Massive dubstep bass preset megapack contains 139 prime-cut monster patches squeezed from the deep, dark insides of the fabulous Massive synth – complete with programming of massive’s 8 macro controls, so that you can tune these sounds to your individual soundscape, and change them on the fly with ease.

When these packages were first released over 2 years ago they flew off the shelves, literally selling in their thousands – so please do make sure you haven’t already purchased these patches before committing to buy. If you haven’t already got these sounds in your arsenal then we’re sure you will agree that value like this cannot be found anywhere else.

This sale represents the end of this product line. Grab it before its gone forever!

The Art of Dubstep Bass pack costs $30 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Art of Dubstep Bass


ADSR launches Synth Preset & Music Production Course Store


ADSR has announced the launch of, an online megastore of music production courses, synth presets and samples to complement their ever growing network of synth tutorial sites.

Over the past two years ADSR has been steadily making a name for themselves building up a network of sites that includes some of the world’s most popular synth tutorial communities –,, and This long awaited announcement represents a natural progression for the company who will now offer a consolidated and truly comprehensive resource for music producers of every level looking to hone their skills.

Commenting on the launch, ADSR’s owner, Steve Foulds said “We have over 60,000 subscribers and an equally large social presence now who are very vocal in telling us what they want next, I’d like to say this new site was all my idea but to be honest it’s more a case of ‘the people have spoken’ “

ADSR Sounds

The ADSR network currently offers a huge range of web-based tutorials and courses as well as presets and samples both free of charge and paid. When quizzed about how the new ecommerce site might affect this model, Steve says “Don’t worry, we’re still going to be offering the same amount of quality free content. ADSR Sounds is our way of consolidating our offering into one platform. In addition to free tutorials on a larger range of synths you’re also going to see a lot more in-depth material being offered for producers who want to explore every last knob and button on their synths “.

All of the course materials featured on ADSR sites including and now are created by experienced, real world professionals offering practical step by step tutorials and courses. The company’s video tutorials have been well received for providing detailed insight into creating specific sounds and genres.

More information: ADSR


MassiveSynth intros Hexagon – Boards Of Canada inspired Massive soundset

MassiveSynth Hexagon

MassiveSynth has launched Hexagon, a collection of 50 Native Instruments Massive presets inspired by the sound of Boards of Canada.

Are you looking for beautiful soundscapes and drifting chords in a Boards of Canada style sound?

Various older analogs have inaccuracies. Massive out the box has a clean/digital sound to it. We’ve built these sounds from the ground up to include inaccuracies and defects inherent in older analog synths. The sounds themselves have been inspired by countless hours of listening to BoC’s albums to give you a rich bank of beautiful sounds.

Hexagon features

  • 50 presets for NI Massive:
    • 10 Arps.
    • 8 Bass.
    • 4 FX.
    • 6 Keys.
    • 3 Plucks.
    • 9 Sequenced Pads.
    • 10 Sustained Pads.

The soundset is available from MassiveSynth for $17 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth / Hexagon


MassiveSynth launches Wavetables Explained tutorial video

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MassiveSynth Wavetables Explained

MassiveSynth has introduced Wavetables Explained, a 2-hour video course on wavetables in Native Instruments Massive by Jonny Strinati.

NI Massive is the industry leader in wavetable synthesizers. There is no faster way to create a stunning variety of sounds. You can rapidly stack sound on top of sound to generate exciting new patches that will set you and your music far ahead of your competitors.

In our new Massive Wavetables Video Course you’ll explore all five categories of wavetables inside Massive: The Basic, Analog/Electric, Digital/Hybrid, FX/Chords, as well as a look at the Virtual/ Analog oscillators available.

The video course is available to purchase for $37 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth / Wavetables in Massive Explained


MassiveSynth releases Massive Growl Arsenal by Tunecraft

Tunecraft Massive Growl Arsenal

MassiveSynth has introduced Massive Growl Arsenal, a soundset by Tunecraft Sounds featuring sounds for dubstep, glitch hop, drum and bass, electro, and complextro.

Inspiration from this pack has come from biggest artists such as Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Pegboard Nerds, Knife Party, Zomboy, Noisia and many more…

But we aren’t just talking quick bass presets here.

Get ready to get a broad range of growls, reeses, grunts, snarls, roars and howls with carefully crafted modulations to spice up your next level tune.

Each patch comes mapped with between 4 to 8 macros assigned to allow a quick control of the essential aspects of your sound, and offer you countless possibilities of tweaking.

The soundset is available to purchase for $19 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth / Massive Growl Arsenal


MassiveSynth releases TURNUP soundset for NI Massive

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MassiveSynth Turnup

MassiveSynth has announced TURNUP, a soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

TURNUP is a collection of 32 ultra-high quality patches designed specifically for Native Instruments Massive Synth. These patches are perfect for producers of TRAP music, but can easily be integrated into any genre of EDM music.

The focus of the TURNUP pack was to successfully capture the current sound of the EDM TRAP movement. So we covered everything from booming 808’s that can be heard on laptop speakers to the ever so popular “Harlem Shake” lazer. All the patches are ready to go from the jump, so you can spend less time tweaking and more time focusing making music. We kept it simple, easy and straight up gangsta….just like what you’d hear in the TRAP.

TURNUP features

  • 32 Massive Patches including 8 Basses, 8 Lazers and Squeaks, 7 Leads, 5 Plucks, 2 Risers, 2 808’s.
  • Bonus pack includes all the drums and chants from the DEMO tracks, plus more.

The soundset costs $19.95 USD.

More information: MassiveSynth / TURNUP