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MOTU audio interfaces gain wireless iPad control of CueMix

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MOTU has released a driver update for all MOTU audio interfaces that enables wireless control of their on-board CueMix mixing features using an iPad.

Now available as a free download, the latest CueMix FX software includes TouchOSC templates for Apple’s iPad that give users complete control over the CueMix mixing and effects processing in their MOTU audio interface from anywhere in their home or studio Wi-Fi network.

All CueMix-equipped MOTU interfaces are supported, including current and legacy models.

The CueMix mixer in MOTU audio interfaces can be controlled from an iPad using an app called TouchOSC. Users can perform all CueMix mixing functions using on-screen faders, knobs, and buttons in TouchOSC. Communication is bi-directional, so any changes made on the computer screen will also be reflected on the iPad.

iPad control of CueMix FX is supported on both Mac OS X and Windows 7/Vista.

The TouchOSC layouts, along with a required CueMix FX software update, are included in a new MOTU universal audio installer now available to all MOTU audio interface users as a free download.

More information: MOTU / TouchOSC for CueMix


UVI releases The Beast virtual instrument

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UVI The Beast

UVI has released The Beast, a UVI instrument inspired by THE machine of luxury born in 1975 for the musical elite.

Using electronics developed for NASA, this revolutionary instrument was unprecedented for its time. Its emergence into the professional studio inspired many of the leading avant-garde artists and sonic visionaries to embrace its potential, including Frank Zappa, Chick Corea, Michael Jackson, Sting, Kraftwerk, Stevie Wonder, and Depeche Mode, among others.

“A diverse suite with a rich and expansive sonic range, The Beast embodies the timeless sound of vintage, luxury electronics”, said Alain J Etchart, UVI Creative Manager.

UVI The Beast - FMII
UVI The Beast – FMII synthesizer in UVI Workstation 2.

The Beast features

  • Beast FMII: An FM and additive synthesis monster: As a result of a combination of deep multi-sampling and integrated true FM synthesis module, this instrument offers a unique approach to reproducing these vintage sounds, allowing for subtle to extreme variation.
  • Beast Terminal: With careful attention to historical details, the presets and sonic character of Beast Terminal traverse a wide territory. Ranging from acoustic to electric, they encompass the full sonic spectrum: from lush strings to strikingly bright brass timbres and beyond.
  • Beast Box: Combining the best FM-synthesized percussion sounds with recordings of the deepest drum hits and percussion samples, Beast Box is a massive drum machine with an extensive library of over 1200 sounds.
  • The Beast is compatible with all Windows and Mac OS X DAWs via the free UVI Workstation (2.0.6+). It also loads in the full-featured MOTU MachFive 3 sampler.

The Beast is available to purchase for $199 USD.

More information: UVI Sound Source / The Beast


UVI releases Emulation One sound library

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UVI Emultion One

UVI has announced the release of Emulation One, the prequel to the Emulation II, featuring the unbridled sonic imprint of this ‘nearly affordable and compact’ sampler from 1981.

Used by greats such as Vangelis, Herbie Hancock, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Genesis, Kitaro, Jean-Michel Jarre, Stevie Wonder, Philip Glass, John Carpenter and more, this 8-bit classic will surely inspire you on new voyages of sound as you rediscover the magic character of this 80′s gem.

Featuring totally different but complementary sounds to its successor, Emulation One will add a piece of history to your musical arsenal. Paint the future with the magic of the past!

UVI Emultion One
UVI re-creates the E-MU Emulator with Emulation One for UVI Workstation 2 & Machfive.

Emulation One features

  • 200+ of the best sounds from a fully restored unit. Old-school drums, bass, choir-voices, fretted instruments, FX, keys, mallets, percussion, synths, strings, orchestral hits and more are all here.
  • Deep multi-sampling utilizing the very best analog and digital equipment is combined with industry-leading modeling tools to give you a hybrid instrument that’s both genuine to the original and thoroughly customizable.
  • Includes Drumulation One, a beatbox and step sequencer loaded to the brim with vintage 8-bit drum and percussion sounds.
  • Compatible with the free UVI Workstation 2.0.6 and MachFive 3.

