The Drum Broker intros Drum Arsenal Vol. 7 & 8 by Mike Chav

Mike Chav Drum Arsenal Vol 8

The Drum Broker has introduced the Drum Arsenal Vol, 7 & 8, two kick and snare drum sample libraries by producer Mike Chav.

The Drum Arsenal Vol. 7 & 8 (Kicks & Snares Part 1 & 2) The latest drum kit(s) from Mike Chav.

Each kit contains 64 brand new custom design Kicks & Snares (128 Sounds Total) meticusouly sampled and processed through Mike’s outboard gear.

The sample packs cost $24.99 USD each.

More information: The Drum Broker / Mike Chav Drum Arsenal


The Drum Broker intros Warped Drums by Mike Chav

Mike Chav Warped Drums

The Drum Broker has announced Drum Arsenal Vol. 6: Warped Drums, a drum sample library by Mike Chav.

This collection is called ‘Warped Drums’ because I have taken each kick and snare, copied it and ‘warped’ them until I had several variations of the original drum. I warped each sound with varying methods using different effects settings, time compression/expansion etc. Playing different variations of the same sample (at the same or different velocities) is a way to achieve a new kind of pocket that can only be made with a drum machine/sampler and sequencer.

The idea is to mimic the feel a great drummer while using synthetic sounds and a sequencer.

These sounds vary from modern, heavy, dirty, clean, wet, effected etc etc. They are all sonically awesome. With this collection your music will sound pro and mixed before an engineer even touches it –if one touches it at all! This collection has been created with the best of analog, digital and human (ears, brain) equipment.

The Warped Drums pack is available to purchase for $24.99 USD. It is also included in the Mike Chav bundle (6 packs) for $99.99 USD.

More information: The Drum Broker / Warped Drums


The Drum Sample Broker intros Mike Chav Drum Library—5 Drum Kits bundled

Mike Chav Drum Library

The Drum Sample Broker has released the Mike Chav Drum Library, a collection of 4 drum kit sample packs.

Taught the art of Drum Science by the late J Dilla, Mike Chav is one of the industry’s top engineers & sound designers. He’s Jay Electronica’s engineer/right hand man and a good friend of the late J Dilla.

Chav has mixed and mastered records for everyone under the sun including: J Dilla, Eminem, D12, Snoop, The Game, Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Redman, Jay Electronica, Bilal, and Dr. Dre to name a few.

Mike Chav Drum Library features

  • Drum Arsenal Vol. 1 Swiss Army Kit – 96 samples created with the approach of a producer and the technical skill of an engineer, using the highest quality analog and digital signal processing.
  • Drum Arsenal Vol. 2 Dirty Edition – 48 samples, sonically inspiring as Vol 1. but this time they are DIRTY. These drums have all that extra shit, the noise, the hum, the sampler modulation, the hat bleed and tails on the kick and snare samples.
  • Drum Arsenal Vol. 3 808’s & Booms – 48 unique takes on the same old sound that everyone uses. Many of these were sampled directly from an original 808 machine and then twisted and turned through various gear and synthesizers then sampled through the finest analog gear and digital converters (Prism, Radar, Lavry).
  • Drum Arsenal Vol. 4 Electronic Edition – picks up where Vol 3. 808’s & Booms left off; this collection of 48 16-bit Drums explores electronically generated sounds that can fit well into many genres like, hip hop, rap, electronica, pop, electro and more.
  • Drum Arsenal Vol. 5 Ultimate 909 – meticulously sampled collection of the ledgendary TR-909 Drum Machine. Processed through a SSL 4000G with plenty of headroom to tweak.
  • Includes pre-formatted programs for: EXS24, Battery, Maschine, Fruity Loops, Reason, Akai MPC.

The sample pack bundle is available to purchase for $99 USD. Individual volumes are $29.99 USD each.

More information: Drum Sample Broker / Mike Chav Drum Library


Producers Choice intros Ultimate 909 Black Edition drum kit by Mike Chav

Producers Choice Ultimate 909 Black Edition

The Producers Choice has announced the release of Ultimate 909 Black Edition, a drum sample library by Mike Chav.

The REAL sound of the TR-909… IMAGINE NEXT TIME you head to the home studio to make a beat. You open up your software and load up the new ‘Ultimate 909 Drum Kit: Black Edition’ and get started…

You notice something different. Your drums are sounding punchy and warm. You don’t just stop with one beat – these drums sound SO DAMN GOOD you just sit there all afternoon making beat after beat – feeling INSPIRED.

This is the reality of using ‘Ultimate 909: Black Edition’

A full – ‘no holds barred’ 909 drum kit – sampled by leading engineer Mike Chav – to get the BEST from a LEGENDARY drum machine!

Ultimate 909 Black Edition features

  • A true TR-909 drum sample kit.
  • Recorded from Vintage TR-909 using AMPEX ATR102 tape machine, SSL4000 G console and Lavry converters for premium analog sound.
  • 24 bit 44.1 wav format for high audio quality.
  • Basses, Kicks, Snares, Toms, Custom FX, Hats and more.
  • Sampled with different levels of attack, tuning & decay.
  • Over 200MB in total.
  • Compatible with Reason, Fl Studio, Logic, Pro Tools & Most other audio hardware & software.

The sample pack is available to purchase for the introductory price of $25 USD (regular $50 USD).

More information: Producers Choice / Ultimate 909


Get all Producers Choice kits at 50% off in Omnia Bundle

The Producers Choice Omnia Bundle

The Producers Choice has introduced the Omnia Bundle, a collection of all its sample kits at a limited time discount.

If you want the quickest, best value way to secure ALL our kits then you’ve got it. Save over 45% on RRP. That’s almost half off. Explode your drum library today with over 3GB of the best samples on earth.

You’ve only got 48 hours to take advantage before this deal disappears FOREVER.

Omnia Bundle includes

  • All 7 Superstar O Kits – $59.99
  • The Complete Drum Kit Bundle (5 Kits) – $99
  • Survival Drum Kit – $39
  • Sounds In HD Bundle (5 Kits) – $98
  • J Dilla Style Drum Kit (Boom Bap Phonetics) – $24
  • Sounds In HD – Ultimate 808 Kit – $49.98
  • High Impact – Sounds In HD Kit – $39
  • Mike Chav’s 808’s & Booms – $25
  • Drum Arsenal by Mike Chav (5 Kits) – $100
  • Industry Standard Drum Kit – $29
  • Dubstep Drum Samples Vault – $37
  • HD SSL Vinyl Drum Kit – $34
  • Distorted Blends Drum Kit – $39.99
  • 150 Hip Hop Breaks – $29
  • Tribal Fusions Drum Kit – $42
  • Acoustic Blends Vol 1&2 – $49
  • Anno Domini Drum Kit – $47
  • Extreme Risers, Transitions & FX – $39
  • Infectious Harp Loops – $15

The Omnia Bundle sells for $499 USD (combined value $894.96 USD).

More information: The Producers Choice / Everything Bundle


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