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ModeAudio releases Beat Scenics sample pack

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ModeAudio Beat Scenics

ModeAudio has launched Beat Scenics, a new loop and sample collection inspired by the ‘Beat Scene’.

Slinging 120 loops ranging from a cruising 80 to a speedy 135Bpm into the backseats, this release captures a ray of glowing sun and a mouthful of cool breeze for every one of its loops and samples. Pop the trunk and you’ll find a wealth of audio jewels, from thumping drums, funky bass and sparkling tuned percussion to crystalline keys, glimmering SFX and beyond. Beat Scenics’ loops are supplemented by 30 drum hits, just waiting to supercharge your sampler or sequencer with warm, relaxed beat goodness.

This west coast sonic journey doesn’t end with audio however – we’ve also packed in 43 pro programmed MIDI files for you to use with your own sounds, from basslines and drum patterns to chord progressions and more. This gives you the power to layer, tweak and perfect as you see fit.

Beat Scenics features

  • 120 loops, including 18 bass loops, 36 drum loops (main grooves & fills), 19 synth loops, 16 instrument loops (keys, guitars, tuned percussion), 15 percussion loops, 16 sfx loops.
  • 43 MIDI Loops.
  • 30 samples, including 10 kick hits, 14 snare hits, 6 hi hat hits.
  • 416MB content (unzipped).

The sample pack is available for purchase for £15 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Beat Scenics


ModeAudio releases Edge of Noise – FM8 SFX Presets

ModeAudio has announced the release of Edge of Noise – FM8 SFX Presets, a collection of 50 custom synth patches for the FM8 synthesizer from Native Instruments.

ModeAudio Edge of Noise for FM8

Featuring a wealth of explosive impacts, fraying drones, shuddering sub drops and far beyond, this set of sound effects for Native Instruments’ FM8 soft synth is sure to set your productions alight! The power of FM8′s modulation matrix has been fully harnessed with this sound library, squeezing every last drop of timbral diversity and energy out of this unique synth.

The 50 handcrafted presets included offer more than enough ammunition to create dreamy transitions, disconcerting trail-offs, explosive rhythms, unforgiving drops and so much more.
This preset collection possesses deep sound design potential, from the alarming and immediate to the mysterious and evolving. So, if you’re looking to give your productions a serious dose of SFX power, then look no further than Edge of Noise – FM8 SFX Presets!

Edge of Noise features

  • 50 Presets (.nfm8 format).
  • Includes Impacts, Drones, Gestures, Soundscapes and Sub Drops.
  • 100% royalty-free.

The soundset costs £12 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Edge of Noise


ModeAudio releases Mystic Rhythm – Electric Guitar Loops

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ModeAudio has announced Mystic Rhythm – Electric Guitar Loops, a new sample pack featuring 800 MB of electric guitar loops and samples.

ModeAudio Mystic Rhythm Electric Guitar Loops

From soaring chord progressions, silky smooth picked octaves, razor-sharp muted riffs, glistening harmonics, plucked arpeggios and more, this loop library contains as much weighty punch as it does soothing lullaby.

Ranging from 77 to 145Bpm and melding styles as diverse as Ambient, Pop, R&B and Rock, Mystic Rhythm delivers loops in both dry and effected versions, as well as guitar tail samples so you can ensure every note fades out perfectly smoothly. The FX loops have been carefully processed to provide a wealth of classic and unusual flavours, from vintage distorted grit to sweeping, distant reverb, robotic short delay, otherworldly chorus and beyond.

Squeezed in amongst the guitar loops and samples, we’ve also bundled in 20 template projects for Ableton Live, Reason and Logic, allowing you to quickly audition each and every loop contained in Mystic Rhythm.

Wash your music in the soulful combination of delicate guitar playing and deep processing – unlock the secrets of Mystic Rhythm – Electric Guitar Loops now!

Mystic Rhythm – Electric Guitar Loops features

  • 93 FX Guitar Loops.
  • 93 Dry Guitar Loops.
  • 83 FX Guitar Tail Samples.
  • 46 Dry Guitar Tail Samples.
  • 20 Template Projects (Ableton Live, Reason & Logic).
  • 100% royalty-free.

