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Alterex releases ViSYNTH

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Alterex ViSYNTH

Alterex has released ViSYNTH, a freeware synthesizer plug-in inspired by Synth Lite produced by MFB.

Alterex tried to catch the functionality and feeling of the original german unit but is not intended as software clone. It’s hard to deny that we have a weakness for small units.

ViSYNTH features

  • Oscillators: 2 with saw, square, pulse waveforms.
  • Sub oscillator: 1 with a square waveform.
  • Oscillator mode: ring-modulation 1*2, 1*2*3 and oscillator sync.
  • Modulator: triangle, saw down, square and one shot saw down. The modulator can be set to the oscillators pitch and the filter’s cutoff amount. If the oscillator 2 is set to pulse, the modulator acts as pulse-width-modulation.
  • Filter: 24db low-pass filter with envelope modulation (ADSR 1) and CV (note pitch) modulation.
  • VCA: the ADSR 2 is set to the VCA (when the release value in the system settings is set to 0 the amount of the decay = the amount of the release value).
  • Global settings: modulation wheel: can be set to oscillator pitch or filter’s cutoff velocity sensitivity.

ViSYNTH is available as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Alterex


Eric Beam releases MFB-522 sample pack

Eric Beam MFB-222 sample pack

Eric Beam has released a free pack of samples from the MFB-522 drumcomputer.

The Drumcomputer MFB-522 is an all analog boutique Drum Synth. It’s deceivingly small size produces HUGE sound. A call back to the TR-808. If you want the 808 vibe but are sick of the overused 808 samples available, this is for you.

9 analog instruments captured @ 24bit/96k & RNLA compression for a little added edge.

Five/Six individual velocity samples per instrument.

Format = Stereo 24/96 .wav

The samples are available as donationware.

More information: Signaltonoize


MFB now shipping Schlagzwerg

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MFB Schlagzwerg

MFB has announced it is now shipping Schlagzwerg, a semi-modular drum-machine.

SCHLAGZWERG combines the power of analogue drum and percussion sounds with modular versatility in a convenient and compact desktop unit. SCHLAGZWERG fusions CV-controllable percussion modules and a six-track CV/Gate-sequencer into a unique drum-machine for live and studio applications.

Thanks to its semi-modular concept, SCHLAGZWERG is ready to go without any need for patch-connections. Its internal pre-wiring comprises trigger-assignments for the gate-tracks of five (of six) drum-sounds as well as hihat decay-control. The additional CV-tracks can freely be patched to any of the modules’ functions. Naturally, the available CV-inputs can also be addressed by external control sources like LFOs, envelope generators or a Theremin-controller.

Schlagzwerg features

  • True analogue sound sources.
  • Kick, snare and tom (DRUM-04/-05/-06).
  • Cymbal and hihat (DRUM-07).
  • Step-sequencer with 16 steps and 16 A/B-patterns.
  • 6 gate- and 6 CV-tracks.
  • Separate CV/Gate-tracks, e.g. for use with Kraftzwerg.
  • Integrated MIDI/CV-interface.
  • Integrated stereo-mixer with panning.

Schlagzwerg is available for purchase for 680 EUR (+10 EUR shipping).

Visit MFB for more information.