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Expert Sleepers releases ES-40, ESX-8CV & ESX-8GT mk2 Eurorack synth modules

Expert Sleepers Eurorack modules

Expert Sleepers has announced the release of three new Eurorack synth modules.

The Expert Sleepers range of modules (including the ES-3 Lightpipe/CV Interface, offering ADAT connectivity instead of the ES-40′s S/PDIF) offers a highly configurable range of computer/synthesizer interfacing solutions, supported not only by Expert Sleepers own Silent Way software but increasingly used in conjunction with e.g. Max/MSP or NI’s Reaktor.

Because the modules connect over an audio interface, rather than say USB or Ethernet, they are able to offer rock solid timing and deep integration with standard audio environments.

New Expert Sleepers Eurorack modules

  • The ES-40 SPDIF Interface (£94.80) converts a standard S/PDIF input to five channels of expansion headers, which are used in conjunction with the Expert Sleepers ESX range of expanders.
  • The ESX-8CV CV Expander (£130.80) is an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5, adding eight CV outputs from one expansion header.
  • The ESX-8GT mk2 Gate Expander (£54) is an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5, adding 8 on/off outputs for use as gates, triggers, clocks etc. from one expansion header.

All modules are available to purchase immediately.

More information: Expert Sleepers

Abeem Live Technologies releases Rack Performer 1.0 modular host

Abeem Live Technologies Rack Performer

Abeem Live Technologies has announced the release of Rack Performer 1.0, a pro-audio software for live performance, sound design and real-time audio processing.

Rack Performer is a high-level modular environment hosting VST plugins and internal modules (over 100 and counting), with MIDI support, multi-channel audio I/O and internal processing, complete automatic patch-delay compensation, sample accurate sequencing, low jitter and latency.

As a platform dedicated to stage performance, Rack Performer helps the live musician at every step from the rehearsal to the concert.

Rack Performer features

  • High-level modular host.
  • Over 100 internal modules.
  • VST plugins support.
  • Scene Snapshots.
  • Virtual Screens.
  • Low jitter sample-accurate sequencing engine.
  • Multichannel audio processing.
  • Multichannel HD recording.
  • Dedicated audio monitoring.
  • Audio: up to to 32 inputs and up to 32 outputs, full-duplex.
  • MIDI: up to 128 inputs and up to 128 outputs + routing.
  • MIDI Clock / MTC / MMC / MSC external sync.

Rack Performer for Windows is available to purchase for 139 EUR (single user license).

More information: Live Factory / Rack Performer

Spektro Audio releases CV Toolkit application

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Spektro Audio has introduced the CV Toolkit, a software application for sending CV signals.

Spektrum Audio CV Toolkit

CV Toolkit is a standalone application for both Mac and PC that can be used to control analog synthesizers by sending CV signals through any DC-coupled audio interface or Expert Sleeper’s module.

The 1.0 version ships with 13 virtual modules that offer different modulation options such as LFO, sequencer, envelope generators, etc.

You can route the output of any of any module to analog outputs, analyzers (LED / Oscilloscope) or even to the input of certain modules (S&H / Biased Switcher / Slew).

CV Toolkit features

  • Standalone application – doesn’t require any additional software.
  • MIDI Clock – sync it to your favorite DAWs, drum machines, iOS apps and etc.
  • Hands-on Experience – control all parameters from you iPad using the Lemur app (native OSC integration).
  • Routing Matrix – route signals.
  • ScanGraph – a new concept of modulation.
  • Biased Switcher – let the program flip a coin and decide how it’s inputs will flow.
  • Eight analog outputs – you can use up to eight analog outputs to send signals to your modular synthesizer.
  • MIDI In / Out.
  • Works on both Mac and PC.
  • 64-bit application.
  • Clean and simple interface.
  • Save and recall patches.

CV Toolkit is available to purchase for the introductory price of $14.99 USD (regular $19.99 USD).

More information: Spektro Audio / CV Toolkit

Mutools updates MuLab & MUX Vst to v5.3

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MuTools has announced version 5.3 of its MuLab music production system and MUX Vst flexible modular synth and effect plug-in.

Mutools MuLab
The MuLab sound and music production system transforms a computer into an inspiring modular studio.

