Bitwig announces Bitwig Studio 1.2

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Bitwig has announced it will present the forthcoming Bitwig Studio 1.2 update at NAMM 2015 from January 22nd – 25th (Booth 4901 in Hall C).

Bitwig Studio 1.2 sneak preview

Following the announcement, Bitwig will offer a sneak preview detailing the all-new features scheduled for the next major update, free for all Bitwig Studio license holders. Additional surprises can be expected on the actual release date of Bitwig Studio 1.2

Highlight of Bitwig Studio 1.2

  • Group Tracks — Consolidate and simplify your mix.
    In our next major update you can dramatically improve the navigation of numerous tracks in every view of your project while consolidating the signal flow of multiple sources through a single Group Track. The feature introduces a new style of editing in the Arrange View called “Meta Clips.” Meta Clips allow easy editing of clips from multiple tracks in group track timelines. Group Tracks also expand upon Bitwig Studio’s Multi-out VST functionality, providing a convenient way to setup tracks for multi-timbral VST instruments, and useful functions to organize and consolidate your entire mix.
  • Audition Browser — Browse, Audition, Insert, Swap
    You created the part and now you need the proper sound, groove, or melody. To accelerate the browsing workflow, all devices in Bitwig Studio 1.2 feature an Audition icon. By clicking Audition, your entire catalog of sound becomes available. Browse, audition, swap and insert anything from presets and samples to full clips of sounds during playback. Whether or not in use, the Audition Browser can be hidden completely from view to save on precious screen real estate. Bitwig Studio’s advanced browsing eliminates the boundaries between devices to offer a meta view of all available sounds in one category. Searching for the right bass? It doesn’t matter if it’s a Polysynth preset or a sample, you now have the freedom to audition all your content in place, on the fly, to find sounds quickly and to get back to what is most important, making music.
  • Factory Content Update — Demo songs, amazing presets, and all new sounds.
    The launch of Bitwig Studio introduced us to artists and producers around the world making the most of the devices included with Bitwig Studio. Since then, our Sound Team has been hard at work creating new standards that provide a fluid experience when navigating from one preset to the next. These standards were presented to several new partners to develop an extraordinary new addition of content and workflow to the Bitwig Studio Factory Library, sure to inspire music makers and sound designers everywhere. We are proud to introduce three new demo songs, over 500 fully-functional presets, and optimization of every preset in our Library with the help of Detunized, Mode Audio, Sample Magic, and Overclock Inc. as part of the Bitwig Studio 1.2 update.
  • Support for High-DPI and Retina Displays — Experience our next generation user interface in brilliant detail.
    Bitwig Studio 1.2 is optimized for Macbook Retina and Windows High-DPI displays for a graphical user interface that is sharper than ever before.

Bitwig Studio 1.2 is a free update for all Bitwig Studio license holders. The Bitwig Studio 1.2 Beta will be available in February to select license holders.

More information: Bitwig


ModeAudio releases Magnetic Pulse for Massive

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ModeAudio Magnetic Pulse

ModeAudio has launched Magnetic Pulse, a collection of 50 presets for the Massive synthesizer by Native Instruments.

It’s time to lock down that groove and dig deep into the Tech House vibe – introduce your Massive synth to a whole new world of thumping rhythm and emotive melody with Magnetic Pulse – Massive Tech House Presets, our latest collection of 50 custom-crafted, deep-programmed patches for the finest soft synth on the planet!

Feel the earth beneath your feet shake as you load up these sounds, each one sending epic waves of sumptuous sound from your speakers and headphones straight to your eardrums. This release craftily combines the deepest, darkest and smoothest elements of House with razor-sharp, brooding Techno, delivering a mouth-watering range of sonic delights. From gigantic, subterranean Bass and Sub Bass patches to slamming Synth Leads, driving Synth Chords, uplifting Pads, evolving Arps and frenetic SFX, this pack flips its mood from subtle to extrovert at the drop of the beat!

The pack is available for purchase for £13 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio


ModeAudio launches Drum Bundle & SFX Bundle

ModeAudio has launched two new bundle packs featuring a collection of samples & patches.

Drum Bundle

The Drum Bundle includes 953 WAV samples, 60+ drum kit patches for the major samplers, and 12 channel strips.

ModeAudio Drum Bundle

As every modern producer knows, having a rock-solid and versatile library of drum samples is key to getting your tunes off the ground and noticed. This is exactly the reason why we simply adore creating drum sounds – from thumping, cavernous kicks to intricate, wooden rims, huge, snappy snares and soft, subtle claps right through to sharp, metallic hi hats, pin-prick percussion and beyond, our passion for crafting the ultimate drum sound shines through each and every one of our drum collections.

It’s nothing short of a delight therefore to bring you our latest bundle release, packed as it is to bursting point with over 900 sculpted, layered, processed and road-tested drum samples – welcome to the explosive percussive power of ModeAudio Drum Bundle! From deep, 808-style tuned Trap kicks to crunchy Hip Hop bass drums, thick EDM snares, airy House claps, waves of open, mid-open and closed hi hats, snappy Techno percussion and more, this collection has what it takes to revitalise your drum sound.

