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Mildon Studios releases HC38 Headphone Calibrator

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Mildon Studios has released HC38 Headphone Calibrator, an effect plug-in for Windows.

Mildon Studios HC38

HC38 Headphone Calibrator allows the user match the sound of their headphones to that of their studio monitors. It is ideal for field work, when studio monitors are not present, or to mix using headphones. It works by simulating several aspects of monitoring in a room environment. The user can adjust crossfeed, sound absorption, and room reflection.

Crossfeed is the merging of the sound coming from each speaker. The amount of crossfeed can be adjusted by choosing from three approximate speaker distances (3′, 5′, and 7′) and fine-tuned using the crossfeed fader.

What’s truly unique about the HC38 is its capability to simulate the room environment. The user can select from 6 representative flooring and room treatment materials that affect the way the sound is absorbed and reflected.

It also has the basic hi-pass and lo-pass filters so one can make adjustments based on the frequency response graph provided by the headphone manufacturer.

The HC38 Headphone Calibrator is available to purchase for the introductory price of $29 USD until November 10, 2011 (regular $35 USD).

More information: Mildon Studios / HC38 Headphone Calibrator


Mildon Studios releases Provoc Exciter 3.0

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Mildon Studios Provoc Exciter

Mildon Studios has released Provoc Exciter 3.0, the first in a series of professional vocal plugins collectively named, Provoc.

Provoc Exciter lets you enhance the depth and brilliance of any vocal track. It can bring a dull or flat vocals to life instantly.

In addition to the Treble and Bass faders, it has a De-Hum feature that quickly removes hum and low-end rumble. There’s also a Gain fader with an input level control, and a dry gain control which lets you match the level of the raw vocals to the processed vocals for easy comparison using the on/off switch. Click on the scrollbar to access the De-Hum and Gain controls.

Provoc Exciter for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $9.95 USD.

More information: Mildon Studios / Provoc Exciter


Mildon Studios updates HUE-X to v2.0

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Mildon Studios has released version 2.0 of HUE-X, an equalizer effect plug-in for Windows.

Mildon Studios HUE-X

HUE-X 2 introduces a different approach to EQ. It is designed to let you control different characteristics of the sound without having to deal with individual frequencies.

Ten easy faders such as Boom, Depth, Fullness, Body, Warmth, Clarity, Sheen, Brightness, Sparkle, Punch let you instantly shape the sound.

The re-programmed “Punch” fader now behaves just like an Enhancer DSP effect, letting you boost the sound while leaving some harsh signals behind.

Changes in HUE-X v2.0

  • More accurate response.
  • New “Punch” behavior.
  • Improved overall performance.
  • New GUI.

HUE-X is available to purchase for $35 USD.

More information: Mildon Studios / HUE-X


Indie Dev Collective launches IDC Spring 2011 Sale

IDC Spring 2011 Sale

Indie Dev Collective has announced the IDC Spring 2011 Sale, a limited time collaborative sale featuring various synth & effect plugins and soundware products.

We’re back with our most diverse sale yet.

Featuring 14 developers, including four new IDC members, bring you some of their latest synths, effects, samples, loops, presets, and even a host – all on sale at the same time, direct to you, with prices cut up to 65% off for this limited time sales event.

IDC Spring 2011 Sale

  • 26 deals on over 55 products.
  • Participating developers: Dangerous Bear Underground, Dusted William Sounds, H.G. Fortune, Hardcore Harmonics | Supersynths, IMEA, Manytone, Mildon Studios, Nucleus Soundlab, Perimeter Sound Arts, Psychic Modulation, Ugo, Westgate Sounds, whiteLABEL, xoxos.

The IDC Spring 2011 Sale is available until May 23rd, 2011.

More information: Indie Dev Collective


Mildon Studios LXR + Acoustic Steel Guitar Soundfont

Mildon Studios LXR

Mildon Studios has released LXR, a stereo channel delay effect plug-in for Windows.

Channel delay, as simple as it sounds, can work wonders in your mix. A 10ms delay in the left or right channel can make your track sound a bit wider. In my experience it can even create the effect of taming harsh low frequencies and sibilants. Of course too much of it can make any voice sound like C3PO, and you don’t want that unless you’re mixing the next RoboCop installment. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t rely on this or similar effects to solve problems in the mix. But if you know when to use it, a little delay can work to your advantage.

LXR for Windows (VST) is available to purchase as a Coffee-for-Plugin, for $3 USD.

Mildon Studios Acoustic Steel Guitar Soundfont

Mildon Studios has also released a free Acoustic Steel Guitar Soundfont.

Download this free high-quality Acoustic Guitar soundfont that’s perfect for strumming with Mildon Strummer 2. Recorded in stereo for a natural sound. Only 20MB!

More information: Mildon Studios


Mildon Strummer 2, updated MIDI strumming engine released

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Mildon Studios Strummer 2

Mildon Studios has released Mildon Strummer 2, a MIDI strumming engine that can strum compatible VSTi’s and sample players such as Kontakt, SampleTank, G-Player, and many others.

It has an improved Chord Detection system plus an all-new Freestyle Mode. Other new controls include Humanize, String Velocity, and Palm Mute.

It is compatible with several popular VST hosts; There are special features that can extend its compatibility with other hosts that don’t support multi-channel MIDI input. Designed to work with industry-standard sample players to ensure wider compatibility with other guitar VSTi’s.

Mildon Strummer 2 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $64 USD.

More information: Mildon Studios


Mildon Studios releases Mildon Strummer, virtual guitar strumming instrument

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Mildon Studios Mildon Strummer

Mildon Studios has released Mildon Strummer, a new guitar strumming engine that has improved performance and packs a lot more features than its predecessor, LemonStrum 2.

It’s easy to spot the music producer from the crowd. He’s the one who’s always trying to rush that long-overdue demo, constantly whining, why, of all days, would his session guitarist pick today to not show up? Why?! If you’re this guy, Mildon Strummer is here to try and save your day.

Got some crispy acoustic patches for your new synth? Got some great-sounding virtual guitars but can’t “strum” them? Mildon Strummer’s new MIDI-Strum feature might come handy. It lets you “strum” other VSTi’s, especially those that don’t have a strum function. Do you need to just slap the rhythm in and get it done? Mildon Strummer has built-in sounds too.

Mildon Strummer features

  • Three-note trigger system. You can edit which three notes to press on the MIDI keyboard to trigger a chord. You can also assign entire chords to only one key for easy strumming.
  • 84 fully configurable chords/chord slots.
  • Improved Vertical “Chord Builder”.
  • Dedicated Re-strum keys.
  • Palm Mute (Tap).
  • Individual string panning.
  • Fret noise (Pedal-triggered).
  • 3 Strum delay settings per string.
  • Basic filters (Bass, Treble).
  • Volume controls (Tap, Fret, Overall).
  • Release control.
  • MIDI-strum: strum other guitar VSTi’s.

Mildon Strummer is available to purchase for the introductory price of $30 USD until 5 November, 2010. From November 6-10 it will be 50% off the regular price of $99 USD, and 20% off from November 11-16.

HUE-X, Vocal Spread, and OtoMarch Marching Army VSTi ($41 USD value) are included with a purchase during the introductory period.

More information: Mildon Studios / Mildon Strummer