Changes in MuLab / MUX Vst v5.3

  • Composer:
    • Improved support for multi-track audio recording.
    • Automation parts can now also do MIDI controllers, Aftertouch and Pitch Bend.
    • Support for looped automation parts.
    • Easier handling of automation & modulation envelopes.
    • REX file support.
    • Improved Auto Scroll behavior.
    • New sequence function: Quantize Notes 50%.
    • Mixdown dialog: Added a button to quickly set the From-To to the composition loop.
  • MUX:
    • New “Modular Feedback Delay” module which can have any module in the feedback path, even a MUX, even a VST, even any combi of those.
    • New “TF Lowpass Filter” module.
    • Wobble Modulator: New “Curve” and “Alternating Offset” controls resulting in more control over the resulting wobble.
    • Modular editor now supports lasso select to move, copy and delete multiple modules at once.
    • Improved editing of oscillator super layers.
    • Samples: Added a “Create New Sample From Selection” function.
    • Further enhanced VST compatibility.
  • Common:
    • Floating Window Bar gives more control over the floating windows.
    • Preferences can now be edited in a user friendly way from within the app. See MULAB menu -> Edit Preferences.
    • Almost 50 other little improvements in looks & functionality.

MuLab is available to purchase for 29 EUR (XL) / 69 EUR (UL), MUX Vst is 49 EUR (UL).

More information: Mutools

Binary Music launches Holiday Sale – 50% off

Binary Music has announced a 50% discount on its products until the end of 2013.

Binary Music Sale

Until the end of the year, all Binary Music libraries and bundles for Kontakt, Ableton Live and Logic are on offer at 50% of the regular price.

Binary Music libraries

  • ARP Odyssey.
  • Crosswave (Ensoniq SQ80).
  • Electrophonics (modular synth system).
  • PD1000 (Casio CZ1000).
  • Solina String Ensemble.
  • Valve 4 Op (Yamaha TX81Z).

Prices start at $9.50 USD. The sale ends January 1st, 2014.

More information: Binary Music

Subatomic Software updates Audulus modular music app to v2.5

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Subatomic Software has released version 2.5 of Audulus, bringing “Custom Nodes” to the modular music processing app for Mac and iPad.

Audulus with Custom Nodes
Add a customized user interface to Patch Nodes with the new Custom Nodes.

A user interface element (Knob, Input, Ouptut, Filter Graph, etc.) in a sub-patch may be shown on the Patch Node by selecting “Expose” from the element’s context menu. An element’s position on the Patch Node is determined by its position in the sub-patch.

Custom nodes are made for sharing! Even if you haven’t purchased the Custom Nodes upgrade, you can still use custom nodes built by others.

With the Custom Nodes upgrade, you can build the modular synth modules of your dreams, and beyond!

Audulus for Mac is available to purchase for $29.99 USD, the iPad version costs $9.99 USD. The Custom Nodes upgrade is available as an in-app purchase, priced at $9.99 USD.

More information: Audulus

KX77FREE updates Kx-PolyM-CSE free synth plugin to v1.1

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KX77FREE has released version 1.1 of Kx-PolyM-CSE, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Kx-PolyM-CSE is a vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer with CV/GATE sequencer and CS70M emulation.

Changes in Kx-PolyM-CSE v1.1

  • 55 KX’s presets added.
  • Now the LFO envelope is reseted correctly like the original.
  • No LFO synchronization with the host if the LFO envelope controls the LFO speed, only the host tempo value is used to control the LFO speed.
  • Values under the BAR for the envelope synchronization with the host tempo.
  • Improvement of the Scope by setting its rate to 15 hz.
  • Improvement of x16 files loading when the plug-in is initialized.
  • Fixed: Now after a Prg Change the plug-in plays the first MIDI note.
  • Fixed: The resonance is decreased following the output of Sv filters to avoid an overflow of these filters when the Noise modulates the Cut off and the resonance level is upper than 8 (SvLp, SvHp, SvBp, SvBr).

The plug-in is a free download for Windows (VST).

More information: KX77FREE

Chris Wolfe updates Jasuto modular synth for iOS to v1.5

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Chris Wolfe has launched version 1.5 of Jasuto, a modular synthesizer for the iDevices.

Jasuto allows you to visually construct your own synths/effects, and use them to make sequences all on your device!

With the addition of a fully-featured sampler you can now record/resample/edit, and even create entirely new samples by drawing right in the app.

Changes in Jasuto v1.5

  • Added Audiobus support (input, effect & output source).
  • Completely compatible with iOS7.
  • Updated UI graphics.
  • Universal device and Retina support.
  • Zillions of bugs squashed.
  • A shinny new manual.
  • Added background audio support.
  • Low latency audio (256 samples).
  • Sample sharing through SoundCloud.
  • Dropbox syncing of samples/scenes.
  • New ADSR2, AP, Brick, EXP, Mix, Power, ZeroX, Tanh, Gain Node Modules.
  • In-App purchases
    • High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) Audio.
    • New Nodes: Chorus Module, Detuned Module, Dirty Module, Morph Module, Space Module.

Jasuto is available to purchase for $4.99 USD.

More information: Jasuto