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MB-PlugIns releases Tiny Little Filter

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MB-PlugIns Tiny Little Filter VST

MB-PlugIns has released MB TLF – Tiny Little Filter.


  • combines 10 different filters (each in 12dB/Oct and 24dB/Oct mode)
    • LP
    • HP
    • BP
    • Notch
    • MoogLP
    • BiquadLP
    • BiquadHP
    • BiquadBP (2 types)
    • BiquadNotch
  • input and output level controls
  • cutoff frequency and resonance controls

Also, MB Stereoizer has been updated to v2.1

  • Highpass filter changed into band separator to prevent low frequencies from being stereoized
  • all modulations and signal modifications (except „Mix“) apply only to frequencies above the selected separation frequency
  • Smoother delay modulation with almost no artefacts and crackle

Check MB-PlugIns for more information and links to download TLF and MB Stereoizer.


MB-PlugIns release MBole Filter and SynceDelay

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MB PlugIns MBole Filter
MB PlugIns SynceDelay

MB PlugIns has released two new plug-ins: MBole Filter and SynceDelay.

Bole Filter is a multi-effect plugin inspired by Waldorf DPole Filter that features:

  • 4 filter types (each 12dB/oct or 24dB/oct slope)
  • ring modulator with 3 waveforms
  • downsampler
  • stereo delay
  • envelope generator
  • a 3 waveform LFO

SynceDelay features:

  • two individual delay lines, one for each channel
  • delay time is synced to host tempo
  • a high pass filter is placed before the delay and a low pass filter in the feedback line for delay damping
  • input channels can be variably routed to the delay lines
  • outputs can be individually panned

Both plug-ins are available as freeware from MB PlugIns.


MB-PlugIns releases SymodiX v1.0

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MB-PlugIns SymodiX v1.0

MB-PlugIns has released SymodiX v1.0, a 3 oscilator synth with 3 LFOs and a build in modulation matrix.

Every LFO can modify different parts of the OSCs, such as tune, pulse width, cutoff, resonance, volume and pan.

The OSCs and LFOs can be synced to MIDI input or run free. The phase of the LFOs can be inverted for each OSC to have a bigger variety of modulations. The filter is a 4-pole Moog filter with high resonance and an envelope.

It can be a bit CPU intensive.

New in v1.0

  • Signal flow improvements
  • Little performance improvements
  • Patch select added

Visit MB-PlugIns for more information and a link to download SymodiX.


MB-Plugins MB Stereoizer released

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MB-Plugins Stereoizer

MB-Plugins has released MB Stereoizer, a freeware insert effect to create a stereo signal from a mono input by modulating delay time, frequency and amplitude of the incoming signal.

MB Stereoizer can also be used as a phaser/flanger or to modify the input beyond recognition if pushed to the extremes.

Check MB-Plugins for more information and a link to download MB Stereoizer.