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LinPlug announces The Octopus

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LinPlug The Octopus

LinPlug has announced The Octupus, a Dual Matrix Synthesizer built in collaboration with Maxx Claster.


  • Hybrid Frequency Modulation and Sampling synthesis
  • 10 modulation sources and 8 modulation destinations
  • 350 presets in a wide range of styles made by Nico Herz, Pro-Sounds, Summa, and Tim Conrardy
  • Full cross-modulation, adjustable feedback for every oscillator
  • 8 additive oscillators using sample-based or user defined waveforms
  • Two independent multimode filters, are available as FM sources
  • Up to 32 envelopes with multiple, syncable segments, free-run, loop and adjustable slopes
  • Graphical envelope editor with sophisticated editing functions
  • Envelopes can be used to modulate a wide range of parameters including amplitude, mix, panning, pitch, frequency, phase, cutoff and resonance of filters
  • Stereo effects section with 4 effects (Parametric EQ, Chorus, Delay and Reverb)
  • Two step sequencers each with up to 32 steps each

The Octopus is available exclusively from LinPlug for a license fee of 149 US$ / 129 Euro.

Check the LinPlug site for more information.

Maxx Claster updates Toxic to v2.3

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Maxx Claster Toxic VSTi

Maxx Claster has updated Toxic to verion 2.3.

Toxic is a FM Synth VSTi with high quality envelopes, completely alias-free oscillators, a powerful step sequencer/arpeggiator and four effect modules.

Version 2.3 includes a fix for a problem with MIDI CC and for Samplitude the sequencer problem has been resolved.

Check the Toxic product page for more information and links to download the demo and sound clips.