MaximalSound launches VIP mastering service

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MaximalSound has announced a new VIP mastering service that is available to its loyal customers.

After creation, a VIP account can be fed with units purchased with a volume discount. The VIP offers vary by the amount of purchased units and offered bonuses.

Other benefits:

  • Using a VIP account allows simultaneous uploads.
  • A single custom page monitors the jobs progress. Downloads and purchases are also done from this custom page. No e-mail exchanges are required any more.
  • The random demo sample is extended to 60 seconds.

The algorithm has been refined to enhance the low frequencies impact while improving both fidelity and perceived volume. This treatment is shared by the regular and VIP services. The turnaround is less than one hour for both services. The render farm has been extended (x4) to ensure the growing crowd of users the best possible service.

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MaximalSound updates online audio optimization service

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MaximalSound has announced it has updated its online audio optimization service.


Based on a proprietary algorithm, this service allows indie productions, small labels and musicians to release their productions with the best technical specifications.

Because this service is now widely used, it supports every music genres from metal to hip-hop, from classical to country music.

This new version improves the micro-dynamic perception and the tonal balance while preserving the original hot loudness. The safety margin has been increased in order to facilitate further lossy encoding for digital distribution platforms such as iTune®, MySpace® or Youtube®.

MaximalSound 2.0 features

  • State-of-the-art processing.
  • Unlimited number of free samples for approval before purchase.
  • Aggressive pricing policy based on the size of the processed files.
  • The job is generally available within one hour.

MaximalSound 2.0 will be online on September 1, 2011 at 12.00 am (Western Europe time). Testing of MaximalSound is free.

More information: MaximalSound


MaximalSound updates its Online Algorithm


MaximalSound — an online, one hour delivery, pre-mastering service, has announced it has updated its online algorithm.

After a successful launch three months ago, MaximalSound improves its algorithm in order to provide the best possible optimization service. This reworked version provides an accurate phase response on the complete bandwidth. The maximal phase error never exceed 5° in any situation now. The target sound pressure level is increased by 0.5 dB. The psycho-acoustic model is fine-tuned to enhance both low and high ends.

MaximalSound Online Algorithm features

  • Harmonic enhancer, this old invention of the Aphex company, has the advantage on an equalizer to not apply a fixed amplification on the top of the audio spectrum. This technique allows to naturally clarify the sound without fatiguing constant high frequencies boost. In the MaximalSound algorithm the even and odd harmonics are generated separately using dynamic content signal depending on whether the attack or the body of the note are processed.
  • 32 bands processing, a 32 bands crossover filter splits the signal to be processed by 32 de-expanders before being rebuilt in broadband by summing all the bands individually processed. This produces a dynamic equalizer where each part of the audio spectrum is magnified in the low levels according to a psycho-acoustic model standard.
  • De-expander, can also be called reverse-expander. A de-expander amplifies the signal below a threshold in contrast to an expander which attenuates the signal below this threshold. This choice is fundamentally different than techniques related to compression. The signal is amplified when it is weak and not planed when it becomes too high (above threshold). The difference may seem subtle, but it is significant when the attack time of treatment is taken into account . A compressor will act always too late (attack time) on the peak values, forcing the limiter to affect the transients which are so valuable to the perception of stereo space. The de-expander just amplifies the signal after the attack time, avoiding any unnecessary limiting.
  • Limiter, unlike the analog domain, digital doesn’t support any overload, even briefly. The limiter is there to handle situations where the summation of all processed bands produces a signal exceeding the allowed maximum value (0dB FS) in the digital domain. The limiter is an essential part of treatment since at this stage the signal is full-band and any flaw may lead to tonal unbalance by favoring or attenuating certain parts of the audio spectrum. In limiters the attack time is null or negative (look ahead) to prevent any violation of the limit value. The art is to find an optimum release time, in order to preserve the frequency content and the perception of the dynamics of the original signal regardless of the complexity of this signal.

The MaximalSound service is available for 1 EUR per 10 megabytes “uploaded” plus 2 EUR per transaction. A free sample for approval can be submitted before purchase.

HD Videos explaining the MaximalSound processing are available at YouTube.

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MaximalSound launches premastering service

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MaximalSound has announced the launch of its online premastering service.

Now, most listening no longer passes thru the CD medium, and the file exchange is taking an increasing share. Many musicians and self-productions want to present their tracks in good conditions at the early stage of the demo without having to apologize for the poor perceived quality compared to commercial productions.

This service is dedicated to musicians and self-productions which have neither the desire nor the time to learn to adjust the “threshold of hysteresis in the compressor section of the multi-band processor”. The aggressive pricing allows to finalize a 3 minutes title for only 5 €.

MaximalSound proposes a quality “ready to wear” solution, and purchasing only occurs after try. Cherry on the top, the job is usually available in less than one hour. does no traditional mastering -indexing, editing, cleaning or fade in/out- but premastering which is only sound enhancement.

MaximalSound premastering service

  • State-of-the-art processing
  • Free sample for approval before purchase
  • Aggressive pricing policy based on the size of the processed files
  • The job is generally available in less than an hour

More information: MaximalSound