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MaxSynths releases Percussion Elements for ElectraX

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MaxSynths Percussion Elements

MaxSynths has announced the release of Percussion Elements, a soundset for the ElectraX software synthesizer by Tone2.

Taking advantage of ElectraX’ multi layers concept and extensive sample management options, this bank includes tempo synced loops with variations (using the modulation wheel), 11 drum kits and a collection of 266 original samples for a total of 60MB recorded from various sources (ethnic percussions, custom instruments, hardware synthesizers, etc.). Each patch can be used as is or layered together with other presets to create new rhytmic sequences.

Percussion Elements features

  • 100 Drum Patches.
  • 11 Drum Kits.
  • Tempo synced drum sequences.
  • 266 original percussive samples.
  • 60mb of custom waveforms.
  • Realtime modulation.
  • Normalized volume.

Percussion Elements is available to purchase for 24.90 EUR.

More information: MaxSynths / Percussion Elements


MaxSynths releases X-Sequence for Crisalys

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MaxSynths X-Sequence

MaxSynths has announced the release of X-Sequence, a soundset for the Crisalys virtual synthesizer for Windows.

X-Sequence is a bank of sounds for Crisalys VST focused on sequences patches.

Taking advantage of the powerful internal sequencer of Crisalys, X-Sequence offers a collection of new and original sounds ready to be used in your music productions.

X-Sequence includes 100 original patches by MxS.

The soundset costs 9.90 EUR.

More information: MaxSynths / X-Sequence


MaxSynths releases DSP-1 dynamics processor plugin

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MaxSynths has announced the release of the DSP-1, a dynamics processor for drum tracks.

MaxSynths DSP-1

DSP-1 is a high performance dynamic signal processor specifically designed to process drum tracks. DSP-1 can be used as an insert effect on single drum channels (bass drum, snare drum, overheads, etc.) or to process the entire drum bus.

The aim of this effect is to increase the perceived level of the processed audio without introduce too much color or artifacts and, above all, avoiding distortion. With DSP-1 it’s very easy to maximize the audio level of your drum track without make it sound over compressed or distorted.

DSP-1 features

  • Intelligent Dynamic Processor (IDP).
  • Saturator with three different operation modes.
  • Transparent increment of the perceived volume level.
  • Automatic peak limiter.
  • High precision input/output VU-meter.
  • Low CPU usage.

DSP-1 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 16.90 EUR.

More information: MaxSynths / DSP-1


MaxSynths releases free waveforms pack for RayBlaster

Tone2 RayBlaster

MaxSynths has released a free collection of waveforms for use with Tone2′s RayBlaster software synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

The archive include two folders:

1. ElextraX filters (almost all, only the EQ filters has been excluded). The impulses has been sampled using a Saw waveform in Analog mode with the Amp Simulation on with different cutoff levels (see file names).

2. Waves sampled from hardware synths:

- Some analog waveforms from a DIY prototype
- Arp Avatar
- Some Blofeld waves
- CS1-X
- Gakken SX-150
- Korg Z1
- Roland SH-201
- Siel Mono
- Some custom Virus waves

This archive includes also some filter types from Crisalys

The impulse responses sample pack is a free download at MaxSynths.

More information: MaxSynths (direct download) / RayBlaster


MaxSynths releases ElectroniX for Tone2 ElectraX

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MaxSynths ElectroniX

MaxSynths has announced the release of ElectroniX, a soundset for the ElectraX software synthesizer by Tone2.

ElectroniX is a collection of 133 sounds suitable for a wide range of electronic styles: dance, trance, dubstep and more. The idea behind ElectroniX is to offer a good starting point to create the bone structure of your next masterpiece.

The use of the included Action Sequences and Arpeggiator patches are a unique and inspiring tool to start working on the melodic section. Included in the bank there are also a lot of percussive, tempo synced, patches which will help you to add the right percussive feeling to your song.

ElectroniX also features a generous amount of pad sounds, basses, keys, leads, synths and vocals.

ElectroniX features

  • 133 patches.
  • 38 Action Sequences.
  • 24 Drum patches with custom samples.
  • 22 Pad sounds.
  • 16 Arpeggiator patches.
  • 33 additional patches divided between basses, fx, keys, leads, synths and vocals.
  • All key parameters synced to host tempo.
  • Realtime modulation.
  • Normalized volume.

The ElectroniX soundset is available to purchase for 24.90 EUR.

More information: MaxSynths / ElectroniX


MaxSynths releases Alien Soundscapes sample pack

MaxSynths Alien Soundscapes

MaxSynths has announced Alien Soundscapes, sound pack for cinematic, new age and ambient music.

Alien Soundscapes is a collection of unusual soundscapes and drones with a dark flavor which are perfect for Film Music, New Age, Ambient, Dark Ambient and Electronic Music.

Alien Soundscapes’ samples/patches can be used as is or, by combining different patches/samples is possible to create new and original sounds. By the use of real time controls (Kontakt version only) is possible to manipulate the sound in such a way to create new and attractive textures.

Alien Soundscapes features

  • 50 royalty free samples (up to 2 minutes long), 24bit/44.1kHz WAV.
  • 50 patches for Kontakt, Wusikstation, sfz, SoundFont.
  • Kontakt version real-time controls:
    • Modulation Wheel: controls the sample start point. On some patches the MW allow to crossfade between different samples spread on different layers.
    • Pitch Bend: varies the sample playback speed.

The sample pack is available to purchase for 19.90 EUR (single format) / 24.90 EUR (multi-format bundle).

More information: MaxSynths / Alien Soundscapes


MaxSynths releases aPiano acoustic piano instrument for Kontakt

MaxSynths has announced that its aPiano, previously available in Wusikstation and Sfz format, is now also available for Kontakt users.

MaxSynths aPiano
MaxSynths aPiano acoustic piano instrument in Native Instruments Kontakt.

aPiano is an acoustic piano emulation with an “open, big and vibrant sound”. The goal was to create a good piano sound suitable for any style, with a realistic feeling, warm but incisive at the same time and very limited in size (in contraposition with the multi gigabytes piano libraries available on the market today).

On the technical side what makes aPiano something unique is that each single sample in this piano library has been modeled in a dedicated software following mathematical calculations. Every single sound has been generated into a computer but with the challenge to make it sound as something real. And according to what people says the goal has been succesfully reached!

The aPiano for Kontakt (requires version 4.2 or above) costs 19.90 EUR. A multiformat version is 24.90 EUR.

More information: MaxSynths / aPiano