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Adam Szabo JP6K virtual synth updated to v1.1

Adam Szabo JP6K

Adam Szabo has released version 1.1 of JP6K, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

JP6K is a synth dedicated to emulating the famous Super Saw sound, first found in the Roland JP-8000 synthesizer in 1997. It aims to capture the essence of the sound and the behaviour of the original oscillator. Even after a decade, the Super Saw is still sought after by people all around the world, and is a crucial part of such music genres like Trance.

Changes in JP6K v1.1

  • Pitch envelope.
  • Glide (Portamento).
  • MIDI pitch-wheel support.
  • Analog knob, for randomizing the pitch of each note.
  • Panning of the oscillators.
  • MIDI sync mode for the LFOs.
  • Additional presets by: CFA-Sound, MASCHINENBAUERMUSIC, Mikey O’Hare, Grzegorz.

JP6K is available to purchase as a VST instrument plugin for Windows for $25 EUR.

More information: Adam Szabo / JP6K