Vinyl-Disc: a CD you can play on your turntable

Optimal media production (German) offers a bunch of interesting manufacturing services. Not only do they have CDs which look like vinyl records (Vinyl-Look-Discs), their Vinyl-Discs are actually a combination of a CD/DVD, and a special … read more

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Zune Marketplace will offer DRM-free MP3s

Microsoft has just introduced some new Zune portable media players. But perhaps more interesting is that Microsoft has also redesigned Zune Marketplace, including new free content. The press release reads: Consumers will also be able … read more

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Short links for October 2nd, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on October 2nd, 2007: 40+ Media Players That Aren’t iTunes – Mashable lists over 40 players for those who don’t want to use iTunes. McLaggan Smith Mugs – … read more