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Toontrack announces EZmix

Toontrack Music EZmix

Toontrack Music has announced EZmix, a mixing tool for Windows and Mac.

For all the track and songwriters with tight deadlines and a mobile work situation out there, Toontrack, in collaboration with DSP developers par excellence Overloud, has developed EZmix.

EZmix is a simple (EZ), yet powerful, mixing tool that gives you access to a huge array of mix presets for the whole gamut of mixing needs. Whether you need to mix drums, vocals, guitars, bass or keyboards this is your tool.

Simply connect EZmix to a channel strip in your sequencer like you would any plug-in, pick a preset for the instrument or sound on that strip. Done. For demo purposes or in full on production EZmix will cut your studio time, speed up and enhance your creative process from the initial hook to the final track.

EZmix is a Mac and PC compatible, AU, RTAS and VST plug-in delivered with a wide variety of mix presets, with a heavy accent on your drum mixing needs, designed by Toontrack Music Head Of Sound Design Mattias Eklund.

EZmix for Windows and Mac is priced at 49 EUR / $69 USD.

More information: Toontrack / EZmix


Toontrack Music presents official Superior Drummer 2.0 tutorial

Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 tutorial

Toontrack Music has announced the official Superior Drummer 2.0 tutorial.

The tutorial, presented by Mattias Eklund Toontrack Music Head of sound design and founding partner together with Pat Thrall, Neil Dorfsman and drummer NIR Z, the team behind the recordings for Superior Drummer® 2.0, features a thorough walkthrough of all aspects of working with Superior Drummer® 2.0 to gain professional results.

As an added bonus Neil Dorfsman also goes through Toontrack drum replacement app Drumtracker® explaining its feature set.

Superior Drummer 2.0 tutorial

  • Getting started — Setting up Superior Drummer in your DAW.
  • Sound good quick — Walking you through how to get a great drum sound from Superior Drummer in a matter of seconds!
  • Construction Window — Explaining the different functions from Left to Right inside the Construction view of Superior Drummer.
  • Mixer — Demonstrating the Mixer of Superior Drummer and its functionality.
  • Multichannel to host — How to setup Superior Drummer as a Multiple Output plugin.
  • Combined Presets — What Combined Presets are and various ways of implementing them from within Superior Drummer.
  • Bounce / Render to audio — There are many options when looking to export your drums from Superior Drummer. The guys guide you through the process.
  • Drumtracker / S 2.0 Tutorial — Drummer Nir Z jams and the team uses Drumtracker to render his live audio recording to MIDI as well as showcasing the possibilities when using the retrieved MIDI in Superior Drummer.
  • Interview with the N.Y. Recording Team — An interview with the team behind the N.Y. recordings for Superior Drummer. With Pat Thrall, Neil Dorfsman, Nir Z & Mattias Eklund.

The tutorial is available on-line at the Toontrack website.

More information: Toontrack Music