Millertone intros SYNDR Volume 1 & CLAP! Live Pack Bundle

Millertone has announced the availability of the SYNDR Volume 1 & CLAP! sound library bundle for Ableton Live.

We’re pleased to offer the SYNDR v1 and CLAP! multi-sample Ableton Live Packs together as a heavily discounted bundle for only $59 USD (download) until April 30.

That’s a $24 (29%) savings. And yes, you can also get the bundle on disc for only $69 USD.

Millertone SYNDR Vol 1 + CLAP! bundle

SYNDR volume 1 features

  • Over 8600 Samples of the Legendary Synare PS-3.
  • Dozens of Drum and Percussion Kits and Menus.
  • Chromatic Instruments (basses, keys, leads and more).
  • 164 Live Clips (drum loops) organized into 26 Sets.
  • 10 Live Sets & 2 Demo Songs.

CLAP! features

  • 2904 Samples of the Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper.
  • 8 Drum Racks.
  • Over 60 Instrument Racks.
  • 363 Simpler Instrument Hits .
  • 129 Live Clips.
  • Two fully arrange Live Sets.

The bundle is available for Ableton Live 8.3 and up (including Live 9).

More information: Millertone


Millertone releases CLAP! Ableton Live Pack

Millertone has announced the release of CLAP!, a multi-sample Ableton Live Pack featuring the sounds of the Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper, an analog clap synthesizer based on the circuit found in the classic TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines.

Millertone CLAP!

CLAP! has over 2900 24-bit/44.1kHz samples uniquely divided into three perspectives: the full clap samples, the flam only portion of the claps, and the clap samples minus the flam. These additional sample sets, along with Live’s extensive sound design capabilities, take CLAP! well beyond the sounds of synthesized hand claps.

CLAP! has over 430 presets, including over 360 Drag and Drop hits, and over 60 Instrument Racks that cover everything from the classic sound and functionality of the original hardware to tricked-out instruments that deliver sonic mayhem. Live’s Arpeggiator and Simpler’s Pitch Envelope were used in many of the Instrument Racks, offering a wide range of new and compelling percussion presets. There is even a Drum Rack “trap kit” using nothing but clap samples. The sample sets used in each preset employ eight velocity layers, which translate into instruments that are highly expressive and dynamic.

To round things out, there are 129 Live Clips for use as starting points in compositions. These include drum grooves, rhythm beds and evolving textures. There are also two fully arranged Live Sets which demonstrate just what CLAP! can do.

The CLAP! library is available to purchase for $14 USD.

More information: Millertone / CLAP!


Millertone releases SYNDR volume 1 multi-sample library of the Synare PS-3

Millertone SYNDR volume 1

Millertone has announced the release of its SYNDR volume 1 multi-sample library of the Synare PS-3.

SYNDR volume 1 multi-sample library for Ableton Live puts the beauty and warmth of the true analog classic Synare PS-3 drum synthesizer into the hands of the modern music producer. Venturing well beyond the ubiquitous synth-tom sounds of the 70’s, SYNDR volume 1 offers dozens of drum, percussion and fx kits and menus, as well as a complete arsenal of chromatic instruments (basses, lead synths, keys, percolating sequence synths, etc…). Entire tracks can be produced using SYNDR volume 1 and nothing else.

SYNDR volume 1 offers a broad sonic palette, with over 8600 samples captured from the Synare’s self-oscillating filter sine waves, square waves, noise, oscillators with the pitch and/or filter LFO modulated by the square wave, deep resonating filters and more. Each sound was recorded at 8 velocity levels and at multiple decay settings. In order to record with absolute consistency, sounds were triggered via pulses generated by MIDI events in a DAW, directly into an external trigger input retrofitted to the Synare.

From authentic, soul-dripping, vintage vibe to the hypersonic sound of the future, SYNDR volume 1 is sure to be an inspiration for producers across the electronic music spectrum.

SYNDR vol 1 features

  • 1.2GB+ multi-sample library for Ableton Live with over 8600 24-bit / 44.1kHz Samples.
  • 8 velocity layers per note.
  • 27 Drum Racks include a diverse range of drum, percussion and fx kits: from vintage to modern; light and punchy to raw and aggressive; deep and resonant to glitchy and dissonant.
  • 78 Instrument Racks include chromatic instruments derived from the Synare’s self-oscillating filter (sine wave), and Oscillator 2 (square wave) which were sampled chromatically over 5 octaves and at 8 velocity levels.
  • Over 950 ‘drag and drop’ ready drum hits available both as Simpler instruments and as Instrument Racks.
  • Instrument Racks for drum hits have consistent Macro control of common features (Decay, Tuning, Parallel Compression, Saturation, Low Cut Filter, Velocity and Random Pan).
  • 102 Simpler Menus (Bass Drums, Snares, Zaps, Metallic Hits, etc…) assembled from individual drum hits.
  • 164 Live Clips (drum loops) organized into 26 Sets.
  • 10 Live Sets.
  • 2 Demo Songs (requires full version of Live).

SYNDR volume 1 for Ableton Live is available to purchase for the special price of $39 USD until the end of 2012 (regular $69 USD).

More information: Millertone / SYNDR volume 1


Win Millertone’s upcoming SynDr Vol 1 sample library in Industry Survey

Millertone SynDr Vol 1

Millertone Soundware has announced an Industry Survey, offering you the chance to win the upcoming SynDr Vol 1 analog drum synth sample library for Kontakt, Ableton Live and Logic Pro.

This questionnaire is designed to help us get a better understanding of our potential customers and the type of products and services we should be focusing on. It takes around 10 minutes to complete. The survey will be closed on Thursday, September 13 at midnight EST.

Participants that complete the survey will be invited to enter into a draw to win a copy our first release, SynDr Volume 1 – Legendary Analog Drum Synth. The prize will be awarded when we officially launch Millertone in November.

SynDr Volume 1 is a multi-sample library that places the beauty and warmth of a true analog legend, the Star Instruments’ Synare, into the hands of the modern music producer. Venturing well beyond the ubiquitous synth-tom sounds used on classic disco and progressive rock hits of the 1970’s, the SynDr Volume 1 multi-sample library offers complete multi-velocity drum kits and menus (kicks, snares, toms, fx, etc…), as well as chromatic instruments such as basses, lead synths, keyboard, and other synth sounds. Each sound was recorded with up to 8 velocity levels and triggered with absolute consistency from a DAW via an external input retrofitted to the Synare. The range of sound is truly immense.

More information: Millertone / Industry Survey