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Rob Papen produces extras for The 4 Element Synth book/DVD set

Rob Papen has announced the release of additional online content for The 4 Element Synth subtractive synthesis instructional book/DVD set.

Rob Papen The 4 Element Synth

Appropriately subtitled The secrets of subtractive synthesis, this 200-plus-page enlightening tome was many years in the making, effectively dating back to 2001 when Rob Papen started teaching exclusive masterclasses in synth sound design in his well-stocked studio using the likes of his beloved Roland Jupiter 8 programmable polysynth and seminal Korg MS-20 semi-modular monosynth alongside other vintage analogue classics and more modern counterparts. Here he developed an approach to working with subtractive synthesis that he termed The 4-Element Synth© — hence the book/DVD set’s title. As implied by name, the book basically breaks subtractive synthesis down into four digestible and distinct chapters or elements: Element-1 / Oscillators, Element-2 / Filter, Element-3 / Amplifier, and Element-4 / Modulators — each of which receive their own equally easy-to-follow DVD treatment, thanks in no small part to the talented author and presenter’s easy- going onscreen persona.

No teaching technique needs to be set in stone, however; there is almost always room for improvement — or even additional content, as is the case with The 4 Element Synth. The beauty of online content is that it can, of course, be updated far faster than print or physical media, which is exactly what Rob Papen has done by uploading two additional Element-4 / Modulators chapter-related bonus videos here:

Anyone who has already purchased The 4 Element Synth book/DVD set is invited to thereby (re)read the LFO and Element-2 section (p152) and then watch an all-new accompanying video about LFO and resonance modulation. Meanwhile, the Three points to keep in mind using an envelope section (p107) also benefits from additional demonstrative video content; as Rob Papen himself says, “There’s another important point about envelope modulation of the filter. As we’ve said already in the Element-2 chapter, many producers and synth players often use only the cutoff knob; they forget that there is also an envelope amount and the envelope settings that can change the sound — and not just a little bit! Keep these three points in mind when you’re working with the filter section of your synthesizer.”

Speaking of synthesizers, apart from those aforesaid analogue classics and a rather impressive looking (and sounding) ‘Moog-alike’ System-22 modular system from — all of which make musical onscreen appearances throughout The 4 Element Synth DVDs, Rob Papen also makes much use of his own company’s Predator — a ‘phat’ sounding killer soft synth that combines inspiring presets and first-class features to create the perfect ‘go-to’ synth for contemporary music production. Predator and Predator RE users can also download the preset banks used on the DVDs from here:

Needless to say, anyone wishing to literally uncover the secrets of subtractive synthesis should surely look no further than The 4 Element Synth book/DVD set — now more enlightening than ever, thanks to these latest enhancements!

The 4 Element Synth book/DVD set is available to purchase within the EU for 74 EUR (inc. VAT), or 69 EUR plus shipping (where appropriate) outside the EU. The set is also available from US dealer Sweetwater, as well as via various European dealers.

More information: Rob Papen / The 4 Element Synth

Electronic Creatives announces Ableton Live Master Class + Official Ableton PUSH Party March 9-10, 2013

Electronic Creatives Ableton Live Master Class

Electronic Creatives has announced its first Ableton Live Master Class of the year, in partnership with the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock on March 9th and 10th, 2013.

If you are a producer looking to greatly improve your sound-design, composition, production and performance skills, this is a MUST SEE event! This two day seminar will feature some extra special guests and local talent.

There will also be a FREE PARTY after the lecture on March 10th, featuring a demonstration of Ableton’s new PUSH controller, as well as performances from our lecturers and MORE!

Ableton Live Master Class

  • Using Live 9 features for Production.
  • Songwriting and Arranging in Ableton.
  • Mastering Techniques in Ableton Live.
  • Sound-Design w/ Ableton Live Instruments.
  • Micro-detailing techniques.

