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Multiples Pro updates Reaktor Toolbox to v2

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Multiples Pro has updated the Reaktor Toolbox to version 2, adding new macros.

Reaktor has become a mainstay of Multiples Pro for several reasons.

Not only are we using it to experiment with sound and to create ensembles to give away free here on the site but we also use it heavily when creating sample libraries for you.

So, to go with our line up of instruments and fx we thought it may be nice to give away all of the macros we have created along the way so that you can start using the program yourself.

The new update includes new macros used in the creation of MPSampler, our new sampling plugin coming on the 29th of September.

  • Chorus
  • Autopan
  • Timbre – EQ
  • Master Output Meter

The Reaktor Toolbox is a free download.

More information: Multiples Pro / Reaktor Toolbox


Multiples Pro releases Dust: Dune & E|Snares Vol 2

Multiples Pro Dust Dune & E|Snares Vol 2

Multiples Pro has announced the release of Dust: Dune and E|Snares Vol 2, two free sample packs.

Dust : Dune – 10 multisampled sets sampled from the monster synth Dune. Available in .wav, Maschine and Kontakt formats.

E|Snares vol2 – 64 seperate snare sounds made with the Kong drum synthesiser available in .wav, Kontakt, Battery and Maschine formats.

Both packs are available to download at no cost.

More information: Multiples Pro


Multipes Pro releases FM Bass and Reaktor Toolbox

Multiples Pro has released FM Bass and Reaktor Toolbox, two new sound libraries.

Multiples Pro FM Bass / Reaktor Toolbox

New Multiples Pro packs

  • FM Bass — 20 seperate sets of sounds multi-sampled for use in any sampler you choose to use along with patches within the usual Multiples Pro suspects along the notes of C1 to C3 using the now legendary FM8.
  • Reaktor Toolbox — In this package we have 22 seperate modules we have created or modified over the time we have been using this powerhouse as well as the original Exploration Reaktor synth and the newest incarnation, MPBASIC.

FM Bass and Reaktor Toolbox are available to download at no charge.

More information: Multiples Pro


Multiples Pro releases E|Toms Vol 2 + Dust: Minimoog now free

Multiples Pro E|Toms Vol 2

Multiples Pro has announced the release of E|Toms Vol 2, a collection of 48 toms samples.

The tom tom or tom drum is a sonic boom in sound for adding additional rhythm to an otherwise pedestrian beat.

EToms Vol2 features

  • 48 tom tom sounds covering:
    • 16 raw sounds straight from Kong.
    • 16 filtered sounds using Ohmforce Frohmage.
    • 16 Distorted sounds using Native Instruments Driver.

E|Toms Vol 2 sample pack is available to download in .WAV, Kontakt, Maschine and Battery formats at no charge.

The previously released Dust: Minimoog — featuring 50 multi-sampled sounds from the Minimoog V virtual synthesizer by Arturia, is now also available as freeware.

More information: Multiples Pro


mrthebigman releases Dust: Jupiter sample pack

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mrthebigman Dust Jupiter

mrthebigman has announced Dust: Jupiter, a free sample pack featuring sounds of the Arturia Jupiter V8.

The Dust series continues due to high acclaim from users of the Imposcar library to provide you with multi-samples of the Arturia modelled Jupiter V8 soft synth.

The library includes over 250 separate samples covering the octave c1-c3 and can be found in Kontakt, Reason Refill and for the first time, Maschine Expansion.

The sample pack is a free download at mrthebigman.

More information: mrthebigman / Dust: Jupiter


Mrthebigman releases E|Loops X1 & A|Bass XL sample packs

Mrthebigman A|Bass XL

Mrthebigman has announced the release of the E|Loops X1 and A|Bass XL sample packs.

E|Loops X1 was born out of Native Instruments Reaktor and then schooled by Logic Pro.

I took all of the samples in the E|Drums : Kit Arsenal pack and created brand new samplemaps for the Reaktor platform. I then ran them through the following ensembles: What you are left with are 200 of the most random drum loops I have ever produced, usable in all genres of music.

The E|Loops X1 pack includes 200 loops at 120bpm, all 8 bars in length. It is a free download at Mrthebigman.

The A|Bass XL library includes a total of 1,250 samples (919 MB of individual sounds).

We have been giving away smallish bass packs for a while now and we felt it was time to fully update the series and make it bigger, bringing it into line with the new XL series we are planning over the next few months and years.

In this installment there are 50 seperate bass sounds fully multisampled from 10 of the best synth sources.

The A|Bass XL pack is available to purchase from Sampleism for £3 GBP.

More information: Mrthebigman


mrthebigman releases Mini Synths & Incidental FX sample packs

Mrthebigman Mini Synths & Incidental FX

mrthebigman has announced the release of Mini Synths and Incidental FX, two free sample packs.

SO back to the new year we go with the first set of free samples coming out of my work as mrthebigman.

I have two seperate packs for you, each different to the other but both created specifically to help me within the creative and production processes of my new music.

New Mrthebigman sample packs

  • Mini Synths — 20 separate synth sounds sampled at c2 – created with the Jupiter 8 synth and then effected through Guitar Rig.
  • Incidental FX — 100 impact, explosion and riser/downer sounds for use in creating transitions. All were create using a multitude of drum sounds and vocal sounds and the effects were done with Guitar Rig.

Both packs are available to download via Pay by Tweet.

More information: mrthebigman