monstrumMedia updates monstrumWaveXT editor to v2.95

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monstrumMedia monstrumWaveXT

monstrumMedia has released version 2.95 of its monstrumWaveXT editor plugin for the Waldorf Microwave II, XT and XTk.

Newly added features include selective randomization with the ability to lock/unlock sections (LFO1, OSC2, Wave Env, etc) for randomization, Waveform Shapers for additive and subtractive waveform synthesis, save and load waveform from file and many more.

Changes in monstrumWaveXT v2.95

  • Selective parameter randomizer which allows you to lock/unlock sections (LFO1, Wave2, Free Env, etc.) for randomization.
  • Generate then print or mix Waveform Shapers.
  • Shift waveform amplitude.
  • Limit positive/negative amplitude.
  • Negate waveform amplitude.
  • Negate waveform time.
  • Save/Load waveform to binary file.
  • Implemented several feature requests and bug fixes.

monstrumWaveXT is available to purchase for $79 USD.

More information: monstrumWaveXT


monstrumMedia releases monstrumRocket Waldorf Rocket editor

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monstrumMedia monstrumRocket

monstrumMedia has launched monstrumRocket, a software editor for the Waldorf Rocket synthesizer.

This software editor gives you *every controllable parameter on the synth in addition to a few others only accessible via MIDI. In addition to all the parameters you have access to on the actual Rocket, this editor also gives you a hold button, Vibrato Modulator, Local on/off, reset all, all notes off, MIDI panic as well as an xy surface to modulate two parameters at once.

And if that’s not enough, an added feature to this editor gives you the ability to store and load programs to and from your computer’s hard drive. This is a massive feature add for this synth which otherwise has no assignable memory and no way to save or load sounds you design.

monstrumRocket for Windows, Mac and Linux is available to purchase for $9.99 USD.

More information: monstrumMedia