The Emulation One library is available to purchase for $99 USD.

More information: UVI / Emulation One


MOTU intros Track16 – Desktop audio interface with effects and mixing

MOTU has announced its new Track16 FireWire/USB audio interface.

Simple operation. Clean design. Studio-grade sound quality. Track16 exhibits these design principles through and through. And don’t let its compact size deceive you. There’s plenty of I/O available for a well-equipped personal studio, ready for multi-player recording sessions. Track16′s pristine mic preamps, balanced line-level audio connections, and renowned MOTU engineering deliver world-class audio quality.

MOTU Track16Track16 – MOTU’s new compact FireWire 400 (and USB2) powered desktop audio interface.

Track16 features

  • 16 x 14 audio interface for Mac and Windows – All channels are available simultaneously and operate independently.
  • Hybrid FireWire/USB 2.0 connectivity – Connects to your Mac or PC via either bus-powered Firewire or hi-speed USB2.
  • One-touch operation – Simply tap the input or output you wish to control with the main knob.
  • Compact desktop form factor – Sits neatly next to your computer keyboard or laptop.
  • 16-bus digital mixer – Routes and mixes all sixteen inputs to any output pair.
  • Eight separate stereo mixes – Each output pair (main outs, line outs, phones, 4x optical, and a return bus) can have a completely different mix of all eight inputs, with or without computer tracks.
  • Two mic inputs – 2x pre-amp equipped mic inputs with individual 48V phantom power, -20 dB pad, Precision Digital Trim™, and plenty of gain.
  • Two guitar inputs – 2x hi-Z guitar inputs with Precision Digital Trim.
  • Stereo line inputs – On balanced TRS quarter-inch jacks. Connect a keyboard, synth, drum machine or other analog source.
  • Stereo main outs – On balanced TRS quarter-inch jacks. Connect directly to powered speakers (or other line-level analog destination).
  • Stereo line outs – Separate line-level outputs for secondary studio monitors or other destination.
  • Two headphone outputs – Can’t find your headphone adapter? No problem. Both a quarter-inch and eighth-inch jack are provided. Or connect two pairs of phones simultaneously.
  • Support for HD audio – Supports standard sample rates up to 192 kHz.
  • Precision Digital Trim™ – Digitally controlled analog trim on all inputs provides adjustments in approximately 1 dB increments. Fine-tune the balance of your inputs and then save/recall trim configurations.
  • CueMix™ FX cross-platform mixing software – Attractive on-screen graphic mixing with an instrument tuner and audio analysis tools including real-time FFT display, spectrogram “waterfall” display, oscilloscope, X-Y plot and linear or polar phase analysis.
  • Stand-alone operation – Bring the Track16 to your gig, with or without a computer. Just plug in the included power adapter and you are ready to go.
  • Expandable – Add additional interfaces for more I/O as your needs grow.
  • Time code support – Directly resolves to (or generates) time code via any quarter-inch input or output, without the need for an extra synchronizer.
  • Direct Digital Synthesis™ (DDS) – DSP-driven phase lock engine and internal clock source produces imperceptibly low jitter characteristics (below the noise floor), even when the Track16 is resolved to an external clock source via SMPTE time code.
  • DC-coupled TRS outputs – Can be used with Volta™ (sold separately) to manipulate and sequence voltage-controlled modular synthesizers from a host DAW.
  • Plug-and-play operation with your Mac or PC via FireWire or USB2 – Compatible with all current and recent generation Macs and PCs.
  • Native 32- and 64-bit drivers for Mac OS X and Windows 7/Vista – Includes ASIO, WDM, Wave, Core Audio, and Core MIDI drivers. Supports all popular Mac and Windows audio software.
  • Fully compatible with 3rd-party software – 100% compatible with all host-based effects processing in today’s popular audio programs.
  • Includes audio workstation software – Includes AudioDesk full-featured sample-accurate workstation software for the Mac with recording, editing, mixing, real-time 32-bit effects processing & sample-accurate sync.
  • Bus-powered FireWire operation – No need for external power when operating as a FireWire interface connected to a computer. A power supply is included for stand-alone or USB2 operation.
  • Compact form factor – Chassis dimensions: 5 (W) × 8.375 (L) × 1.125 (H) inches (12.7 × 21.27 × 2.86 cm). Knob height adds approximately 0.5 inch (1.27 cm) from the top surface.
  • Included breakout cable – Included DB25 breakout cable with audio connectors is approximately 44 inches (111.76 cm) long.
  • Track16 breakout box (sold separately) – Connects to Track16 via a custom-designed DB25-to-DB25 cable (included with the breakout box) and provides all the same connectors as the Track16 cable.

