AudioWarrior releases Studio Drums and TRON for HALion

AudioWarrior has released two new sample libraries for HALion: Studio Drums and TRON. Studio Drums features 30 multi-velocity professional kits covering a broad spectrum of musical styles. From authentic acoustic kits to contemporary electronic collections … read more

AudioWarrior releases TRON for Kontakt

AudioWarrior has released TRON, a sample library for Kontakt featuring the sounds of the Mellotron. Unlike the original Mellotron these 8 second samples have been perfectly looped for the modern world however the loops may … read more

Dash Signature Christmas Promotion: 4 Bundle Deals

Dash Signature is having a Christmas Promotion for EVE 2, Dash Sound Libraries and the Wusik Synth Experience. The 4 bundle deals available are: EVE 2 + All Dash Sound Libraries for $150 (normally $294) … read more

Artifake_labs releases Meltron

Artifake_labs has released Meltron, a freeware VST plugin which recreates the sound of the Mellotron. Meltron features Four voice types : Strings, Choir, Flute, Brass Attack, Release, Pan, Octave, Pitch, Tone & Master volume parameters … read more

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Short links for October 21st, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on October 21st, 2007: levelHead – levelHead is a spatial memory game by Julian Oliver. It uses a cube – with an image on each face – as … read more

Benedict Roff-Marsh releases SampleoTron

Benedict Roff-Marsh has released SampleoTron, a VST plugin designed to bring some of the feel of the much loved Mellotron and Moog into the world of sample based synthesis. Features Sample Oscillators Drift A & … read more

DASH Signature releases Twin Dash Player (TDP and TDP FREE)

DASH Signature has released Twin Dash Player (TDP), a sample player for the DASHsnd format (currently available as Windows VSTi only). Featuring a very low CPU overhead, high sound quality, and an intuitive interface, TDP … read more

Dream Vortex Studio releases NANOTRON 2.1a

Dream Vortex Studio released NANOTRON v2.1a a month or so ago. The sounds used in Nanotron were recorded from my real Mellotron back in 1979, after many years my Mellotron has been recreated in this … read more