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Spektro Audio releases Spektro Komplex Max for Live device

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Spektro Audio has announced Spektro Komplex, a new Max for Live synthesizer instrument.

Spektro Komplex

Spektro Komplex is a MaxforLive monophonic synthesizer designed to create complex and unique sounds.

Like the Buchla 261e module, Komplex uses two oscillators to produce FM sounds. What really makes this synth stand out is it’s habilities to morph the waveform of the first oscillator (carrier) and use a different waveform for the second oscillator (modulator).

You can use Spektro Komplex to create anything from classic FM bass to metallic percussion sounds. It’s also a great tool for sound designer who want to create complex synthetic sounds.

The device is available to purchase for $8 USD.

More information: Spektro Audio / Spektro Komplex


Ableton intros Max for Live devices: Spectrum Effects, AutoBeat & RokVid

Ableton has announced the release of Spectrum Effects, AutoBeat and RokVid, three new Max for Live devices.

Max for Live offers the promise of unlimited sonic – and visual – explorations, within the familiar framework of Ableton Live.

Released today, three new products deliver on that promise and then some – providing a shot of inspiration that can be subtle or extreme. Coming from expert Max for Live developers, these devices extend into existing areas of sound and vision that will likely be brand new for many users.

New Max for Live devices

  • Spectrum Effects by Amazing Noises — Spectrum Effects includes two radical spectral processing devices capable of a range of effects. Warp and mangle your audio into mayhem, or add subtle harmonic touches – you decide which. In the studio and at the gig, Spectrum Effects adds an instant dynamic catalyst to your Live set.
  • AutoBeat by K-Devices — Set the rules in AutoBeat and discover endless rhythmic rearrangement possibilities. AutoBeat integrates seamlessly with Drum Racks, and can also function as a flexible phrase creator for melodic instruments.
  • RokVid by Adam Rokhsar — RokVid is a powerful video solution for live music performers. Designed with simplicity in mind, RokVid makes easy work of generating captivating video that dynamically reacts to your sound.

Spectrum Effects and AutoBeat are available to purchase for 29 EUR each, RokVid is 19 EUR.

More information: Ableton


Protonica releases Nord Lead 2X v1.1 for Max for Live

Piet Kaempfer aka Protonica has released version 1.1 of a free Max for Live device for controlling a Nord Lead 2X synthesizer.

Protonica Nord Lead 2X for Max for Live
The Nord Lead 2X controller device for Max for Live & Ableton Live.

This is a Max for Live Midi Device to give you remote control on your Clavia Nord Lead/Rack 2X. Easier Automation and Modulation of each Control Change (CC) Parameter.

Nord Lead 2X 1.1 features

  • Edit almost every parameter of your Nord Lead/Rack from this device.
  • If you edit any CC knob from Nord Lead/Rack, you can see it moving directly from this device.
  • Automate & modulate all parameter from the front panel in Live.
  • When you open the project with this device, all the parameters are automatically sent to the Nord Lead/Rack.
  • Load and save programs (as Max for Live device).
  • Control all layers by simply loading up to four devices on different MIDI tracks.

The controller device is a free download. Requires Max for Live.

More information: Protonica / Nord Lead 2X controller


Point Blank releases free Max for Live Modular Synth

Point Blank Online has introduced a free Modular Synth plug-in for Max for Live by tutor Daniel Herbert.

The Point Blank modular synth is based on the legendary EMS VCS3. The VCS3 was built in London in the late ’60s and there were a number of subsequent models of varying sizes. It was a popular synth and used by the Radiophonic Workshop (the ring modulator was used to process the sound of the daleks) through to Pink Floyd.

It’s a great synth to generate sounds and jam around with and the interface was really well thought out, featuring an innovative matrix which is still a neat way to patch the different synth sections together. It features three oscillators, a noise generator, a ring modulator, a couple of filter sections, audio input, envelope generator, spring reverb and an assignable joystick control – if you really wanted you could even hook up a keyboard!

The Point Blank modular synth is a simpler interface, but still offers three oscillators and noise generator, a filter section, ring modulator and X/Y controller. Unlike the VCS3, it’s possible to store your settings, and trigger the sounds easily (and in tune!) from a MIDI source. We’ve also included a slide control to emulate the smooth sweeps you could sometimes achieve with the original synth.