The Track16 interface will ship in Q3, 2012, priced MSRP $595 USD.

More information: MOTU / Track16


UVI Tines Anthology collection of 8 electric pianos released

UVI has announced the release of its Tines Anthology electric piano sound library.

Tines Anthology is the ultimate UVI collection featuring eight fabulous Electric Pianos, deeply multi-sampled and wonderfully scripted. From 1965 to 2007, dive into the complete legacy of the most well known Electric Pianos brand!

UVI Tines Anthology bundles eight expressive and unique electric piano instruments.

Tines Anthology features

  • 8 Electric Piano models:
    • Two of the very first manufactured Mk I models: built in 1974 and 1978.
    • The Mk II: introduced in 1981, one of the most loved Electric Pianos.
    • The Mk III: manufactured in 1982, a very rare and quite broken model.
    • The Mk V: born in 1984, a stunning and pretty rare model.
    • The Mk 7: newly introduced in 2007.
    • Two Piano Bass: created in 1965 and 1970, these were heavily used by The Doors.
  • A radical chain of recording gear and sampling techniques were used to obtain the most homogenized playing sensation (voicing, tuning, etc.)
  • Every sound was captured at 24bit / 96kHz for a crystal clear sound quality, then converted into 16bit / 44.1kHz with the best algorithm for better efficiency.
  • Several dedicated FX will help you shape your perfect sounds: speaker simulation, drive, chorus, phaser, spring reverb, tremolo, autopan and much more.

The Tines Anthology library for UVI Workstation and MOTU MachFive 3 is available to purchase for the introductory price of $149 USD (regular $199 USD).

More information: UVI / Tines Anthology


MOTU MicroBook II now shipping

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MOTU MicroBook

MOTU has announced that its MicroBook II audio interface is now shipping.

Engineered with MOTU’s renowned, award-winning audio interface technology, MicroBook II delivers uncompromising audio quality, with measured audio specs that match interfaces costing hundreds more.

MicroBook II features

  • A complete 4 x 6 recording solution – Plug in a mic, guitar, and keyboard (or iPad) and record simultaneously. Connect your best studio monitors with balanced quarter-inch cables. Add desktop speakers and studio-grade headphones.
  • Ultra-compact size – The MicroBook II’s sturdy, aluminum-alloy enclosure is an impressively small 5.5 by 3.6 by 1.25 inches, so it slides easily into your backpack or even your pocket. USB 2.0 bus power means no wall wart.
  • Flexible volume control and mixing – Two digital rotary encoders not only look good, they feel good, too. Push the volume knob repeatedly to cycle among the main outs, headphones, or both. Hands-on control is immediate and intuitive.
  • From initial inspiration to polished track, MicroBook II gets you there with broad compatibility, bus-powered convenience, and professional quality.

The MicroBook II is now available to purchase for $269 MSRP.

More information: MOTU / MicroBook II


UVI releases MachFive Biosphere

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UVI MachFive Biosphere

UVI has announced the release of MachFive Biosphere, a collection of sounds created with the synth engine included in MOTU’s MachFive 3.