Drum Bundle includes:

  • Power Tools – Drum Samples & Patches – this collection of 330 thunderously weighty drum sounds has been sculpted and engineered with studious precision and craft – put simply, the snares slam, the kick crush, the hi hats sizzle, the claps slice and the percussion just pops right out of the speaker cones!
  • Machine Attacks – Drum Hits – using our professional signal chain built up over years of practice, we’ve tweaked transients, sculpted lows, adjusted amplitude envelopes, pushed the saturation and fine-tuned compression to create a library of 238 flexible drum machine samples that will work and sound right straight out of the box!
  • Hyper Beats – Drum Hits – there’s no slamming on the breaks with this one – 160 drum hits of pure, sizzling percussive energy are hurtling towards your music, so prepare for the colossal impact and take cover!
  • Critical Mass – Drum Hits – big beats are back on the menu! Give your music some serious bite with this Drum Hits pack, designed for instant gratification and maximum efficiency!
  • Drum Collider – Drum Hits – organised into 10 kits complete with sampler presets, this set of Drum Samples promises to be your key to a brave new world of club and after-party music. Perfect for everything from driving Techno to lush R&B, use these sounds to cook up hits in minutes!

The Drum Bundle is available for purchase for £28 GBP (regular £45 GBP).

SFX Bundle

The SFX Bundle includes 460 WAV samples and 20 Acid WAV loops.

ModeAudio SFX Bundle

From gliding streams of percussive textures & drones, crashing waves of powerful white noise and mutating washes of colourful synth risers & falls, where would electronic music be without a healthy dose of perfectly-crafted SFX?!

Rush head-first into your biggest drops, blow up the openings of new sections and fall away towards delicate, ambient breakdowns with ModeAudio SFX Bundle, collecting no less than 5 SFX-packed sample sets into 1 explosive release!

SFX Bundle includes:

  • Atomic SFX – Dance Hits & Loops – we’ve overheated the generator, fired up the rail gun and smashed atoms together to the bring you this release, a sample and loop pack that has the kinetic power to light up tracks across the Dance music spectrum!
  • Hover – Drones & Textures – packed full of strange, floating tones, waves of noise, rasping, metallic textures, deep bass and circuit-bent synths, this release brings you 100 carefully prepared atmospheres to pour seamlessly over your mixes!
  • Spectral Surface – Texture Hits – these sounds range from metallic drones and gritty, spluttering Synth mayhem to murky Bass and explosive, superheated Textures – just right for cinematic interludes, hazy breakdowns and tripped-out drops!
  • Edge Of Orbit – SFX Samples – this release gathers 100 powerful and momentous sound effects from huge impacts and explosions to adrenalin-fuelled falls, risers and reverses. These WAV samples will push, pull and propel your music towards that euphoric climax!
  • Burst SFX – Transition Samples – 55 expertly-crafted sound effects await you in this collection, packed to the brim with crackling sub drops, shattering explosions, racing risers, glistening bleeps and beyond!

The SFX Bundle costs £25 GBP (regular £47 GBP).

More information: ModeAudio


ModeAudio launches Mirage – Massive Chillwave Presets

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ModeAudio has launched Mirage – Massive Chillwave Presets, a collection of 50 presets for the Massive synthesizer instrument by Native Instruments.

ModeAudio Mirage

Melding the soft, glowing tones of Chillwave with a fuzzier, smokey Trip Hop edge, these synth presets will roll back the tempo and ramp up the rhythm!

This collection features deep programming within Massive and pushes the synth’s unrivalled modulation routing abilities to the very edge. With an emphasis on tube and tape warmth, the sounds also sparkle with waves of delay, sing with cavernous reverb, fizz with vintage overdrive and burn with retro-style intensity.

Feel that gorgeously gentle and delicately warm breeze blow through your music with Mirage – Massive Chillwave Presets!

Mirage – Massive Chillwave Presets features

  • 50 .nmsv Presets (Basses, Synth Leads, Pads, Chords, Percussion Synths & SFX).
  • 50 MIDI Loops (Key-Labelled).
  • All 8 Macro Controls Assigned for Every Preset.
  • 100% Royalty-Free.

The pack is available for purchase for £12 GBP. It is currently 30% off in ModeAudio’s Christmas Sale.

More information: ModeAudio / Mirage


Review: ModeAudio Open Spaces soundset for Massive

ModeAudio’s Open Spaces is a soundset for the Massive synthesizer, featuring a collection of 50 presets and MIDI loops.

ModeAudio Open Spaces
I know it doesn’t make you produce better music, but I really like ModeAudio’s artwork so here’s the one for Open Spaces in its full glory.

Like many producers born in the age of digital sound, we’ve always been fascinated by the beautifully, warm, lush and unpredictable character of vintage analog synths and gear.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to twist and warp cutting-edge tools to produce and, dare we say it, even improve upon these gorgeous synth tones and textures – Open Spaces – Massive Vintage R&B Presets represents the next level in this journey to woozy sonic heaven!

The pack includes bass (10), lead synth (10), keys/electric piano (5), melodic synth (10), percussion synth (4), pad (4), gated synth (2), and sfx presets (5). MIDI files are included as well so you can get an idea of how ModeAudio envisioned these patches.

Each preset has all 8 macro controls assigned with useful parameters for tweaking the sounds.

Check the demo below to get an idea of what sounds are included in the pack.

So what do I think?

Product: Open Spaces by ModeAudio
Format: Massive presets (.nmsv) + MIDI files
Price: £12 GBP
Like: Solid sounds, analog character
Don’t like: —
Verdict: 8/10

ModeAudio has managed to give this soundset that warm, lush flavor of the vintage analog type synth sound that Open Spaces was designed to bring.

Within the pack there is plenty variety with solid bass, interesting leads, some nice pads, useful percussion and sound fx, and some lovely keys.

The sound design isn’t necessarily ground-breaking, but the patches have character and one can tell they were made with care.

In short, Open Spaces is another solid pack of inspiring Massive presets.

More information: ModeAudio / Open Spaces


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