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Zenhiser releases EDM Festival Anthems

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Zenhiser has launched EDM Festival Anthems, a new collection of 280+ EDM hooks and 270 MIDI files for EDM music productions.

Zenhiser EDM Festival Anthems

Anthems’ are truly huge, mind boggling huge actually, I don’t think we’ve ever given away so many awe inspiring hooks in one pack, it’s literally one hit after the other. Packed full of basslines, arps, leads, synths and pads ‘EDM Festival Anthems’ delivers all the elements separately so you can use as little or as much of a hook as you wish, go full power with everything or make a new lead to suit a specific bassline, the choice is yours!

These EDM samples sound really good right, well now the packs about to lift to a whole new level, we’re supplying all the midi files for this one as well, that means every hook you here in the pack can now be recreated using your own sounds or used as the basis to create your own new exclusive tracks’! EDM Festival Anthems’ is now the ultimate sound and midi tool for lifting your music game and delivering hooks on a whole new level. Just have a listen to the preview, we reckon you won’t even make it to the end without getting ready to press the buy button!

The sample pack is available to purchase for $40 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / EDM Festival Anthems

EqualSounds releases Epic Trailers Vol 2

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EqualSounds Epic Trailers Vol 2

EqualSounds has released Epic Trailers Vol 2, a collection of 5 Construction Kits offering orchestral and synth sounds found in theatrical trailers across the globe.

You’ll find dynamic instrument arrangements, powerful percussions and a mixture of fast-paced rhythms, guitars and synths. The Kits are influenced by the action movie trailers, created for composers and producers looking for a cinematic/ orchestral feel in their creations.

Epic Trailers Vol 2 features

  • 5 Uncompressed Mixed & Mastered Construction Kits.
  • 16 Score Parts.
  • 21 Mixed & Mastered track mixes (long & part versions).
  • 16 Multitrack MIDI Files.
  • Up To 35 tracks per Kit.
  • Tempo, Keys and Time Signatures.
  • Over 1.1 GB of Content.

The pack is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: EqualSounds / Epic Trailers Vol 2

Function Loops releases EDM Midi Bash 2 & Deep Tech Boutique Vol. 2

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Function Loops has announced EDM Midi Bash! 2 and Deep Tech Boutique Vol. 2, two new sound packs.

Function Loops EDM Midi Bash 2

The second part of ‘EDM MIDI Bash!’ is here bringing you up-to-date EDM sounds that you can hear in the biggest festivals, played by your favorite DJ’s and artists! Want to sound like them? This is another essential collection of the best EDM Melodics, that will help you get the sound you were looking for.

Packed with 201 files in total, 100 MIDI files and 101 WAV loops, including 50 Melodics (Leads, Arps, Chords, etc.) and 50 strong and fat Basslines to fit each melodic loop, giving you the right tools to kick-start your new tracks easily.

Function Loops Deep Tech Boutique Vol. 2

We are proud to present a sequel to the popular series, a fresh new pack of beautifully produced loops and single-shot sounds at your immediate disposal.

Following the latest trends in Deep-Tech genre, these sounds are inspiring and easy to work with. They’ve been processed with great care, by our in-house producer Ray Saul, in order to bring you the crunchiest, warmest analog sound on the market.

‘Deep Tech Boutique 2′ brings a batch of new material for you to work with, this time neatly organized in corresponding “loop groups”. Each groove comes with two different “track suggestions” for you to develop further.

EDM Midi Bash 2 is available to purchase for $22.90 USD; Deep Tech Boutique Vol. 2 is $19.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops

Sample Anatomy releases Hybrid Bassline Tech Vol 1

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Sample Anatomy Hybrid Bassline Tech Vol 1

Sample Anatomy has announced the release of Hybrid Bassline Tech Vol 1, a collection of 100 bassline loops and MIDI files.

Bass lines are arguably one of the hardest elements of a track to produce. Its the seat of the song. Its what people are going to groove to. We’ve concocted 100 of the freshest, biggest and baddest tech baselines to get your House, Minimal, Techno or any other genre with a 4 on the 4 groove, a serious head start.

Bassline Tech is full of diversity when it comes to style. You’ll find a plethora of earth shaking subs, distorted mids, synth heavy top end, minimal stylized, modulated expressions, enveloped, full on, resonance heavy, and funky baselines in this pack. We’ve left nothing to be desired with this one. For the sake of artistic integrity, most loops were left dry of effects (No Delays or Reverbs). All loops were however treated with EQ and COMPRESSION to ensure full compatibility with your project. Just drag drop and go!

Love the groove but not 100% happy with the sound we’ve created? No problem. Fire up one of the adjoining midi files and plug in your own sound. For every bassline we created we’ve supplied you with the MIDI file that created the bassline. This will ensure you get exactly what you want from your groove. Having the MIDI file is also a great way to create variation in your groove if you choose to.

