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Motion Samples releases Trance Melody Sessions vol1, Boombonix Drum Loops and Drum Samples

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Motion Samples has released three new sample libraries: Trance Melody Sessions vol1, Boombonix Drum Loops and Boombonix Drum Samples.

Motion Samples Trance Melody Sessions vol1, Boombonix Drum Loops and Samples

New Motion Samples releases

  • Trance Melody Sessions vol1, the first collection of the new session format that features 250 loops arranged into 20 songs for creating melodic progressive Trance. Oncludes stacked synths, leads, plucks, piano, pads, bass, chords, guitars and arpeggios, created using the best new synths and outboard fx on the market (no plug-in sounds). Price: $40 USD
  • Boombonix Drum Loops, 250 drum loops arranged into 35 bangin beats stacked with the latest industry sounds ready for your production. Includes 808 bass kicks, snappy snares, claps, clear hats, drumsynth percussions and fx composed with the latest swings and rhythms for Dirty South club and radio beats. Price: $25 USD
  • Boombonix Drum Samples, Dirty South 808 drum samples created with analog drum machines mixed with digital drum synths for the best of both worlds. Included are 350 sounds of sub bass kicks, snappy snares, stacked claps/snaps, crispy clear hats, tom sets, digital percussions, synth fx and much more. Price: $35 USD

Visit Motion Samples for more information and audio demos.


Motion Samples releases Hip Hop Genetics

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Motion Samples Hip Hop Genetics

Motion Samples has released Hip Hop Genetics, a sample collection that contains 350 multi-samples based on classic instrument sounds heard throughout the history of underground Hip Hop music.

Inside you’ll find multi-samples of layered vintage instruments like organs, farfisa, piano, harpsichords, rhodes, glockenspiel, along with various classic guitars, basses and strings all composed into dark and deep melodies with that dirty record sound for you underground heads.

Don’t miss out on this off-beat collection as it truly represents our best work to date.

Hip Hop Genetics is available for download for $50 USD.

Visit Motion Samples for more information and audio demos.


Motion Samples releases four new sample libraries

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Motion Samples has released four new sample libraries.

Motion Samples sample libraries
  • X-Statik Synths — The all new mega collection of Dirty South synths with over 200 selective loops of the latest sounds and melodies for the southern streets. Inside you’ll find loads of stacked pads, lead hooks, arpeggios, bleeps, whistles, bells, and stabs created with the newest digital synths for that futuristic sound. If you’re lookin’ for those edgy synth sounds you better jump on this one quick!
  • Drum Codes — An innovative drum sample collection with over 400 one-shot samples of cutting edge kicks, snares, claps, hats, whitenoise and modern drumsynths for creating house, electro, minimal and techno beats. Each sound was created from classic drum machines and analog keyboards synthesized with dsp outboard effects creating a unique sound that presents clarity, punch and warm tones. If you’re looking for a fresh new drum sound then we strongly recommend this collection.
  • Hip Hop Base Tones — Hip Hop’s premier bass loop collection that features over 250 loops of the dirtiest phattest bass lines you ever heard! Included are endless loops of eq’d, filtered, and static bass tones recorded from live bass guitars, analog moogs and the infamous Studio Electronics SE1 for the best bass sounds available anywhere. This collection is mostly intended for east, west and underground Hip Hop producers who know it’s all about the bottom end.
  • Classic House Warehouse Grooves — Take it back and get busy with the sounds of Classic House Warehouse Grooves that contains over 200 loops of deep bass lines with matching key melodies for a total of 100 jackin’ grooves. This library contains loops of rhodes, pianos, organs, synths and warm analog bass recorded from popular 80’s synthesizers and keyboards for that true classic sound. Whether you’re into soulful uplifting vibes or deep underground rhythms, this collection has something for every classic house lover.

These sample libraries are available now for $40 USD each.

Visit Motion Samples for more information and audio demos.


Motion Samples releases 5 new sample libraries

Motion Samples has released 5 new downloadable sample libraries.

Motion Samples

New sample libraries

  • Sequential Synths – over 400 loops of pumpin’ analog fx and synth rhythms for producing various styles of minimal house and techno. Inside you’ll find tons of useful loops of pad sweeps, ambient fx, sequenced modular synths, phat bass grooves, screeching oscillators and endless ideas for starting off beats.
  • R&B Soul Delite Keys – collection of R&B’s finest ep, rhodes, piano and keyboard melodies with over 200 extended loops mixed down with Eventide processors for the perfect reverbs, delays and fx.
  • Big Boss Sounds – over 250 colossal multi-samples of stab chords, horns, orchestra hits, retro synth hooks, piano licks, dirty organs and tons more.
  • DeepHaus Synth Loops – over 200 loops of synths and ambient pads for producing chilled and zoney club beats. Inside you’ll find tons of mid-range synth fills recorded from modern and classic 80’s synths for that warm resonating tone.
  • Cinematic Hip Hop Intros – collection of 80 cinematic intros of orchestrated scenes, violent effects and epic soundscapes played in moods of fury, suspense, sadness, champion, war and many more. Included are fully mixed 6-40sec wave files of “movie like” scores that feature compositions of orchestra melodies, guns & weapons, crime scenes and ambient soundscapes.

