Crypto Cipher releases Tongue Drum Kontakt sample library

Crypto Cipher has released Tongue Drum, a percussion sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Crypto Cipher Tongue Drum
Crypto Cipher Tongue Drum for NI Kontakt.

Crypto Cipher has a special feeling for tongue drum, and Crypto Cipher just not recorded its sound only, but with its whole creativity provided a new dimension to this instrument as well with aid of technology.

Crypto Cipher has given a special combination of left and right hand playing script to this instrument, which makes it a child’s play to operate and produce super sounds, with one hand you can play rhythmic drones of your selected note articulation and with other hand you can play melodies. So here Crypto Cipher hopes to provide you with an altogether a different and unique experience while playing this instrument.

Tongue Drum features

  • Basic Instrument: Tongue Drum & Fujara Textures.
  • Open, Muted & Tremolo Articulations.
  • 28 Fujara Textures.
  • 16 Sound Designed Patches derived from Tongue Drum samples.
  • Sample Size 265 MB (NCW Format).
  • Custom Left & Right Hand Playing Script for creative work flow.
  • Tongue Drum Open and Muted Articulation (10 RR – Low, Medium and High Velocities).
  • Multis Included.
  • PDF Documentation Available for Download.
  • Sample Resolution : 44.1 KHz / 24 bit NCW Format.
  • Format: Kontakt (Requires full retail version 4.2.4 or higher.

The Tongue Drum library is available to purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Crypto Cipher / Tongue Drum


Tonehammer releases Propanium

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Tonehammer Propanium

Tonehammer releases Propanium (aka MILLTONE), a highly emotive, metal based, tongue drum.

The drum has certain similarities to the Hang Drum, but is more clean, less “steel-drummy”, has more harmonics and overtones. We recorded Propanium in a variety of ways including finger, brushes, mallet articulations and tons of effects. The drum follows our “deep-sampling” methodology and the larger patches generally have approx. 10 velocity layers and 6-8 round robin (repetition) pr. layer, however certain patches (ex. overtone patches) have over 35 velocity layers for maximum playability.

Propanium features

  • Brush (Nylon) on all 8 notes: 10 velocity layers, 6x round-robin.
  • Brush FX: Variation of short and longer brush swells.
  • Finger on all 8 notes: 10 velocity layers, 8x round-robin.
  • Finger percussion: 18 velocity layers, 4x round-robin.
  • Mallet: 9 velocity layers, 8x round-robin.
  • Ambiences MW: 6×6 velocity layers.
  • Overtones: 8×35 velocity layers.
  • Overtone flowers: 4×40 velocity layers.
  • Finger arpeggiator: A variety of dual-tongues arpeggiated.
  • Random Arp: A variety of dual-tongues arpeggiated & randomized.
  • Random MW Tuning: A variety of dual-tongues tuned on MW.
  • Extensive read me install, patch and hint documentation (.pdf).
  • 11 instrument patches, 2224 samples, 1.67 GB installed, 368 MB .rar download.
  • Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit stereo .wav format.
  • Format(s): Kontakt 2 and .wav.

Propanium is available as a Kontakt instrument for $49 USD.

Visit Tonehammer for more information and audio demos.