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Samplephonics releases Vintage Brass + Nevo Analogue Machines Pre-order

Samplephonics Vintage Brass

Samplephonics has announced the release of its Vintage Brass sample library.

Vintage brass contains a stunning collection of Trumpet and Flugel loops, incidentals, mini construction kits and one shot samples, all recorded through a vintage recording chain for extra character, and provided dry for utmost flexibility.

The trumpet and flugel loops are split into 4 useful tempos of 110, 125, 140 and 85/170 beats per minute and are designed to work with a variety of genres, from hip hop to dnb and chillout to dubstep.

Vintage Brass costs £27 GBP.

Samplephonics has also announced Nevo Analogue Machines, a virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt, ReFill and Logic Pro.

Samplephonics Nevo Analogue Machines

We teamed up with renowned producer Yoad Nevo, and spent months sampling away at his various analogue synthesizers, as well as using his vintage Neve desk to create some huge stereo sounds and ended up with:

  • Over 17,000 sampled analogue waveforms from a Mini Moog, JX10, SH-101, Oberheim M6R, Juno 106 and a Korg MS10.
  • Over 1000 presets
  • Multiple round robin layers
  • Modeled filters, analogue style sequencer, arpeggiator, chord generator, custom stereo and chorus effects and more!
  • Custom Kontakt 5 Interface, Logic Pro channel strip presets and a Reason Refil (available to download separately)

Nevo Analogue Machines is now available to pre-order for £69 GBP (regular £89 GBP). The library will be released on November 1st, 2013.

More information: Samplephonics


Detunized releases ProdMod Live Pack

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Detunized ProdMod

Detunized has announced the release of ProdMod, an Ableton Live pack featuring sounds from a customized Moog Prodigy.

ProdMod is a new Ableton instrument library with sounds derived from a customized Moog Prodigy. The Prodigy that was sampled has got a breakout connection with a handmade patchbay attached to it. This allows to interrupt and split the synth´s internal wirings and therefore offers much more sonic possibilities that go far beyond the off-the-shelf version.

ProdMod Live Pack contains 30 multi-sample instruments in Abletons Live´s Rack format that transfer the sound of this vintage mono synth into today´s music production environments.
The library delivers diversified material as the source for fat basslines, lively synth and keyboard sounds, warm pads or idiosyncratic oddities.

ProdMod features

  • 30 instruments for Albeton Live 8/9.
  • Uses 497 samples.
  • 200 MB content.

The ProdMod Live Pack is available to purchase as download for 9 EUR.

More information: Detunized / ProdMod


Moog releases Monster Moog, Vintage Vibe, & Vintage FX for Animoog

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Moog Music has released Monster Moog, Vintage Vibe, and Vintage FX, three expansion packs for the Animoog synthesizer app for iOS.

Each expansion pack for Animoog contains powerful presets that inspire creativity as well as new timbres for creating completely unique sounds.

Animoog expansions

Animoog expansion packs

  • Monster Moog Expansion Pack — 167 Timbres and 48 presets.
    This massive expansion pack was crafted using harmonic content extracted from new and classic Moog instruments including a System 15 Modular, Minitaur, 904a Filter, Freq Box, Bode Frequency Shifter, Sub Phatty, and more.
  • Vintage Vibe Expansion Pack — 114 Timbres and 46 presets.
    This expansion pack was created using vintage synthesizer VCOs and Filters to shape unique timbral content, resulting in Timbres and Presets with the sound and vibe of the beloved synths of the 1980’s.
  • Vintage FX Expansion Pack — 41 presets and 53 timbres.
    This expansion pack’s Timbral content has been extracted from a wealth of vintage modular, rack, and stomp box effects including multiple analog delays, phasers, frequency shifters, resonant filters, & vocal phase filters.

The Animoog Expansion Packs are available as an In-App purchase in the Animoog Store.

More information: Moog Music


Soundcells releases Viking Signature

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Soundcells Viking Signature

Soundcells has announced the release of Viking Signature, a collection of legendary Moog sounds for the Reason Rack.

Viking Signature is based on the Viking Rack Extension synthesizer – a great sounding emulation of the Moog Voyager. The Viking Signature ReFill convinces with its funky and soulful leads, authentic sounding bass patches with an awesome bottom end and several wired SFX patches.