MachFive Biosphere is a crazy collection of synthetic sounds, created with the new synth engine included in the award-winning sampler MOTU MachFive 3.

MachFive Biosphere features

  • 2.2 GB / 500 presets of Synthesis sounds to be used in any kind of today’s electronic music genre, from Dubstep to Electro, from ambient to modern rock.
  • MachFive Biosphere provides hundreds of ambient pads, rich textures, morphing layers, and atmospheric resonances, ready-to-use under UVI Workstation 2.
  • Categories included: Arp-Rhythm, Atmospheres, Bass-Sub, Bells, Brass-Poly, Choirs, Chords, Composite, Distorted, Keys, Leads, Organ, Pads, Pluck, Sweeps, Synth FX…
  • Many of these programs take full advantage of UVI macro controls, giving you powerful sound design control at your fingertips, without tedious programming.

MachFive Biosphere is available to purchase for the introductory price of $75 USD / 57 EUR until March 31st, 2012 (regular $99 USD / 75.46 EUR).

More information: UVI Sound Source / MachFive Biosphere


MOTU introduces MicroBook II audio interface

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MOTU has announced the MicroBook II, an updated version of the compact, studio-grade audio interface that turns a Mac or PC into a personal 4 x 6 recording studio with professional I/O and monitor mixing.

MOTU MicroBook

“For discriminating users who insist on the very best audio quality, MicroBook II delivers unmatched performance for compact, personal recording,” said MOTU Marketing Director Jim Cooper. “Plug in a mic, guitar, keyboard, and powered speakers, then enjoy sound quality that rivals other audio interfaces in the six to eight hundred dollar range.”

The MicroBook II comes in a compact, rugged cast metal case suitable for on-the-go recording, personal studio tracking, laptop-based DJ-ing, and many other recording and playback activities. At only 5.5 x 3.5 x 1.25 inches, the bus-powered MicroBook II has all the great features of the original model, plus hands-on volume control, USB 2.0 connectivity for low-latency performance, more simultaneous outputs (six), an XLR mic input, and support for 96 kHz recording and playback.

MicroBook features

  • 4-input, 6-output bus-powered “plug-and-play” USB 2.0 audio interface for Mac and Windows.
  • 6 x 8 physical input/output channels.
  • 8-bus digital mixer to route and mix live inputs with computer tracks.
  • Pre-amp equipped mic input with Precision Digital Trim™ 48V phantom power, and 20 dB pad.
  • Hi-Z guitar input with Precision Digital Trim.
  • Stereo line level analog input (balanced TRS quarter-inch or stereo mini).
  • Stereo balanced TRS quarter-inch line level main outs.
  • Stereo eighth-inch “mini” line level out.
  • S/PDIF digital out (duplicates main out).
  • Headphones output on quarter-inch stereo jack with independent volume control.
  • Digitally controlled analog trim for all analog inputs.
  • Digital trim for all outputs.
  • Output volume digital rotary encoder. Push to cycle among three modes: main out, phones, or both.
  • Mic input digital rotary encoder for adjusting trim level, 48V and pad.
  • Dedicated 3- or 4-segment LED meters for all inputs and outputs.
  • CueMix™ FX no-latency mixing and monitoring with EQ and dynamics processing.
  • 7-band parametric EQ and compression.
  • Test tone and white/pink noise generator.
  • Support for recording and playback at 2x sample rates (88.2 and 96 kHz).
  • Advanced audio analysis software tools, including FFT display, spectrogram “waterfall” display, oscilloscope, X-Y plot, and phase torch.
  • Industry standard Mac and Windows audio drivers (Core Audio, Wave, and ASIO) for across-the-board compatibility.
  • Compatible with all current and recent generation Macs and PCs.
  • Includes AudioDesk DAW software, USB cable, and mic cable adapter.

The MicroBook will ship in the spring of 2012. The MicroBook II will replace the original model at the same price of $269 USD.

More information: MOTU