Tek’it Audio updates APC plug-in to v1.1

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Tek’it Audio APC

Tek’it Audio has released version 1.1 of APC, a virtual re-creation of a popular DIY circuit the Atari Punk Console.

“APC VSTi” is a square wave synthesizer that creates “low-fi” sound, re-creation of a popular DIY circuit the Atari Punk Console.

This update comes with four new user mods like an LFO or a lowpass filter and some rework on the GUI giving it a more realistic feel.

Changes in APC v1.1

  • Added BitGlitch Mod.
  • Added LowPass filter Mod.
  • Added “Bloop” LFO Mod.
  • Added Atomic Filter Mod.
  • Optimization on various parts.
  • Reworked some elements on the GUI.
  • GUI new Mods preference menu.
  • GUI corrected some Hint texts.
  • Added new presets.
  • DEMO Updated nagscreen.
  • DEMO replaced noise system by audio breaks system.
  • Setup updated and new languages added.
  • Updated the user manual.

APC for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for €10 EUR/$15 USD.

More information: Tek’it Audio / APC


NUSofting releases ModPack Utility for Broken Drum Machine

NUSofting Broken Drum Machine (Branis skin)

NUSofting has announced the release of a ModPack Utility for Broken Drum Machine, a virtual circuit bent drum synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

The BDM Installation Tool is a new application to speed up swapping of Modpaks in BDM plugin, currently on on Windows but the Mac program should be ready next week.

Two default (updated) ModPacks are shipped with the BDM installer:

  • Factory_First_Modpack.zip
  • Branis_ModPack.zip

A new ModPack for BDM is now available as well; Ethronome, a pack featuring tabla samples, and MIDI patterns and presets by KVR member blortblort.

The “BDM Installation Tool” is free software GPL licensed, C++ sources available.

More information: NUSofting / ModPack Utility


Vibration Management introduces MST OL1

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Vibration Management MST OL1

Vibration Management has announced the MST OL1, a professionally designed secondary monitor display modification of the Open Labs Miko and Neko instrument.

An Asus VH203T 20″ monitor display (resolution 1600×900) is attached to the Open Labs Miko or Neko, with adjustability for viewing and completely folding down to protect both displays. The added monitor can be added as an extended monitor setting.

No modifcations are made to the Miko itself. The mounting bracket is attached to the already existing holes on the Miko or Neko.

Upon ordering, the monitor and attaching bracket are shipped to you. For more info on Open Labs products, please visit www.openlabs.com.

The MST OL1 is available to purchse for $425 USD plus shipping (includes monitor).

More information: Vibration Management / MST OL1


Moog releases Little Phatty CV Output Modification

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Moog Little Phatty CV Output Modification

Moog has released the Little Phatty CV Output Modification, a modification for the Little Phatty (Stage II, Stage or Tribute Edition) synthesizer which opens the door to a new world of expression and sound design.

Make your Little Phatty the center of a modular universe. This exciting modification gives you the power to control Moogerfoogers and other analog gear with Control Voltages generated by your Little Phatty.

The list of possible applications is as endless as your imagination.

Little Phatty CV Output Modification features

  • The LP CV Out Mod gives your LP five 1/4″ analog CV outputs.
    • Gate (O to +5V)
    • Pitch (1 volt per octave)
    • Volume Envelope (0 to 5 Volts)
    • Filter Envelope (O to 5 Volts)
    • Mod Bus (Variable)
  • The CV output jacks are located on the right side panel.
  • The Pitch/Volume envelopes can be sculpted on the front panel by tweaking attack, decay, sustain and release.
  • The Mod Bus sources include Square, Triangle, Sawtooth, Ramp, sample & hold LFOs and Oscillator 2.

The Little Phatty Control Voltage Output Modification is available as a factory upgrade for $199 USD.

More information: Moog / Little Phatty CV Output Modification


Short links for June 30th, 2009

Ryan Gruss Volume II

Some interesting things I found recently:

# A Deal You Can’t Refuse | ryangruss.com

Ryan is about to release Volume II of his subscription based drum loops service, so in the next few days you can get over 200 loops for only $9.95.

As I’m putting the finishing touches on Gruss Loops Volume II, I realized I should make you painfully aware of the sweet deal that currently lays before you. You see, since I’m offering the loop packs as a subscription service, there will be over 200 loops available over the course of the next two days. That’s right. You could sign up now, grab Volume I right now AND Volume II in another 24 hours…. all for the rock bottom price of $9.95. You can even cancel after you nab both of the packs. See if I care (you cheap bastard). I know you’ll be back for more.

# PCM 70 Ver 2 & Ver 3 SysEx Preset Registers

Eric Beam has SysEx register dumps from Lexicon’s PCM 70 Ver 2 and 3.

The PCM 70 Ver 2 & Ver 3 have completely different Preset Registers. Many upgraded to Ver 3 to gain the Inverse Room algorithm but lost the coveted Ver 2 Preset Registers in the process.

# SX-150 synth mod instructions, schematics and code

MrBook Gakken SX-150 hack

MrBook did a lovely Arduino hack on the Gakken SX-150, adding MIDI and audio out.

Many people have asked about the instructions and code for the SX-150 mod I did to add MIDI and Audio out, therefore I’m posting the plans for everyone to try. By using the Arduino as the brains of the operation, a lot of other options are available for the mod, really the sky is the limit. If you do any cool hacks to it, by all means, please let me know.

# Return To The Hallway #free #samples

More free samples by Kent Williams:

This set was inspired by our elderly dryer dying — well, the belt driving the drum snapped, so I took the back off to see if it was user serviceable. Confronted with even more stamped sheet metal cowlings, I gave up and bought a new dryer.

But that giant cover was just begging to be tapped, banged and otherwise made to reverberate. Added to that are some pot lids and other random noise-making things, including a plastic tarp on the floor. The ‘kik’ sample was made from me bumping the mic stand, and the surpisingly convincing ’snarish’ is me sneezing.

Luca de Rosso OTTO


OTTO by Luca de Rosso is an electronic musical instrument for realtime manual beat slicing of audio samples.

OTTO provides a tangible user interface designed with the aim of giving the user the feel of having the sample in his hands. The musician can manipulate an audio sample in real time through the use of a restricted number of simple physical buttons and switches.

Link via CDM

# Mini-paper-Moog – A papercraft model to assemble the famous (and now re-valued) Mini-Moog, with its foldable panel.

# little-scale: Low-Bit Gamelan Compilation [2009] Chipmusic inspired by Indonesian Gamelan.

Low-Bit Gamelan Compilation

Sebastian writes:

The Low-Bit Gamelan Compilation – a release of five original tracks with a strong influence from the beautiful music of Indonesian gamelan! Thanks to all who submitted tracks – I’m very happy with this compilation.

Track Listing

  1. Derris-Kharlan: Sarin
  2. little-scale: Monsoon
  3. Baron Knoxbury: Pilo Hau Gamelan
  4. Red Robin: Pemanasair
  5. The Listrix: Rock the Gamelan

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