K-Devices launches Black Friday Sale – 50% off

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K-Devices has announced a Black Friday Sale, offering 50% off its Max for Live devices.

K-Devices Black Friday Sale

So, Black Friday… Cyber Monday… Time for big offers has come!
This year we’re gonna hit hard, putting all our shop at 50% OFF!

This means that you can get your hands on Drumk, the advanced loops editor, for just €14,50; you can buy two of our great granulators for the price of one; you can even have all our fabulous 5€ tools for just 10€ instead of 20€.

If you never tried our devices, but you like them, you can get them all for 45,50€ only instead of 91€… these are definitively good numbers!!

Use coupon BlackFriday14 at checkout to take advantage of this offer (minimum order of 15 EUR). The sale ends December 1st, 2014.

More information: K-Devices


K-Devices updates AutoBeat and Herse to v1.1

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K-Devices has updates its AutoBeat and Herse Max for Live devices to version 1.1.

K-Devices AutoBeat

You know, our goal as M4L developers is to release always new cool devices and continuously improve and update the existing ones.

Today we have good news, wether you already got our packs at Ableton shop, or not.

If you already own AutoBeat or Herse, well, it’s time to download again: we just release 1.1 version for both, and of course, they are free for you ;)
The updates improve the devices and add extra contents… Of course the new versions are retro-compatible with your existing presets.

If you didn’t get your hands on AutoBeat or Herse yet, this is the time: with the current -20% offer at Ableton shop, you can grab these amazing devices for, let’s say that, a ridiculous price: AutoBeat is 23€/31$ instead of 29€/39$, Herse 15€/23$ instead of 19€/29$.

Changes in AutoBeat v1.1

  • Improved GUI.
  • Improved behavior of scales: they now refer to the note 1, the one in the bottom left, as root note per each scale selected.
  • Added OSC support.
  • Added local step sequencer lock for global random and default functions.
  • Added minimum and maximum values for velocity randomization in the macro area.
  • Added more scales.
  • Added semitone transpose for note pads.
  • 6 new drum racks and 30 new Instrument Racks from Ableton Certified Trainers and producers (Afro DJ Mac, Federico Ascari, Franz Rosati, Hyena, Noah Pread, Piezo).
  • Other minor improvements.

Changes in Herse v1.1

  • Improved GUI.
  • Added OSC support.
  • Added External MIDI Sync support and settings.
  • Added “empty buffer on unlock” parameter.
  • Added left/right movement in the grid.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause sliders to do not behave correctly on and after high CPU loads.
  • Other minor improvements.

Since now both AutoBeat and Herse support Open Sound Control, two new Lemur template are ready to be downloaded for free.

AutoBeat and Herse are available for purchase at a 20% discount until January 15th, 2015.

More information: K-Devices


Cycling ’74 releases Max 7

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Cycling ’74 has released Max 7, a full kit of creative tools for sound, graphics, music and interactivity in a visual environment.

Cycling '74 Max 7

Now with a new interface optimized for speed and simplicity, major performance improvements, and a collection of powerful new tools to realize your ideas faster than ever.

Max 7 features

  • Full support for MIDI devices and modern audio hardware.
  • Limitless audio options including basic DSP building blocks, VST, Audio Units, and Max for Live devices.
  • Flexible support for multi-channel audio.
  • Realtime input from webcams, digitizers, and built-in hardware.
  • Serial and HID support for a wide variety of electronic prototyping boards and controllers.
  • Interactive OpenGL graphics and GLSL shaders, including realtime shadows.
  • Support for multiple displays and tools for live projection.
  • Efficient realtime HD playback and hardware-accelerated image processing.
  • Transcoding and interaction between audio, video, graphics, and control data.

Max 7 is available for purchase for $399 USD. An upgrade from previous Max versions is $149 USD, and you can also subscribe for $9.99 USD/month. Ableton Max for Live or Live 9 users can crossgrade for $299 USD.

More information: Cycling ’74 / Max 7


Spektro Audio releases GrainFlux Max for Live synth

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Spektro Audio has announced the release of GrainFlux, a Max for Live synthesizer instrument.

Spektro Audio GrainFlux

GrainFlux is a MaxforLive synthesizer that combines different synthesis techniques such as granular, wavetable, and subtractive synthesis to create unique and distinctive sounds.

It works by using audio samples to create two different waveforms which can be morphed and modulated. While GrainFlux has a modern and simple to use design, it still offers many powerful and creative ways for you to manipulate its sound.

Create anything from morphing basslines to evolving drones by controlling and modulating the Morph, Grain Size, Tilt and Spike parameters.

GrainFlux is available for purchase for $14.99 USD.

More information: Spektro Audio / GrainFlux


XMonsta updates PULL iPad Ableton Device Editor to v2.0

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XMonsta has released version 2.0 of its PULL Ableton Device Editor for iPad.

Xmonsta PULL

PULL – is the iPad TouchScreen Device Editor for Ableton Live 9. Built in Max for Live and Lemur, it offers the ability to edit devices directly on your iPad.

Changes in PULL v2.0

  • Added ability to control VSTi, VST, AU plugins and also Max for Live Devices.
  • New templating system installed (no max for live programming needed – all templates can be created inside Lemur)
  • Drum Rack updated – you can now rename drum pad names and they will show in the template. Also the scroll on the template controls scrolling through pads on the device.
  • New navigation buttons added – pioneering system that allows you to navigate around your devices/tracks and also works inside chains.
  • Mixing panel added – allows you to control the mixing section of the currently selected track – Volume, Solo, Mute, Arm & Pan.

PULL is available for purchase for £25 GBP.

More information: XMonsta / PULL


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