The modular synth is a free download for Point Blank Facebook fans.

More information: Point Blank / Modular Synth


Whitebox Synth Makers releases XY free Live pack

Whitebox Synth Makers has released XY, a free sound pack for Ableton Live.

Freedom from sequencing! This instrument plays on it’s own and in a remarkably realistic way if the samples are chosen carefully. I like to think the selection of eight sounds bundled with this pack do the job.

The rack starts by using Whitebox KEY PAD’s dial idea to mix between two different samples using a tweak on their relative filter frequencies.

The samples chosen here are between 5 and 8 minutes long and are percussion performances from Ableton’s ORCHESTRAL MALLETS PACK. This is a bonus if you don’t have Suite…

Then it adds Max for Live’s frankly AMAZING Device Randomiser on both samples to mess with the playback on start and end points (tweak-able to the nth degree).

The heart of the instrument is turned on when you hit PLAY: an M4L random sequencer (renamed YX here) creates a user-variable random set of midi events. Both samples have very little repetition and have a lot of material to choose from so the overall music produced has an uncannily live quality and non-linear feel.

So hit play and sit back. When it gets on your nerves drop some different sounds in from the clips included… and play along on the keyboard!

The XY Live Pack is a free download (540MB). Requires Live 9 plus Max for Live or Live 9 Suite.

More information: Whitebox Synth Makers


Desert Sound Studios releases Mk-iii Drum Machine for Max for Live

Desert Sound Studios Mk-iii

Desert Sound Studios has announced the release of Mk-iii, a drum machine instrument for Max for Live, comprising a step-sequencer and drum sample playback module.

The MK-iii drum machine from Desert Sound Studios takes a new approach to traditional drum machine design. By splitting the drum machine into two, each Max for Live device can be used separately or combined into a single drum machine. This flexibility opens up new possibilities inside Live.

Highly influenced by the digital drum machines of the late 80′s, the MK-iii includes a full electronic drum sample kit from that era. Quickly load these sounds or your own and shape them with the on-board filter, bit crusher and delays. And for those with Lemur, a touch template covering nearly every parameter can be downloaded for free at

The MK-iii combines the familiarity of a drum machine with the advantages of modern technology. For owners of Live 9 Suite, this combination makes a great gateway into the powerful world of Max for Live.

Mk-iii features

  • Sequencer
    • Four independent 16-step sequencer tracks.
    • Assignable note and accent velocity.
    • Selectable midi note output and note duration.
    • Independent pattern start and pattern length adjustments.
    • Two trigger modes:Song Sync (Ableton) and MIDI Input (note trigger).
    • Swing function and Step Divider.
  • Drum module
    • Four independent dual-sample sound engines.
    • Optimized audio playback engine and voice allocation system.
    • Independent coarse tune, fine tune and volume per sample.
    • Pan and Decay setting per sound.
    • Multi-effects per sound (Filter, Bit Crush, and Delay+Filter).
  • Unique modular design; connect the sequencer or the sample playback module Max for Live devices through track-based MIDI and audio routing.
  • Includes full drum sample kit based on the Dr-550 drum machine.
  • Optional Lemur template provides touch control over nearly every parameter of the Mk-iii.

The Mk-iii drum machine costs $23.99 USD. Requires Ableton Live 9 Suite or Ableton Live 8/9 with Max for Live Add-on.

More information: Desert Sound Studios / Mk-iii


25% off all Ableton software – only until September 5th

25% off at Ableton

Ableton has announced that it is offering a 25% discount on all its software for a limited time.

Starting right now, all software in the Ableton webshop is 25% off. This special limited-time offer is for all current Live users who want to upgrade their software or expand their studio with Packs – a selection of sounds, instruments and effects for Ableton Live.

In addition, those who would like to get started with Live can take advantage of a steep discount on Ableton’s creative music-making software.

The offer starts immediately and is available only until September 5th, 2013 at and includes:

  • Ableton Live 9 Suite, Standard and Intro
  • All upgrades to Ableton Live 9 Suite or Live 9 Standard
  • Max for Live
  • All Packs for Ableton Live

The sale ends September 5th, 2013.

More information: Ableton / Sale