The pack is available to purchase for £18 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Mystic Rhythm


ModeAudio offers 25% off all packs

ModeAudio is offering readers a limited time 25% discount on all its sound packs, including loops & samples, soft synth presets, field recordings & more.


ModeAudio aims to deliver audio tools that sound incredible, are available instantly and that will integrate seamlessly with your favourite music software. To cut swiftly to the chase, as music producers and sound designers ourselves we really only care about sound quality and ease of use. To this end, we’ve packed as much of our musical and technical knowledge into each and every one of our packs as humanly possible – we hope our passion and dedication will be plain to hear and see. If a sound or preset of ours helps to inspire your music, then we’ll consider our job done.

To borrow an age-old but genuinely felt cliche, we hope you enjoy using the sounds as much as we did making them!

The discount is available by using coupon code REKKERD25 at checkout. The sale ends May 16th, 2014.

More information: ModeAudio


ModeAudio releases Drum Collider for Kong

ModeAudio has launched Drum Collider, a collection of presets for the Kong virtual drum instrument in Propellerhead’s Reason.

ModeAudio Drum Collider Kong Presets

Shaking, shuddering and crumbling from the bass, our studio has been marked by the unmistakable sound of Drum Collider! This pack contains 10 full-fat drum kit presets for Reason’s masterful Kong drum machine. Using a mix of Kong’s built-in drum synth modules and 12 bespoke drum hits, we bring you a wide range of kits packed with some classic sounds and some more exotic, rare-groove audio.

Arranged for maximum playability across Kong’s 16 drum pads, we have thumping kicks, tuned 808 basses, dirty snares and some crafty tuned percussion galore here. This release is perfect for everything from dark, dusty and sparse downtempo to broken beats and trap. We’ve also included 40 MIDI loops, complete with variation rhythms and fills so that you can tweak the patterns to fit with your vision.

Drum Collider features

  • Refill (.rfl) containing 10 drum kit presets for Kong (160 drum patches total).
  • 40 MIDI loops including variations and fills.
  • 12 bespoke drum hits (.aiff).

The ReFill is available for purchase for £12 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Drum Collider


ModeAudio Giveaway – Win 1 of 3 sound packs

ModeAudio is offering readers the chance to win a sample pack or soundset of their choice.

ModeAudio Giveaway

ModeAudio puts quality audio packs at your fingertips, from loops & samples to soft synth presets, field recordings & beyond!

Interested? You can win one of these packs by leaving a comment on this post. Just let us know which pack you’d like to get for a chance to win it.

One of the titles I can recommend is the recently reviewed Dust Road, a soundset for Native Instruments Massive.

We’ll be picking a random winner from all comments on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So you have three chances to win a pack. The giveaway ends Saturday May 10th, 2014, 12pm CET.

Good luck!

More information: ModeAudio


ModeAudio releases Trailblaze – Deep Trap Loops

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ModeAudio has announced the release of Trailblaze, a sample pack featuring 120 trap loops.

ModeAudio Trailblaze

Trailblaze – Deep Trap Loops burns an arc of pure beat magic through the deep bass of Trap, mixing up skipping hi hats and glittering snare rolls with sweeping, silky pads, tinkling synth arps, fuzzy, resonant bass and more.

Pouring 120 detailed, delicately crafted loops over your mix, Trailblaze jettisons rolling Trap, sparkling Downtempo and sunny Pop from its loop and sample tank, combining together on their way down to form a stunning musical kaleidoscope.

Added to the loops, 120 MIDI patterns and 43 bouncing, crunching drum hits complete the package – singe a pathway through the clouds with Trailblaze – Deep Trap Loops!

Trailblaze features

  • 120 Loops (drums, basslines, synths, pads, snare rolls and subs).
  • 120 MIDI Loops.
  • 43 Drum Hits (kicks, snares, claps, hats and percussion).
  • Available in Acid WAV, REX2, FL Studio and Reason Refill formats.
  • 100% royalty-free.

The pack is available for purchase for £15 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio / Trailblaze