Hiss and a Roar releases Contact Mic sample library

Hiss and a Roar has released SD008 Contact Mic, a sound fx sample library. Recording with contact microphones is fascinating territory to explore due to the unpredictable results; it encourages experimentation! Inspired by the incredible … read more

Sontronics offers free Omni and Hyper capsules with STC-1S microphone

Time+Space has announced a limited time offer from Sontronics. “I’ve been using the STC-1 on acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion. They give a much more effective, uncoloured result and a really natural recording.” Alan Bailey, … read more

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SonoReplicator VST speaker & earphone replication

SonoReplicator has released SonoReplicator VST, a spectral processor effect plug-in which turns standard speakers and earphones into acoustic copies (replicas) of studio monitors or any other real or ideal speakers and earphones. The replication is … read more

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Shure offers fall rebates on wireless systems and legendary microphones

Shure has announced that it is offering rebates this fall on four of its best-selling products. Customers who purchase an SM57, an SM58, a PGX Wireless system, or a PGX Digital Wireless system between October … read more

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Soundmatters announces foxLv2 Platinum Bluetooth portable speaker

Soundmatters has announced the foxLv2 PLATINUM Bluetooth, the audio purists’ ultimate pocket-sized Hi-Fi portable speaker. The latest in the award-winning foxL series (TIME Magazine’s Top Ten Gadget of the Year), the foxLv2 PLATINUM Bluetooth takes … read more

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Shure launches Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition

Shure has announced that entry registration for its eighth annual Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition is now open until October 21 for university and college students nationwide. Judged by a panel of renowned musicians and industry … read more

Tramon Kaiser releases Binaural Household + FX Library

Tramon Kaiser has released the Binaural Household + FX Library, a collection of binaural recordings of common household items and other interesting objects. Binaural Household + FX Library features 1064 sounds, 1,04 GB content. Recorded … read more

Roland announces R-26 Portable Recorder

Roland has introduced the R-26, a handheld device that provides up to six simultaneous channels of pro-quality audio recording to SD/SDHC media. With two types of built-in stereo mics, XLR/TRS combo inputs, USB audio interface … read more

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TASCAM announces iXZ mic/instrument interface for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch

TASCAM has introduced the iXZ, a pocket sized mic/instrument input for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This powerful little gadget turns an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch into an instant recording studio. Plug in a microphone, guitar or … read more

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Gemini UHF-5000 wireless microphone systems now shipping

Gemini has announced it is now shipping the UHF-5000 Series of wireless microphone systems. This new flagship collection features four frequency-agile systems in both handheld and hands-free configurations, offering reliable, cost-effective wireless solutions that let … read more

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TC-Helicon announces VoiceLive Rack

TC-Helicon has announced the VoiceLive Rack, a complete vocal effects package and mic channel. VoiceLive Rack is based on the renowned effects engine that also powers amazing TC-Helicon units like VoiceLive Touch and VoiceLive 2, … read more

Jörg Piringer releases RealBeat sampler app for iOS

Jörg Piringer has released RealBeat, a sampler app for iOS that enables you to record sounds and create rhythms out of them. Record your voice, your fridge, your neighbour’s dog or let your iPhone or … read more

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Cupwise releases Tube FM 1, 2 & 3 libraries for Nebula

Cupwise has released three Tube FM libraries for Acustica Audio Nebula. The sound characteristics of 4 table-top tube radios and 2 tube tuners were captured to be reproduced through Nebula. Sampled at 96khz. These radios … read more

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BOSS Micro BR BR-80 digital recorder shipping

BOSS has announced it is now shipping the Micro BR BR-80 digital recorder, an updated and improved version of its popular MICRO BR multitrack recorder. The first MICRO BR, launched in 2006, was a big … read more

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The Sound Effects Bible launches new website with Starter Kit offer

The Sound Effects Bible has announced the Sound Effects Bible Starter Kit, a limited time offer in celebration of the launch of its new website. We’ve been working hard on our new website and now … read more

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Win a Sontronics HALO microphone from Time+Space

Time+Space has announced a contest in which you can win the Sontronics HALO, a dynamic cardioid microphone worth £129 GBP. Last week saw the arrival of HALO – a striking new dynamic cardioid microphone from … read more

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Sontronics HALO microphone now shipping

Time+Space has announced it is now shipping the HALO, a stylish new microphone for guitar amps by Sontronics. Originally announced at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, Sontronics HALO is a dynamic microphone that has been specifically designed … read more

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Shure and Guitar Center Studios Give Musicians Room(s) to Rock

Funding for school music programs is disappearing nationwide, but there’s no shortage of people with a burning desire to sing or play an instrument. Recognizing a need for education, rehearsal, and recording facilities, microphone manufacturer … read more

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Waves releases The King’s Microphones effect plugin

Waves has announced the release of The King’s Microphones, a special microphone simulation effect plugin for Windows and Mac. Used exclusively by the royal family for speeches on momentous occasions, each of these three priceless … read more

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Audiffex updates ampLion to v1.0.2

Audiffex has released version 1.0.2 of ampLion, a guitar gear simulation effect for Windows and Mac. ampLion is an ultra-precise simulation of guitar amps, speakers, microphones and effects. All-in-one solution for every guitar player, all … read more

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