Liine Kapture Pad for Ableton Live and iPad/iPhone

Liine has announced the release of Kapture Pad, an app for iPhone/iPad to control Ableton Live. It is an indispensible live performance utility and a mindbending sound design tool. It builds on the success of … read more

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K-Devices Kflux updated to v1.1, free K-OSC released + Kflux TouchOSC/iPad template

K-Devices has released version 1.1 of Kflux, a Max For Live instrument device for granulation of sounds. Kflux is designed to offer users a friendly interface experience, the necessary tools for the granulation of sound, … read more

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Short links for February 18th, 2011

Some interesting things I found recently: # Beat Meshing – Octatrack – Richard Devine takes the Octatrack for a spin. Want! First session with the Elektron Octatrack. Checking out some of the capabilities of this … read more

Design the Media releases LFO everything v1.5 for Max for Live

Design the Media has released version 1.5 of LFO everything, a Max for Live device. Designed by Julien Bayle, this max for live device offers you to LFO every parameters in your liveset. ENJOY ! … read more

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Short links for December 15th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # Nintendo NES Does MIDI and Live Music, Integrated into Your Studio Peter Kirn at Create Digital Music: Retro chip music appeal and the occasional Super Mario Bros. game … read more

K Devices releases Kflux, granular effect for Max For Live

K Devices has released Kflux, a Max For Live device for granulation of sound. It’s very easy to use : it has a friendly user interface and detailed descriptions for each function/parameter. Kflux works like … read more

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Liine Kapture, free Max for Live device

Liine has released Kapture, a free “total recall” Max for Live device developed alongside Richie Hawtin exclusively for his Plastikman Live tour. The sounds and sonic signatures in Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman Live show are heavily … read more

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Puremagnetik “Max Fuel, the First”, bundle of 10 Max For Live devices

Puremagnetik has announced the release of Max Fuel, the First, a Max for Live add-on. Max Fuel, the First is a bundle of ten highly refined Max For Live devices. All were created with the … read more

Ableton Live updated to v8.1.4

Ableton has released version 8.1.4 of Live, its music production software for Windows and Mac. A Ableton Live update, version 8.1.4, is now available to download. This update is free for owners of Live/Suite 8, … read more

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Skinnerbox sbx 2049, powerful drum machine made with Max for Live

Ableton has announced the release of sbx 2049, a free Max for Live drum machine from electronic artists Skinnerbox. sbx 2049 is a six-voice synthesis-based drum machine with an integrated pattern sequencer. Its powerful sound … read more

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Roger Linn Design updates AdrenaLinn Sync to v2

Roger Linn Design has released version 2.0 (beta) of AdrenaLinn Sync, a software plug-in that provides the same unique beat-synced filter modulation and sequencing effects of the AdrenaLinn III guitar pedal, plus quite a bit … read more

Short links for April 7th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # Cadeli Drum Machine, a Drum Machine for Andoid: You got 8 patterns of 8 tracks each. Design drum patterns in a matrix, add accents to notes. Pitch and … read more

Symbolic Sound announces Open Sound Control (OSC) for Kyma

Symbolic Sound Corporation has expanded the list of real-time controllers and software that can communicate with its Kyma sound design environment by adding support for Open Sound Control (OSC) to its Paca(rana) sound engine. By … read more

Short links for February 15th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # Handmade synth senses wireless activity From Make: Yoshi Akai's Wireless Catcher analog synth derives control input from nearby wireless signals picked up by an onboard antennae. As if … read more

Robert Henke releases Max For Live Devices

Robert Henke has released a number of free devices for Max For Live. MaxForLive is a flavor of the Max programing language that only works in conjunction with Ableton Live and allows users to create … read more

Ableton Freebies: The Schwarzonator & KJ Sawka’s loop and sample packs

Ableton has released some free downloads. The Schwarzonator is a Max for Live patch from Henrik Schwarz, Berlin’s own jazz/soul/electronica legend. “The Schwarzonator is a note twister. It’s all about helping musicians (or non-musicians) find … read more

Novation releases StepSeq Beta

Novation has released a beta version of StepSeq, a free Max For Live Patch that turns Novation’s Launchpad into a fully fledged melodic step sequencer. Conceived as a cool but powerful sequencer to enable Launchpad … read more

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Puremagnetik announces Max Fuel, the First

Puremagnetik has announced Max Fuel, the First, a forthcoming bundle of Max For Live devices. Most of the bundle is still in witness protection, but we are slowly bringing them out of the shadows. The … read more

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Matthew Davidson releases maxforlive monome suite

Matthew Davidson (stretta) has released the maxforlive monome suite, a collection of devices for Max For Live. There are seven maxforlive devices (not counting some minor variations of each) that are designed to work together … read more

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Short links for December 8th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently: # Dance music with MindStorms sounds organfairy writes: It has been a while since I made music on the MindStorms bricks. But now I present the longest and most … read more