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ModeAudio releases City Transport & City Scenes sample packs

ModeAudio has announced the release of City Transport and City Scenes, two new field recording sample libraries.

ModeAudio City Transport / City Scenes

Listen as all the hustle and bustle of the city kicks off in City Transport, a collection of masterfully-recorded ambient sounds. Sonic detail and variety abounds in these 6 sound files, with everything from the clatter of underground train barriers, wailing police sirens, the distant rattle of canal lock gates, the slow whining of aeroplanes above and much more captured and presented for your musical enjoyment!

The city lives and breathes in City Scenes, our latest collection of detailed, meticulously captured ambient field recordings. This set of soundscapes lays out all the complexity and movement of everyday places in every one of its 6 recordings – from the racket of market traders packing down for the day and the hammering of construction work, to the hush of a library and the laughing of children playing in the park.

The packs are available for purchase for £6 GBP each.

More information: ModeAudio


ModeAudio releases Future Trap – Massive Presets & MIDI Loops

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ModeAudio has launched Future Trap, a collection of presets for Native Instruments Massive and MIDI loops.

ModeAudio Future Trap

Future Trap is a sound library that pays deep respect to Trap’s roots yet looks hungrily onwards towards it’s exciting future. Combining the deep and dark qualities of early Dirty South, including its thunderous 808-style bass, nightmarish tuned percussion and zippy arp synths, with the slick and sleek nature of contemporary EDM, this release manages to sound both classic and refreshingly forward-thinking at the same time.

The 50 included presets cover a wealth of musical ground, from razor sharp siren leads, deep, quaking basses, lazy, pitch-modulated pads and acrobatic arps to punchy percussion, muscular SFX and beyond. All are infused with a boundless, bouncing energy that allows them to sit right up front with the most cutting-edge EDM productions.
We’ve programmed all 8 macro controls of every single preset for fully adjustable flexibility and the 50 accompanying, key-labelled MIDI loops will allow you to instantly audition each sound. Propel your Trap & EDM music fearlessly into the future with Future Trap – Massive Presets & MIDI Loops now!

The sound pack is available for purchase for £12 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Future Trap


ModeAudio releases Curved Horizon for FM8

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ModeAudio has released Curved Horizon, a collection of vintage for the FM8 synthesizer instrument from Native Instruments.

ModeAudio Curved Horizon

This release packs in 50 gorgeously unstable presets, from deep basses, atmospheric pads, classic, characterful synths, floating leads and much more. We’ve turned the hard-edged, metallic quality of FM synthesis on its head to bring you a synth preset collection that fuzzes, crackles, flickers and phase shifts from the moment you press down one of those keys.

Taking inspiration from such varied sources as cinema soundtracks, psychedelic ambience and classic chill-out, watch the horizon stretch and twist towards you with Curved Horizon – FM8 Vintage Presets!

Curved Horizon features

  • 50 .nfm8 presets (basses, pads, classic synths, chords, leads & plucks).
  • 50 MIDI loops.
  • 100% royalty-free.

The soundset is on sale for £12 GBP (regular £14 GBP).

More information: ModeAudio / Curved Horizon


ModeAudio launches Summer Sale – 40% off

ModeAudio has launched a Summer Sale, offering a 40% discount on its sample packs and sound libraries for a limited time.

ModeAudio Summer Sale

Summer madness has finally descended upon ModeAudio towers as we’ve just launched our biggest ever sale, discounting every single one of our sound packs by up to a gigantic 40% off! This means you can now pick up our loops, samples, presets, sampler patches and more from only £3/$5 – it’s crazy but it’s blissfully true!

The sun has left no sound untouched, with our drum samples, synth loops, Massive presets, bass MIDI patterns, field recordings, percussion sampler kits and more all discounted. The sale ends on Monday the 21st of July ’14, so move now to take advantage of our lowest ever prices!

Feel the rays burst from your speakers and pick up a bargain now!

The sale ends July 21st, 2014.

More information: ModeAudio


ModeAudio releases Power Tools sample pack

ModeAudio Power Tools

ModeAudio has launched Power Tools, a collection of drum samples and patches.

Every producer needs quality drum samples, from bedroom Dubsteppers and EDM DJs to the very biggest Trap stars in the game. No matter whether you’re rolling in a Bugatti or banging out tunes in your basement, finding a solid collection of thumping kicks and snares is like uncovering a cave full of buried treasure. It is with special pleasure therefore that we introduce you to the biggest, baddest and meanest drum collection we’ve ever made – Power Tools – Drum Samples & Patches!

Punching and smashing its way from our studio to your speakers, this collection of 330 thunderously weighty drum sounds has been sculpted and engineered with studious precision and attention to detail. Every single parameter of every audio processor applied has been tweaked to perfection, ramping up the propulsive impact for maximum effect – the snares slam; the kick crush; the hi hats sizzle; the claps slice and the percussion just pops out of the speaker cones.

Power Tools features

  • 70 Kick Samples (long and short).
  • 50 Snare Samples.
  • 30 Clap Samples.
  • 60 Hi Hat Samples (open, mid-open and closed).
  • 40 Percussion Samples (toms, rims, shakers and more).
  • 80 Tuned Kicks.
  • 10 Drum Kit Sampler Patches.
  • 20 Tuned Kick Sampler Patches.
  • 5 Channel Strips (drum processing).

The sample pack is available for purchase for £15 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Power Tools


ModeAudio releases Kaleidoscope Disco & House Loops

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ModeAudio has launched Kaleidoscope, a sample pack featuring a collection of Disco & House loops.

ModeAudio Kaleidoscope

Don’t worry, the beat is never going to end thanks to Kaleidoscope – Disco & House Loops! Bringing you 120 of the slickest, most soulful Disco loops from our trunk of production magic, this pack will have you begging to get out of the studio and down to the nearest neon-lit dance floor!

Taking direct inspiration from the gods and masters of the groove, we’ve conjured up the soul of Disco right here, right now! With driving, funky Basslines and jazzy Keys Loops, both with alternative takes included, there’s enough music here to have you sampling away for months. We’ve also packed in thumping Drum Loops, Drum Fills, intricate Percussion Samples and Drum Machine parts to thicken up the beats and build up the excitement in your productions.

The pack is available for purchase for £15 GBP.

ModeAudio is also offering a 16.5% discount on 4 of its sound packs, until June 19th, 2014.

  • Broke Beats – Hip Hop Drum Loops
    120 loops & 80 drum samples.
  • Machine Attacks – Drum Hits
    238 drum samples & 12 sampler patches.
  • Drum Collider – Kong Presets
    160 drum synth presets & 10 sampler patches.
  • High Life – Hip Hop Loops
    120 loops & 120 MIDI files.

The packs can also be included at the discounted rate in ModeAudio’s ongoing 3 for 2 deal.

More information: ModeAudio


ModeAudio releases Urban Middle East

ModeAudio Urban Middle East

ModeAudio has released Urban Middle East, a field recording sample library featuring 6 ambient sound recordings.

The air is thick with heat, dust and bustling city activity in this carefully recorded ambient sound collection. Across the 6 files contained you will be presented with a range of street sounds from frantic market sellers and twittering finches shading from the burning sun, to the hum of air conditioning in the empty night.

If you want to take your listeners on a journey, Field Recordings 004 – Urban Middle East is the release you’ve been waiting for. We’ve shaded our eyes from the relentless sun and squeezed our way through the crowds, microphones and recorder in tow, so you don’t have to!

The sample pack is available for £6 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Urban Middle East