These sample libraries are available for download with prices ranging from $25 to $40 USD.

Visit for more information and audio demos.


Sounds/To/Sample – New pro-audio sample download site


The team behind sound design company Sample Magic has announced the launch of Sounds/To/Sample, a new one stop sample download resource.

Featuring sounds from some of the world’s foremost sample producers, including Best Service and Zero-G, digital only exclusives from Sample Magic’s new Sounds to Sample label, and a host of products from exciting new digital sound designers such as Motion Samples, Equinox and Zenhiser, Sounds to Sample also offers a range of producer tips, tricks and tutorials, including insights into the dance music industry.

Sounds to Sample sells the very latest and catalogue Sample Magic products in a variety of purchase options, from Wav only, Rex, Apple Loop or Full Download – exactly as on the physical CD – as well as unique digital-only content, including Dance Drum Hits, Afro-Latin Percussion, Dance FX, Breakbusting Drums and Pads & Textures.

The site, which has been built by the team behind Ministry of Sound Download and DJ Download, launches this week after exhaustive beta-testing using feedback compiled by hundreds of Sample Magic customers.

Visit Sounds/To/Sample for more information.


Motion Samples releases 6 new sample libraries

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Motion Samples has released 6 new downloadable sample libraries in various urban and electronic genres.

Hip Hop Pianos & Organs

Motionsamples Hip Hop Pianos & Organs

Hip Hop Pianos & Organs features over 200 loops of Hip Hop piano and organ melodies recorded live and from outboard keyboards. Whether you’re a samplehead or not so great keyboardist, this original collection offers endless cold hooks and chords to sample from or drop into your beats. This is an unregretful collection for the truest east and west coast Hip Hop producers.

  • Over 200 Loops
  • 16bit Wave
  • 82-100 Bpm
  • $30 US

Proggy House Drum Fills

Motionsamples Proggy House Drum Fills

An essential loop library for house producers that’s packed with 450 drum fills for creating various styles of progressive house music. Our focus was to design quality loops by recording from original drum machines and live instruments to create a unique sound that will instantly punch up your beats. The library contains simple and full loops of hi hat grooves, effected snares, percussions, drumsynths and effects that can be layered to get a groove going in no time. Whether you prefer the less minimal sound or like driving percussive rhythms you’ll find much use for this collection for all your productions.

  • 450 Loops
  • 16bit Waves
  • 124-130 Bpm
  • $40 US

R&B Guitar Loops

Motionsamples R&B Guitar Loops

A Hitmaker’s collection of over 300 multi-loops of funky and glamorous melodies for producing R&B/Pop beats. The multi-loop format provides you with variations of harmonies and strumming styles so you can layer loops to make big catchy hooks! Included are recordings of luscious chords, wah wah licks, distortion hooks and endless riffs effected with delays and reverb. You will not find a better collection anywhere and is just so good that we call it a sample treasury.

  • Over 300 Loops
  • 16bit Wave
  • 62-102 Bpm
  • $40 US

Minimal Electro Loops

Motionsamples Minimal Electro Loops

Over 200 micro-groove loops designed for creating that swinging rhythm found in minimal and electro music. The sound sequences are a mixed blend of ring-modulated drums and processed synthesizers that together create a unique style of patterns that are ideal for filling in your beats.
If you like heavy shuffled rhythms and futuristic sounds, this is it!

  • Over 300 Loops
  • 16bit Wave
  • 62-102 Bpm
  • $25 US

Groove Theory Drum Loops

Motionsamples Groove Theory Drum Loops

Take the professional approach and be creative by mixing live drums into your beats for more realism, dynamics and sound quality. This collection offers 400 groovn’ drum loops recorded from 30 live drum sessions that are broken down into segments of bass drums, hi-hats, snares, toms, room mics and effected sounds. You can use them as fills, sample from them or even take it to the next level and remix them to your preference. A great value for your money and essential for creating classic urban grooves.

  • 400 Loops
  • 16bit Wave
  • 86-102 Bpm
  • $35 US

Synergy Trance Loops

Motionsamples Synergy Trance Loops

Synergy Trance loops is the evolving sound in the scene that features 350 multi-loops layered numerous times with harmonies and automated ambience to create the most unique sounding melodies. The sounds include tremolo pads, complex arpeggios, filtered synths and modular ambience recorded into 4-8 multi-loops for more creative options on key changes, pattern sequences and fx automation. Consider it the anomaly of synth loops and truly an unregretful buy for Trance producers.

  • 350 Multi-Loops
  • 16bit Wave
  • 136-140 Bpm
  • $40 US

Visit for more information and audio demos.