Short links for September 30th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Skale Tracker

Tracker goes online with a Flash based web version.

Skale Tracker is a music tracker developed by Ruben Ramos Salvador (baktery) in the year 1998. The first version was released for Windows, later a Linux version was presented and now a web version is here.

Skale online
Skale Tracker web version

Brings me right back to my FastTracker 2/GUS days. I feel like pulling up some of my old .xm files and doing some remixes.

via CDM

# Show Report: Two Days in Denver with Robert Henke (aka Monolake)

Mark Mosher of Modulate This! writes:

Robert Henke of Monolake and one of the creators of Ableton live came through Denver and performed his work "Intersection" on Monday and then delivered a lecture at Denver University on Tuesday. This invitation only event was hosted by The Digital Media Studies program at the University of Denver.<br />
<br />
This was a real treat as this was one of only a small number Robert's performances in the US. Here is a show report.

# Making music on a microscopic scale – University of Twente

Strings a fraction of the thickness of a human hair, with microscopic weights to pluck them: researchers and students from the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology of the University of Twente have succeeded in constructing the first musical instrument with dimensions measured in mere micrometres – a 'micronium' – that produces audible tones. A composition specially written for the instrument will be performed in Enschede on Sunday 26 September.

via Matrixsynth

# little-scale and Poppi Doser: Antia (2010)

"A recent project saw little-scale collaborate with electronic music composer and researcher Poppi Doser. Antia – the resultant eight track EP – is best described as ambient and smooth sonic landscapes, interrupted by harsh and rhythmically complex lo-fi beats.

A work of contradiction, Antia manages to create a convincing merger of various stylistic elements. Poppi provides field recordings, plays piano and sings, and little-scale is on the SEGA Mega Drive and Atari 2600."

Available as a free download.

# Fallon and Timberlake give rap history lesson


MESA+ releases WDK (Wave Drum Kits)


MESA+ has released WDK (Wave Drum Kits), a new drum sound library for Ableton Live.

WDK was created from the ground up to work exclusively with Ableton Live – the revolutionary music software used by DJs, musicians, and producers around the globe. Transient, synthetic timbres were forged into the WDK sound set, creating an exciting and versatile library suitable for a wide range of electronic music styles. WDK takes full advantage of the sound engine from Sampler – Ableton’s advanced sampling instrument. A carefully designed waveform is the foundation for each drum sound in the WDK sound library. As each waveform is played back as an oscillator within Sampler, further sculpting of the tone is achieved through Sampler’s sound design functions and Ableton’s powerful built-in effects.

The result? A staggering 700 drum and percussion sounds crafted into unique and expressive Instrument Racks. MESA+ sound designers gave special attention to developing Instrument Racks with the capability of producing new and different timbres that vary greatly from the original sound. Expertly programmed macro knobs in each Instrument Rack allow WDK users to quickly customize the drum sound to their own tastes.

The Instrument Racks in the WDK library have been constructed into 40 distinct Drum Racks, each rack loaded with 22 pads. The grouping arrangement of the Drum Rack pads is consistent, allowing for perfect compatibility with the 150 MIDI clips included in the WDK library. These useful and inspiring clips can be freely interchanged with any of the WDK Drum Racks to create new and original combinations for fresh compositions and hot remixes.

WDK (Wave Drum Kits) features

  • 138 Waveforms.
  • 700 electronic drum and percussion sounds.
  • 40 Drum Racks.
  • 150 Drum Clips.
  • Compatible with Ableton Live 7 and Live 8 (including LE versions!).
  • Download size 135 mb.

WDK is available for purchase for 29 EUR.

WDK Free is a free reduced version of MESA+ WDK, based on only 4 Drum Racks and containing 88 drum and percussion sounds. 16 Drum Clips are also included and they can be freely interchanged with any of the 4 Drum Racks to create new and original combinations for fresh compositions and hot remixes.

More information: MESA+


Mesa+ releases Waveformer

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Mesa+ Waveformer

Mesa+ has released Waveformer, a multi purpose synthesizer sound library for Ableton 7.

Waveformer is based on wavetables formed by 66 waveforms that act as oscillators for Ableton Simpler. Each waveform has been carefully designed in order to avoid unwanted aliasing-noise and multisampled across the keyboard range to improve sound fidelity.

The presets have been developed and processed using Ableton Sampler’s FM and Waveshaper features, then converted for Ableton Simpler in order to extend accessibility by all Ableton Live 7 versions (LE included).

Waveformer features

  • Wavetables Synth for Ableton Live
  • 66 PCM Waveforms
  • 270 Ableton Instrument Racks
  • 271 Ableton Simpler Presets
  • 4 Ableton Drum Rack Kits
  • 212 Ableton Clips
  • 1652 Wav 32bit/48KHz
  • Download size 171 mb

Waveformer is available for purchase for 25 EUR. You can download the free Waveformer Free Live Pack from the product page.

“Waveformer Free” is a free reduced version of MESA+ Waveformer. Waveformer Free is based on only 10 waveforms and it contains 40 Ableton Instrument Rack presets.

Visit Mesa+ for more information and audio demos.