The seminar schedule for March 9th, 2013 includes Laura Escude (Ableton Certified Trainer, Electronic Creatives), Sweatson Klank aka Take: (Dublab, Alpha Pup Records) and Ben Hovey (Bob Moog Foundation), and for March 10th, 2013, Djemba Djemba (Mad Decent, Jeffries, TeamSupreme), FuzZ (Squeak E. Clean, Rabbit Records), and Virtual Boy (Alpha Pup Records).

Tickets are available to purchase for $99 USD (one day) / $198 USD (both days) if registered before February 22nd, 2013. There will be a price increase after this date.

All attendees get student discounts on Ableton Live + upgrades + PUSH, as well as special pricing on partner products.

More information: Electronic Creatives

London Electronic Music Event announces 2013 dates and line-up

London Electronic Music Event

The London Electronic Music Event (LEME) has announced the dates and line-up for its 2013 Event, with sessions from Beatport, Radio Slave, SoundCloud, Andi Durrant, Your Army, Mr Bongo, Sharooz and more.

LEME is a weekend of production workshops, business sessions, keynote panels and networking events bringing together artists, labels, entrepreneurs and like-minded electronic music lovers from around the world. Now in its second year, LEME will take place 13-14 April, 2013 in Rich Mix, London.

LEME gives 200 delegates the chance to custom-build their own timetable from 22 sessions led by expert speakers from all sectors of the electronic music industry.

Highlights of the 2013 programme include: Bigger Beatport Sales; Running a Label; How To Break Through; Business Basics for the Freelance Musician; Making Your Mix Slam; The Perfect Arrangement; Mastering Alchemy: the Gold Standard and What Goes Where? The EQ Masterclass.

Weekend tickets are availabe for the earlybird price of £140 GBP.

More information: London Electronic Music Event

Rob Papen The secrets of subtractive synthesis “The 4 Element Synth” available now

Rob Papen The 4 Element Synth

Rob Papen has released The secrets of subtractive synthesis “The 4 Element Synth”, a synthesizer sound design masterclass by Rob Papen.

Rob Papen is a globally renowned sound designer whose sounds and virtual synthesizers are used and loved by many synthesizer players and music producers.

This 200+ page book, which is accompanied by four DVDs with over 10 hours of content, gives an in-depth insight into his approach of working with subtractive synthesis.

The book and DVD set is available to purchase for 74 EUR (EU incl. 6% VAT) / 69 EUR (outside EU, no VAT), excluding shipment cost.

More information: Rob Papen / The 4 Element Synth

Rob Papen previews The secrets of subtractive synthesis “The 4 Element Synth”

Rob Papen has posted a preview of The 4 Element Synth, a book and DVD set on the secrets of subtractive synthesis.

This 200+ page book, which is accompanied by four DVDs with over 10 hours of content, gives an in-depth insight into his approach of working with subtractive synthesis.

The book and DVD package is expected to ship by the end of November, 2012. It costs 74 EUR (EU inc. 6% VAT) / 69 EUR (outside EU, no VAT). Excludes shipping costs.

More information: Rob Papen / The secrets of subtractive synthesis

Rob Papen introduces The secrets of subtractive synthesis “The 4 Element Synth” sound design book & DVD set

Rob Papen The 4 Element Synth

Rob Papen has announced The secrets of subtractive synthesis “The 4 Element Synth”, a sound design book and DVD set.

Rob Papen is a globally renowned sound designer whose sounds and virtual synthesizers are used and loved by many synthesizer players and music producers.

This 200+ page book, which is accompanied by four DVDs with over 10 hours of content, gives an in-depth insight into his approach of working with subtractive synthesis.

In 2001, Rob Papen began giving exclusive masterclasses teaching ‘synthesizer sound design” in his studio. For these training sessions, Rob developed his own method to explain the secrets of subtractive synthesis, called “The 4 Element Synth”. This masterclass training is now transformed into a combined book and DVD package that also delivers numerous ‘tips and tricks’ which will help you to design and tweak your own sounds. Throughout the masterclass, a variety of hardware and software synthesizers are explored.

