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Future Loops has released MC Coppa - Drum & Bass Vocals, a collection of urban vocal samples by legendary UK MC and vocalist, Coppa. MC Coppa -- Drum & Bass...


Future Loops has announced the release of MC Darrison - Vocal Sampler, a collection of urban vocal loops & one shots by UK MC/lyricist/singer/producer, MC Darrison. MC Darrison - Vocal...


Sounds To Sample has released Electro-House MC Vocals, a collection of spoken phrases. The ultimate companion to the ultimate beat, Electro-House MC Vocals features 100s of spoken phrases specifically engineered...


Michael Cavallo (MC/MCnoone) has released Zebra Vision, a collection of presets for Zebra 2. Zebra Vision features 182 presets, 81 XY or Arp remixed presets. 250 unique wave...


This page contains patches and sound banks by MC (mcnoone). iMP_Author_List('','new','ASC','MC');

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