We’ve supplied you with 4 folders. Each folder contains 50 loops cut at 123 and the other 50 cut at 125 for both the MIDI and the AUDIO. Standard faire for tech productions. All Audio and Midi files have been key marked for your convenience.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $13.95 USD.

More information: Sample Anatomy / Hybrid Bassline Tech Vol 1

Producer Loops releases Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx Vol 3

Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx Vol 3

Producer Loops has launched Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx Vol 3, a new sample library for drum and bass music production.

‘Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx Vol 3′ is the definitive Drum & Bass Construction Kit and Tool Kit product, featuring over 680 MB of breath-taking content. One-Shots, loops, MIDI files and presets for Absynth, FM8 and Massive are all included, making this an all-in-one solution for serious producers.

This product is essentially three libraries in one. The Construction Kits folder contains 11 complete kits and over 200 MB of content consisting of full mix loops, drums, bass and synth/FX loops.
Each kit comes with an A and a B section for creating variation and movement within your arrangement.

The library is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Producer Loops / Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx Vol 3

ModeAudio releases Broke Beats – Hip Hop Drum Loops

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ModeAudio has launched Broke Beats, a sample pack featuring a collection of 120 Hip Hop drum loops and fills.

ModeAudio Broke Beats

Fusing vintage, old-skool dirt and character with modern production sheen, Broke Beats – Hip Hop Drum Loops brings home 120 percussive patterns with real grit and attitude. The loops are split into drum grooves and fills, so there’s more than enough scope to keep your rhythm riding through the night. Drawing upon energetic acoustic sound sources as well as dusty drum machine material, the pack also includes 120 accompanying MIDI files and 80 thumping drum hits (kicks, snares and hats).

Ranging from 82 to 106BPM, these thunderous drum beats take inspiration from Hip Hop’s sampling foundations all the way through to modern live funk patterns and bass-drenched synthesis. The pack juggles a big, bold, brazen sound with a more delicate, acrobatic edge – just right for Hip Hop of the deep, saturated variety.
Put some groove and swagger back into your musical stride – put Broke Beats – Hip Hop Drum Loops in the mix!

Broke Beats features

  • 120 Drum Loops & Fills (Acid WAV and REX2 formats).
  • 120 accompanying MIDI Loops.
  • Acid Wav, Apple Loops & REX2 loop format options.
  • 100% royalty-free.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £15 GBP. An introductory 15% discount is available until March 22nd, 2014. Use coupon BRKBTS15 at checkout.

More information: ModeAudio / Broke Beats

Introducing MIDI HACK – a MIDI, OSC & CV focused hackathon

MIDI HACK is a 24h hackathon sponsored by Ableton, Native Instruments & Spotify celebrating the protocols (such as MIDI, OSC & CV) and technologies that are the backbone of analog and digital music creation.

The MIDI HACK weekend will offer lectures and performances from artists and creators. The focus of the event will be on letting our participants create new and ground breaking ideas.

The goal of MIDI HACK is to bring together industry leaders, interesting start-ups, software developers, hardware fanatics and musicians who push the envelope of music creation, and to spawn great and creative ideas for the future. Ever wanted to rip apart MIDI controllers to create a new one? Maybe write a new VST or AU? Or how about finding new ways to perform? Then this is the hack for you.

The name MIDI HACK derives from the midi protocol that has defined music creation for more than 30 years. Together with OSC (Open Sound Control – an open source version of the same idea) and CV (Control Voltage – used to control analogue synthesizers) they are the three pillars of music creation today whenever there’s a synthesizer or computer involved.

A hack is a abbreviation of hackathon, a defined space that during a limited tine engages people in overcome a defined target or investigate a certain subject. Midi hack is aimed for the people who love music creation and sees a potential for involvement within the area.

MIDI HACK will take place May 17th-18th, 2014, at Spotify HQ, Stockholm – Sweden. The application form opens Tuesday March 18th, and closes March 30th, 2014.

More information: MIDI HACK

Homegrown Sounds releases Sequlation for DSI Evolver

Homegrown Sounds Sequlation for DSI Evolver

Homegrown Sounds has announced the release of Sequlation, a soundset for the DSI Evolver synthesizer.

Sequlation is a set of 128 Presets for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver with the intention of providing a professional & creative set of musically useful Sequences. The Evolver can be a wild beast capable of extreme insanity, this collection sets out to prove it also has a calmer musical side, but of course each preset can easily be coaxed back to the brink if you so wish. The Sequences cover a broad spectrum of styles, and are also excellent starting points for adapting to your own style. Aftertouch and Mod Wheel assignments are used throughout for real time manipulation.

3 different Sysex files are provided of the Bank which use either Sequence Mode, Gate Re-trigger Mode or Gate Mode respectively depending on which mode you prefer. The Bank will be loaded into Bank B, so be sure to backup your old bank first if uploading directly. It can be uploaded to the Evolver using your usual method such as Midi-Ox or the Sound Tower application etc…

The soundset is available to purchase for the introductory price of $20 USD until April 2nd, 2014 (regular $35 USD).

More information: Homegrown Sounds / Sequlation