We are sure this synthesizer sound design training is an eye-opener for every synthesizer player, from novice to pro. A must have for everyone who takes his sounds seriously!

The secrets of subtractive synthesis is expected tho ship in November/Early December, 2012, priced at 74 EUR/$89 USD (excl. shipping).

More information: Rob Papen / The secrets of subtractive synthesis

Alex Feather Akimov teaches guitar on Guitar Master Class

Guitar Master Class (GMC) has announced the addition of Alex Feather Akimov to the teacher roster of its guitar lesson community.

Alex Feather

Alex is a session musician – guitarist, composer and producer from Los Angeles, USA with a rich experience both from studios and touring. Born in 1986, he was just an 11 year boy when he started playing his first chords on his mother’s old guitar, inspired by his first idols – The Beatles.

Educated from Moscow College of Music and graduated from LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy) learning jazz and classical guitar, he is now the master of fusion style. He usually gets his ideas from something he would hear as a good beat, here and there, but people who support him like family and fans inspire him the most. Alex is always searching for More and New in all aspects of his music. His favorite guitarist is Greg Howe whom he learned from on LAMA. The two of them recorded together an instrumental song called “Search”. Among other songs on his albums, he recorded a single track with Frank Gambale called “Beautiful Lani” which is featured as his first guitar lesson on Guitar Master Class and will be officially released in the following months. He worked with many famous names like Greg Howe, Steve Vai, Britney Spears, Irene Nelson, Rihanna – “Love The Way You Lie Heavy Remix” and others. His third album is being recorded and will be released this year.

When talking about the best promotional tools for a musician, Alex says that fans are the most valuable ones, of course if they like your songs. He believes that the future of music is not on labels anymore, rather on social networks. The musician has to work on his own promotion all the time in order to reach as many fans as he can. His first numerous fans made over 350 thousands of views on his YouTube single “All About The Rain”.

Alex Feather performed more than a 100 shows all around US with great artists. He also worked with famous producers like Skip Saylor, Steven Orchard, Brian Garcia. Alex made a sound track for the movie: “Live Fast, Die Hard”.

Alex is now going to share his guitar knowledge and wide music experience online, on one of the biggest guitar lesson communities: The Guitar Master Class – which will be celebrating 15 000 members in February 2012.
Alex is producing lessons in fusion/funk/jazz style and is available for any questions or just hanging out in the GMC forum.

More information: Guitar Master Class / Alex Feather

Sample Magic announces London 
Electronic Music Event line up

Electronic Music Event

Sample Magic has announced the full line-up for the first ever London Electronic Music Event, with appearances from Ben Watt, Toolroom Records, Dom Betmead (The Nextmen), SoundCloud, Hal Ritson (Dizzee Rascal), DJ Magazine and more.

The London Electronic Music Event, 18-19 Feb 2012, is a weekend of production and business masterclasses incorporating hands-on tutorials, Q&As, round-table discussions and networking. It takes place at the award-winning Alchemea College, Angel, London.

Highlights include:

  • Toolroom Records > Building an electronic music brand.
  • Ben Watt > In conversation.
  • DJ Magazine > How to survive and thrive in today’s music industry.
  • Production workshops > Synth programming with Massive, Mastering alchemy: The gold standard, Bass and kick: A pivotal relationship, Mix bus processing, Taking dance music live, Songwriting and producing for the stars, Drum programming. Hands-on tutorials from author of The Secrets of House Music Production Marc Adamo and lecturer and journalist Bruce Aisher.
  • Business & Marketing sessions > Music business for the freelance musician, Working the blogs: The PR machine, Getting more from SoundCloud, 10 things to look for in a record contract, The perfect team for the solo producer, Six ways to make money in the industry, Identity & branding 101.
  • PLUS… > Demo doctor, exclusive goodie bag, discount shopping, licenced bar, breakout networking sessions and much more.

The event takes place Sat-Sun 18-19 Feb 2012, 9.30am-9pm, at Alchemea College, London. The event costs £140 GBP for the weekend.

More information: London Electronic Music Event