If you own Viking be sure to complete your ReFill collection with Viking Signature – a powerful soundset at a ‘knockdown‘ price …

Viking Signature features

  • 45 combinator patches.
  • 70 Viking patches full of soulful leads and great basses.
  • Authentic Moog character for your Reason Rack.
  • Well balanced volume settings & carefully assigned modwheel and combinator buttons and knobs.

The Viking Signature ReFill is available to purchase for the introductory price of 7.90 EUR until October 20th, 2013 (regular 9.90 EUR). The soundset requires the Viking Rack Extension (not included).

More information: Soundcells / Viking Signature


Audio Animals offers Moog Voyager FX and Risers Pack 1 to Facebook fans

Audio Animals Moog Voyager FX and Risers

Audio Animals has announced that it is offering the Moog Voyager FX and Risers – Pack 1 as a free download to its Facebook fans.

Our facebook page ( Audio Animals Label ) has been steadily growing at a rapid rate over the last few months, so we have decided to start releasing some of our sample packs for free, as a thank you to all of our followers for their continues support and contributions that help make the page the community it is.

So today we hit 7000 followers, and this unlocks the ‘Moog Voyager FX and Risers – Pack 1‘ which retails at £4.99 in our sample shop. You can download it for free using the banner below, all you need to do is like the page in order to unlock this download, as well as a number of other free sample packs.

The download is available to Audio Animals Facebook fans.

More information: Audio Animals / Moog Voyager FX and Risers


Moog announces discontinuation of Little Phatty Analog Synthesizer

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Moog Music has announced the discontinuation of the Little Phatty Stage II analog synthesizer.

Moog plans to continue building a limited quantity of units at their factory in downtown Asheville while parts and materials last, which is not expected to be more than two months. The Little Phatty was released in 2006 as a tribute to the life and legacy of Moog Music founder and synthesizer pioneer, Bob Moog. Following the passing of Dr. Moog, The Little Phatty was the first Moog synthesizer designed by Moog Music’s Chief Engineer, Cyril Lance.

“After Bob’s passing, we faced the immense challenge of creating a new synthesizer that would embody the values that we all treasured in Bob,” Lance recalls. “We worked around the clock to develop an instrument that was founded on his continually forward-looking view of synthesis.”

Over the course of its seven year production run, the Little Phatty has gone through three incantations including The Tribute, Stage I, and Stage II editions. During that time, the Little Phatty has become one of the best selling professional analog synthesizers in history. Its sonic impact on modern music can be heard on thousands of records, and its signature swooped-back silhouette can be seen in top recording facilities around the world as well as on the stages of internationally touring musical acts such as Rush, Jack White, Queens of The Stone Age, No Doubt, Bernie Worrell and the hit shows American Idol, Nashville and Portlandia.

“The Little Phatty represented a key foundational element in what would become the future of Moog Music,” said Michael Adams, Moog Music President & CEO. “It was the synthesizer that proved to the world that Moog Music would continue to create market leading, forward-thinking synthesizers. The fact that the Little Phatty remains an industry standard instrument for artists and producers to this day, is a testament to its design.”

The Little Phatty Stage II is still available in limited quantities at stocking dealers in standard and custom colors while supplies last.

More information: Moog Music / Little Phatty Stage II


Sounds To Sample intros God Save the Queen – Monark Presets

God Save the Queen Monark Presets

Sounds To Sample has released God Save the Queen, a collection of 100+ presets for the Monark software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Trumpeting the bigroom sound like the mighty Gabriel at the walls of Jericho, the 100+ presets included in God Save The Queen utilize every parameter in NI’s spectacularly organic Moog emulation, Monark.

From the insanely un-subtle nuances of dutch-inspired bass, to the supreme squelch of hard-style and bounce-house lead lines, God Save The Queen will easily be considered the iron fisted dictator in the ever expanding kingdom of Monark preset packs.

With over 100 Bass, Lead, FX and Percussion patches tweaked to make the most within holy grail of analog modeling, God Save The Queen is quickly on its way to becoming the go to pack for today’s superstar electro, progressive and hard- style producers!

God Save the Queen features

  • All presets have been provided as single patch files along with the full ensemble .ens file that loads all presets as one bank.
  • Includes 41 bass, 32 lead, 16 FX, and 18 percussion patches.

The soundset costs $19.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample / God Save the Queen