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Mildon Studios Bluemix & Redmix effect plugins released + Intro bundle offer

Mildon Studios has announced the release of its Bluemix and Redmix effect plug-ins for Windows.

Bluemix combines smart EQ, auto compression, and hi-frequency excitation into one easy-to-use plugin.

Redmix puts your tracks on a virtual stage, allowing you to pan from left to right and front to back. It makes effective use of Haas principles combined with spectral shaping and room reverb to create space in the mix.

Mildon Studios Bluemix and Redmix
Get your tracks to sit with Bluemix and then move them around with Redmix.

Bluemix / Redmix features

  • Bluemix
    • Smart EQ: Trim, Tighten, Tame.
    • Auto Compressor: Push.
    • Gain Reduction Meter.
    • Exciters: Enhance, Define.
  • Remix
    • 2-Dimensional Panning (L-R + F-B).
    • Automatic Haas Effect.
    • Room Control.

The plug-ins for Windows (VST) are available to purchase for $19 USD each, or bundled for $28.50 USD.

More information: Mildon Studios


Mildon Studios releases R23 Reference Monitor plug-in

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Mildon Studios has released R23, a reference monitor effect plug-in for Windows.

R23 Reference Monitor simulates speaker cross-feed, room absorption, and room reflection so you can listen to your mix in a studio environment using your headphones. Professional, flat-response headphones are recommended.

This plugin is based on the HC38 Headphone Calibrator, with an improved response and a simplified graphic interface. No more calibration; Just plug it in and you’re good to go.

Mildon Studios R23
Mildon Studios R23 Reference Monitor: a simpler, more efficient, more accurate monitoring plugin designed for professional, flat-response headphones.

R23 Reference Monitor features

  • Speaker Separation Control (1′ to 8′).
  • Room Treatment Control (amount of absorption/reflection).
  • Bypass Switches (located at the left of the faders).

The R23 is available to purchase for the introductory price of $14 USD until August 20th, 2012 (regular $29 USD).

More information: Mildon Studios / R23 Reference Monitor


Mildon Studios releases SLVR Spreader effect plugin

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Mildon Studios SLVR Spreader

Mildon Studios has released SLVR Spreader, a stereo expander effect plug-in for Windows.

SLVR Spreader is a state-of-the-art stereo widener suitable for mixing and mastering. It combines different stereo imaging technologies, letting you apply ample amounts of widening without weakening the overall sound.

Use it on individual tracks like vocals and on group tracks like drums, all the way to the final master.

SLVR Spreader features

  • Three powerful modes:
    • Wide mode uses a mid-side algorithm for widening the signal. This is suitable for stereo recordings, group tracks, and mastering.
    • Delay mode spreads the signal’s frequencies across the stereo image and applies minute amounts of delay to emphasize the stereo effect. This can be used to fatten ambient sounds like vocals and pads.
    • Shuffle mode interleaves the signal’s frequencies and spreads them across the stereo image. While the stereo effect is less pronounced in this mode, it can help the signal cut-through a busy mix without introducing artifacts or phase issues.
  • 3 Channel Meters: separate meters for Left, Center, and Right channels, allowing you to apply just the right amount of widening to the signal. For best results, increase the Spread fader until the Center peak is at the same level as or just above the Left and Right peaks.

SLVR Spreader for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of $14 USD until 31 May, 2012 (regular $29 USD).

More information: Mildon Studios / SLVR Spreader


Mildon Studios releases Mildon Strummer 3

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Mildon Studios Mildon Strummer 3

Mildon Studios has released Mildon Strummer 3, an updated version of the virtual guitar instrument for Windows.

Mildon Strummer 3 is an innovative VST plugin that gives you the ability to create guitar rhythms using samples, soundfonts, and virtual instruments. It is built to strum anything that you can connect to it, making it a very useful tool for digital musicians and producers.

Changes in Mildon Strummer 3

  • New strumming engine built in C++
  • Full-range inversion-aware strumming.
  • Improved MIDI-Strum feature – works with almost any VSTi (compatible host required).
  • Play both strumming and solo plucking.
  • Hybrid Chord Detection – switches to Freestyle mode if it can’t detect any chord.
  • Sound Enhancers: Slap, Body Tap, Fret Noises.
  • Simplified Graphic User Interface.

Mildon Strummer 3 for Windows is available for $49 USD.

More information: Mildon Studios / Mildon Strummer 3


Mildon Studios releases Provoc Grader + Lite Piano Free SFZ

Mildon Studios has released Provoc Grader, a compressor effect plug-in designed for vocals.

Mildon Studios Provoc Grader

Provoc Grader is a special compressor designed for vocals. It allows you to preserve as much natural dynamics as possible by letting you apply compression only to relevant frequencies if desired. This is done with an easy-to-use Range Selector which can be dragged vertically to adjust the width, or horizontally to adjust the position.

It has volume controls for Selected and Unselected bands, Input and Output level controls, and a Dry Gain control for matching the volume of the raw vocals to the processed output for on/off comparison.

Provoc Grader for Windows (VST) is available for the introductory price of $20 USD (regular $29 USD).

Mildon Studios has also released its Lite Piano Free SFZ instrument that you can play using any SFZ player.

It features an expressive set of high-quality 16-bit samples compressed to OGG format (only 18MB). It’s really tiny, but still sounds awesome. Optionally, for the price of a ‘tall’ Starbucks Frappe ($3) you can buy the full-quality WAV set (95MB). We assure you that the coffee money will be used only for the greater good. How about a cup eh?

More information: Mildon Studios


Mildon Studios releases Provoc Primer effect plugin

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Mildon Studios Provoc Primer

Mildon Studios has released Provoc Primer, a vocal effect processor for Windows.

Provoc Primer allows the user to process vocals in a matter of seconds. It features a single “Shape” control that applies EQ and Compression to vocals. It is designed to give the user a consistent starting point for each vocal track and to be useful when working with albums or single tracks with many vocal parts.

The simple interface displays a graph of the EQ that will be applied to the sound. The level line can be dragged up and down to adjust the amount of shaping. A small amount of compression is applied, enough to “glue” the vocals together, but still leaving room for further compression down the chain. The “Shape” control affects both EQ and Compression.

Provoc Primer for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for the introductory price of $14.50 USD (regular $29 USD).

More information: Mildon Studios / Provoc Primer


The Indie Dev Collective launches Winter Sale

Indie Dev Collective

The Indie Dev Collective has launched its Winter Sale, offering over 30 deals on its products.

The Indie Dev Collective 2011 Winter Sale brings you a diverse selection of top quality synths, effects, and soundware for Windows, Mac, and iOS from 11 developers. Over 30 deals with prices as low as $6.99 and discounts up to 65% off for this limited time sales event!

The Indie Dev Collective Winter Sale includes products by Dangerous Bear Underground, H.G. Fortune, Manytone, Mildon Studios, Nucleus Soundlab, Perimeter Sound Arts, Ugo, Westgate Sounds, whiteLABEL, White Noise Audio Software, xoxos.

The sale runs from November 25th – December 4th, 2011.

More information: Indie Dev Collective