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Wave Alchemy 606 Drums, free TR-606 drum machine sample pack

Wave Alchemy 606 Drums

Wave Alchemy has released 606 Drums, a free sample pack featuring the sounds of the Roland TR-606 drum machine.

606 Drums by Wave Alchemy serves up 290 drum samples from Roland’s sought-after TR-606 drum machine. The samples included have been lovingly recorded through an API pre-amp with many sounds boasting multiple round robin variations, accent and velocity layers!

606 Drums contains four pre-mapped drum kit patches for use with Kontakt 2, 3, & 4 and Battery 3. Each kit makes extensive use of multiple velocity layers, round robin sample playback and choke groups to create truly expressive sample instruments.

606 Drums features

  • Driven Kit – Includes 41 TR-606 drum samples which have been recorded and processed through a Thermionic Culture Vulture MV to give a harmonically rich and extremely colourful sound. This kit includes 5 round robin samples per sound.
  • Dry Kit – includes a whooping 168 TR-606 drum samples which have been recorded clean through an API 512c pre-amp. This kit has been recorded in 96K, 24-bit and includes 8 round robin samples per sound as well as 3 accent / velocity layers per hit!
  • Stereo FX Kit – Includes 41 TR-606 drum samples which have been recorded and abused through a Moog Voyager’s stereo filtering capabilities whilst being controlled by a ton of MoogerFoogers and various other CV gear! This kit sounds almost totally unrecognisable to the true TR-606 sound…
  • Warm Kit – includes 40 TR-606 drum samples which have been treated to generous amounts of vintage compression, EQ and saturation from a range of Wave Alchemy’s extensive outboard collection! This kit includes 5 round robin samples per sound.

Wave Alchemy 606 Drums is available as a free download. Registration (free) is required.

More information: Wave Alchemy / 606 Drums

Moog Music release MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor

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Moog Music has released the MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor, a software pattern editor for the MIDI MuRF moogerfooger pedal.

Since its launch in the summer of 2009, Moog’s newest Moogerfooger, the MF-105M MIDI MuRF has been an instant success. With eight analog filters under MIDI and CV control, the MIDI MuRF is one of the most powerful and flexible sound design tools around. Now for the icing on an already very sweet cake, Moog is releasing the MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor.

Available as a free download to MIDI MuRF owners, the Pattern Editor software allows players to create, modify and save their own patterns. Its point-and-click user interface makes pattern creation a breeze. In addition, the on-screen knobs and sliders let users optimize patterns to real-world settings without taking their hand off the mouse.

The MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor provides easy access to parameters only available through MIDI CC commands and saving and storing patterns on a computer allows for an unlimited number of available variations.

The MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor software for Windows and Mac is now available as a free download for MIDI MuRF owners.

More information: Moog Music / MIDI MuRF

easy#toolz releases easy-mf-2o2

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easy#toolz easy-mf-2o2

easy#toolz has released easy-mf-2o2, a freeware “muugerfugger”-filtering fx-plugin for Windows PC.

The mf-2o2 is a a free interpretation of various Moogerfooger pedals (NOT an exact emulation).

easy-mf-2o2 features

  • Envelope-Follower – Attack-Decay- Cutoff-modulation
  • “moogysh”-Lowpass-filter
  • Overdrive+Saturation
  • LFO, 5 waves+ S/H > Cutoff – Resonance
  • 16 Presets

Visit easy#toolz for more information and a link to download easy-mf-2o2.