Meatscience releases Bitsmacker

Meatscience Bitsmacker

Meatscience has released Bitsmacker, a free distortion effect plug-in for Mac.

The Bitsmacker is digital distortion swiss army knife for adding that certain digital crustiness to your pristine audio signal. Can simulate vintage samplers, classic video game systems, and other lo-fi paraphenalia. At extreme settings, it warps your audio with power you can’t get from a stomp box or full stack.

Bitsmacker features

  • Zero-latency.
  • Sample rate reduction from 50 to 44100 hz.
  • Bit depth range from 0.01 to 32 bit.
  • Parametric EQ on Input.
  • Parametric EQ on Output.
  • Drive adjustment for boost.
  • All values continuously variable, no large steps between values.
  • Works in any Audio Unit host (Garage Band, Logic, Ableton, etc etc).

Bitsmacker is available as a freeware AudioUnit effect plug-in for Mac OS/X.

More information: Meatscience / Bitsmacker


Meatscience launches free Impulse Response Library

Meatscience Open Impulse Response Library

Meatscience has announced the launch of, a free impulse response library for users of all convolution reverbs. is the first modern peer-contributed impulse response library on the net. We perform immediate server-side convolutions on all uploads with drum,vocal, and synth signals along with waveform analysis.

Create an account and upload IRs of your favorite spaces and gear, or download from our network. Free cross-platform open IR measurement tool coming soon making it easy to capture accurate, low noise mono/stereo impulse responses.

IR Library features

  • Free for users of ANY convolution reverb.
  • Easy to upload.
  • Supports WAVE/AIFF/SDII/FLAC (libsndfile).
  • Clean, attractive user interface.
  • Onsite playback of convolved IRs.
  • Coming soon : Batch upload / 4 Channel Support.

More information: Open Impulse Response Library


Meatscience releases Convolution Reverb AU

Meatscience Convolution Reverb AU

Meatscience has released Convolution Reverb AU, a convolution reverb effect plug-in for Mac OS/X.

Ever wanted to record in a wet cave? Or track your string section in the Vienna Musikverein for that Golden Sound in the Golden Hall? Does your mom’s basement sound like Valhalla? No?

Place your recording anywhere with Convolution AU. Our convolution engine recreates the exact sonic signature of any sampled space.

Convolution Reverb features

  • Zero-latency.
  • Fast (SSE3 Optimized for Intel Macs).
  • Live switching between IRs.
  • Mono, Stereo, and True Stereo (4-channel) IRs supported.
  • Supports WAV, AIFF, and SDIR IRs.
  • Works with the Open IR Library.
  • Automatic Gain.
  • Cocoa Native UI, Clean and Fast.
  • No Dongle/ILok/DRM.

Convolution Reverb is available as an AudioUnit effect plug-in for Mac (OS 10.5+, currently Intel-only). A license costs $50 USD and includes free upgrades (V1.2 coming soon).

More information: Meatscience