Quiet Art updates Wave Rider to v3 (incl. Pro Tools 11 support)

Quiet Art has released version 3.0 of Wave Rider, an automatic volume control, gate, duck and trace effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. Wave Rider v3 brings Pro Tools 11 compatibility with a new 64bit … read more

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TC Electronic intros Broadcast 6000

TC Electronic has announced Broadcast 6000, a a custom-tailored version of TC Electronic’s System 6000 MKII that is optimized for production with broadcast in mind. We have tailored a special version of System 6000 MKII … read more

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Avid intros S6 Control Surface

Avid has announced the S6 Control Surface, a major new addition to its industry leading family of control surfaces for sound recording, mixing and editing. Avid S6 is designed for audio professionals in the most … read more

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Native Instruments announces updated TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 & S2 DJ systems

Native Instruments has announced new versions of both the industry-leading 4-channel DJ system TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 and its 2-channel counterpart, TRAKTOR KONTROL S2. The KONTROL S4 and S2 perfectly combine a premium DJ mixing interface, … read more

SKnote intros Catena multiband stereo processor

SKnote has announced Catena, a stereo routing, splitting, mixing, multiband console in 3 rack units. Also includes an internal mid/side matrix for mixed stereo/mid-side processing. Five stereo channels are available. Main stereo input can be … read more

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Philips and Armin van Buuren intoduce M1X-DJ System

Philips and Armin van Buuren have launched the M1X-DJ System, a combined DJ controller and sound system. Combining a sleek design aesthetic and easy-to-use interface with innovative technology, the M1X-DJ allows anyone who wants to … read more

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PreSonus announces StudioLive AI-Series Digital Mixers with Active Integration

PreSonus has announced its new series of StudioLive AI hardware/software digital mixing and recording systems, each with Active Integration technology. StudioLive AI-series mixers retain the same surface-driven functionality that made StudioLive mixers famous, while adding … read more

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Native Instruments releases video on creative beat producers and performers in Japan

Native Instruments today released the first of a series of videos showcasing respected Japanese producers, performers, and DJs. Five artists give detailed insights into their individual creative processes with MASCHINE – Native Instruments’ groove production … read more

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112dB updates Redline Monitor to v1.0.5 (incl. 64-bit)

112dB has updated its Redline Monitor near-field monitor simulation for headphones to support 64-bit hosts (AU & VST). Redline Monitor is a listening, mixing, and mastering tool that makes your headphones experience more natural: as … read more

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Apple updates Logic Pro X to v10.0.2

Apple has released version 10.0.2 of Logic Pro X, the digital audio workstation for Mac. Sophisticated new tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that’s designed to get creative … read more

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Toontrack releases Mastering II EZmix Pack

Toontrack has launched Mastering II EZmix Pack, a new mastering pack for the EZmix 2 software for Windows and Mac. After the massive success of the Mastering EZmix Pack, Toontrack just released a second collection … read more

Serato updates Serato DJ to v1.3

Serato has announced version 1.3 of its Serato DJ mixing software for Windows and Mac. Serato DJ is our best feature set for all-in-one controllers. It delivers performance to meet the demands of DJs at … read more

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Native Instruments launches Traktor Kontrol S2 sale

Native Instruments has launched a limited-time special offer on Traktor Kontrol S2, reducing the price of the compact all-in-one DJ controller system to $399 / 399 EUR throughout August 2013. TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 is a … read more

Native Instruments releases Traktor DJ Cable

Native Instruments has announced the release of Traktor DJ Cable, a compact audio splitter designed to complement mobile DJ setups on iPhone, iPad or laptops. Following the global success of the iOS app TRAKTOR DJ, … read more

Sample Magic updates Magic AB to v1.1

Sample Magic has announced version 1.1 of Magic AB, the reference tool that allows producers to switch between the audio they are mixing and up to nine reference tracks in an instant. The 1.1 update … read more

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Vienna Symphonic Library releases MIRx for Vienna Instruments PRO

Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the release of MIRx, three MIRx Reverb Mixing Extensions for its proprietary sample player software Vienna Instruments PRO. MIRx Konzerthaus Grosser Saal reverb mixing extension in Vienna Instruments PRO. Based … read more

Native Instruments releases TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 MK2

Native Instruments has released the updated TRAKTOR KONTROL X1, a new version of its compact and highly popular decks and effects controller. With the same size and robust product design as the original controller, TRAKTOR … read more

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Image-Line updates Deckadance to v2.2

Image-Line has released version 2.2 of Deckadance, the DJ mixing software for Windows and Mac. Deckadance 2.2 adds MIDI scripting so you, developers and the community can now create MIDI controller scripts to control Deckadance … read more

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J1000 releases MQ55 & SX36 plug-ins + MQ57 updated to v1.11

J1000 has announced the release of the MQ55 mixing equalizer and SX36 stereo processor, two free effect plug-in for Windows. The MQ55 equalizer is based on the MQ57, optimized for mixing. Parametric mixing equalizer based … read more

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G-Sonique releases TrebleCream effect plugin

G-Sonique has announced the release of TrebleCream, a mid-treble & transients softening effect plug-in for Windows. TrebleCream is new technology with special digital algorithms / virtual circuits inspired by analog electronic structures for achieving really … read more

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