Soniccouture offers Freenotes Morpheus instrument in prize draw

Soniccouture has announced it is offering its Morpheus and Bass Wing in a prize draw. Made by Freenotes Instruments, this tuned aluminium metallaphone has a modular structure which allows you to rearrange keys into any … read more

XLN Audio releases Metal ADpak and Diabolic MIDIpak

XLN Audio has announced the release of Metal ADpak and Diabolic MIDIpak for Addictive Drums. You don’t own the Metal ADpak. It owns you! Featuring a new Ludwig drum kit recorded by Metal guru Ross … read more

Soniccouture Morpheus percussion instrument now available for Ableton Live

Soniccouture has released Morpheus for Ableton Live, a unique take on a most unusual mallet percussion instrument, the Freenotes Morpheus. The Morpheus is one of the cleanest, purest sounds you will hear – add tremolo … read more

reason lahalla releases Metal and Motion sample pack

reason lahalla has released Metal and Motion, a package of sounds which consists mainly of original recordings and derivative textures created from recording a Zildjian Constantinople crash, a Zildjian Avedis ping ride and a Zildjian … read more

Microhammer March Bundle: Imbibaphones & Seahorse sample libraries

Microhammer has released the March Bundle, a collection of sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. We are excited to bring you our latest two products: “Imbibaphones” and “Seahorse” in an affordable bundle collection. The bundle … read more

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Brickwall Audio Raw Steel, free Kontakt sample library

Brickwall Audio has released Raw Steel, a free sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. RAW STEEL – the sound of man’s greatest achievement. Stainless, processed, molded and now conveniently sampled for Kontakt 4. This is … read more

Slam Tracks releases Metal MIDI Drum Loops Groove Pack 1

Slam Tracks has announced the release of Metal MIDI Drum Loops Groove Pack 1, a collection of metal MIDI drum loops for classic and modern metal styles. Metal MIDI Drum Loops Groove Pack 1 showcases … read more

Ueberschall releases Metal – No Headroom sample library

Ueberschall has released Metal – No Headroom, a sample library that presents all the diverse variants of the metal genre. Fat drums with doublebass-power, shredding guitar riffs and low-slung basses ranging from downtempo to uptempo. … read more

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Chuck Russom FX releases Metal Impacts HD PRO

Chuck Russom FX has announced the release of Metal Impacts HD PRO, a new sound fx library. Metal Impacts could be called a sword library, but no actual swords were used to create it. My … read more

Invictus Audio releases Metal Pack, drum replacement pack

Invictus Audio has released Metal Pack, a drum replacement pack for Metal and Hard Rock music. After a full year in development, Invictus Audio is excited to release our first audio product for producers and … read more

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Beta Monkey Double Bass Mania IV: Groove Metal Drum Loops, REX2 format sample library

Beta Monkey has announced the release of Double Bass Mania IV: Groove Metal Drum Loops in REX2 format. A brutal collection of power metal drum loops, Double Bass Mania IV is designed to take any … read more

OddGrooves releases The Shredder Pack – Metal Drum Loops

OddGrooves has released the Shredder Pack, a collection of metal drum loops. The Shredder Pack was produced with the intention of bringing professionally recorded heavy drum loops to all shredders in need of a great … read more

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OddGrooves releases Free Shredder Grooves, metal drum loops sample pack

OddGrooves has released Free Shredder Grooves, a collection of metal drum loops. A lot of people have been asking whether there will be any freebies associated with the Shredder Pack launch, and the answer to … read more

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Toontrack releases Library of the Extreme – Death & Thrash

Toontrack has announced the release of Death & Thrash, the second installment of Dirk Verbeurenʼs Library of the Extreme MIDI drum grooves. The new ”Library of the Extreme – Death & Thrash” has all the … read more

Toontrack releases Metal EZmix Pack, EZ presets by Daniel Bergstrand

Toontrack has announced the release of the Metal EZmix Pack, a collection of presets for the EZmix plug-in. When we created our popular EZmix plugin, our purpose was very simple. We wanted to make getting … read more

Toontrack releases Metal Foundry Presets – Andy Sneap

Toontrack has released Metal Foundry Presets – Andy Sneap, a collection of presets for Superior Drummer 2.0 and Metal Foundry SDX. Andy Sneap is a world-renowned musician, engineer & producer – the “go to” guy … read more

Tone Manufacture releases Materials Volume One: Metal, sample pack

Tone Manufacture has released Materials Volume One: Metal, a multi-format sample pack. For the first volume of our materials series we have focused on metal, and specifically metal with resonant properties. All the instruments in … read more

Sample Logic Metalix, sound library for Ableton Live

Sample Logic has announced the release of Metalix, a sound library for Ableton Live. Metalix is a toolkit of morphed metallic instruments, percussives, atmospheric soundscapes, pads, and tempo-synced audio loops for cinematic music production. Based … read more

Boom Library Cinematic Metal, Impacts and Construction Kit sound fx sample libraries

Boom Library has released Cinematic Metal – Impacts and Cinematic Metal – Construction Kit, two sound fx sample libraries. The Construction Kit brings all the original recordings to your hard disc, giving you a huge … read more

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Cinematique Instruments releases Experimental Box V2

Cinematique Instruments has released Experimental Box V2, the second part in a series of experimental sample libraries. This time we focuses on objects and elements we found in a smithy of an artist blacksmith. We … read more