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MaxSynths releases ERA, soundbank for Gladiator

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MaxSynths ERA for Gladiator

MaxSynths has announced the release of ERA, a new soundbank for the Gladiator synthesizer by Tone2.

ERA has been conceived as a sound bank for ambient and atmosphere music (but not limited to it!). The sounds, characterized from a dark flavor, are been designed trying to take advantage of the synthesis possibilities offered by Gladiator which, in addition to be an exceptional instrument for the creation of trance and electronic music, showed to be an excellent tool to create atmospheric sounds too, thanks also to the great onboard effects.

ERA includes 82 original patches divided between pads, atmo, keyboards, arps, synths, percussions, and sound effects.

ERA for Gladiator is available to purchase for 14.99 EUR.

MaxSynths has also released a demo version of Cryologic, an easy to use SoundFont player and library.

A DEMO version of Cryologic – previously available only for magazines readers – featuring 16 full quality presets from the full library (142MB of original sounds) has been released.

More information: MaxSynths


MaxSynths announces Special Halloween Discount

MaxSynths Halloween promo

MaxSynths has announced a Special Halloween Discount on its products.

Just like the last year a little gift to celebrate Halloween 3:)

Until October 31st the following products will be available at a special price:

  • Cryologic VSTi: 15€ (50% OFF)
  • aPiano for Wusikstation: 10€ (50% OFF)
  • Teutonic Tension for ReFX Vanguard: 5€ (65% OFF)

More information: MaxSynths


MaxSynths UD Reverb and LFO Filter updated to v1.1

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MaxSynths LFO Filter

MaxSynths has released version 1.1 of UD Reverb and LFO Filter, two effect plug-ins for Windows.

Changes in UD Reverb v1.1

  • An internal bug which increased the overall audio level by several decibels has been fixed.

Changes in LFO Filter v1.1

  • HP filter type added.
  • On/off switch for the LFO.
  • Triangle, saw, ramp and pulse waves added to the LFO.
  • Waveform inversion switch.
  • “quantize” knob to add granulosity to the selected LFO waveform.
  • GUI restyle.

UD Reverb and LFO Filter are available to download as freeware VST effect plug-ins for Windows.

More information: MaxSynths


MaxSynths aPiano for Wusikstation, acoustic piano emulation

MaxSynths aPiano

MaxSynths has released aPiano, a sound library for Wusikstation.

aPiano is an acoustic piano emulation with an “open, big and vibrant sound”. The goal was to create a good piano sound suitable for any style, with a realistic feeling, warm but incisive at the same time and very limited in size (in contraposition with the multi gigabytes piano libraries available on the market today).

A piano without piano samples. On the technical side what makes aPiano something unique is that each single sample in this piano library has been modeled in a dedicated software following mathematical calculations. Every single sound has been generated into a computer (no real piano recordings here!) but with the challenge to make it sound as something real. And according to what people says the goal has been succesfully reached!

If you are looking for a quality piano sound, lightweight, and with a reasonable price then aPiano is for you.

aPiano is currently available to purchase in Wusikstation format for 20 EUR. It will be available soon also in Kontakt3, Soundfont and Sfz format.

More information: MaxSynths


MaxSynths LFO Filter VST, free effect plugin

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MaxSynths LFO Filter

MaxSynths has released LFO Filter VST, a free effect plug-in for Windows.

Stereo filter module to add some movement to sounds. Ideal for pads, drum loops, etc. The divisor time for left and right channels are independent for a more deep effect.

NOTE: the stereo filter syncs to the host bar position. It only works when the sequencer play button is engaged.

LFO Filter VST is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: MaxSynths / LFO Filter VST


MaxSynths announces Cryologic Promo

MaxSynths Cryologic

Maxsynths has announced a promotion for Cryologic, a SoundFont library and Player for Windows.

Cryologic is a soundfont library and a soundfont player very simple and easy to use. The SF-Oscillators allows to layer up to three different sounds with separate controls for level, pan, and octave shift for each osc. The filter is a classic state variable filter tweakable also via the X-Y controller. The two arpeggiators are a powerful feature which allows to create interesting patches, complex automatic bass lines, chord accompaniment and complex textures. The onboard reverb, delay and an internal ring modulator effect provides the final touch to this little yet powerful music production tool. A soundfont library of 456MB is included.

Until the end of August, you can purchase a copy of Cryologic for 15 EUR, a 50% discount on the regular price of 30 EUR. Note: this special deal was initially only available for KVR users, but is now open to anyone.

More information: Cryologic promo page


MaxSynths releases Teutonic Tension

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MaxSynths Teutonic Tension

MaxSynths has released Teutonic Tension, a soundbank for reFX Vanguard by DJ Raff.

Teutonic Tension has been designed by DJ Raff under express request by MaxSynths. In his own words he is a “hard style maniac”. For this reason I’ve asked to him if he was interested to work at this project. So here it is! One of the best collection of sounds for reFX Vanguard which, once again, proved to be a great and very versatile synth destined to be a classic.

Teutonic Tension features

  • 128 patches programmed with nordic acid music in mind.
  • Includes: 32 arpeggiated patches, 23 gated sounds, 54 synth patches (riff sounds, leads, bass, pads and keys) and 19 sound FX.
  • The arpeggiated and gated patches provides the ideal starting point for your tracks backbone, the synth and FX patches will complete the job.

Teutonic Tension is available for purchase for an introductory price of 10.99 EUR.

More information: MaxSynths