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Drum Broker intros The Synth Immaculate 3 by MSXII

The Synth Immaculate 3

MSXII Sound Design has launched The Synth Immaculate 3, a sample library featuring a warm and colorful bundle of hand selected sounds.

With access to these rare instruments, samples of the Oberheim OB-Xa, Firstman E Piano, Hohner Bass, Kawai SX-210, Korg PS-3200, Paia Strings and Things, and more were recorded for you to map in your DAW or sampler.

Every 3rd note (from created patches) was sampled from each instrument. The end result, as usual, is astounding! You now have access to some the worlds rarest analog synths-ready for you to tweak, map, and play! The warmth and feel of these beautiful instruments simply cannot be duplicated.

Only 50 will be sold. Get your copy of the all new Limited Edition Synth Immaculate 3 today!

The pack is available for purchase at the Drum Broker for $34.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / The Synth Immaculate 3


Drum Broker intros Sammich Kit Vol.3 by MSXII

The Drum Broker has launched the Sammich Kit Vol.3 – Boom Bap Edition, a sample pack from MSXII Sound Design.

MSXII Sound Design Sammich Kit Vol.3

Inspired by some of the most notable records we’ve all come to love, The Sammich Kit 3 is full of neck breaking snares, thuddy kicks, and dirty hi-hats. It also features that warm, analog character texture MSXII is known for.

Again, no punches pulled here; all sounds are ready to find their way in your production! No fluff, no fillers, no bullshi#. Layered to taste, and carefully eq’d to cut through your mix.

Sammich Kit Vol.3 features

  • 69 sounds (16bit .wav).
  • Analog character and warmth for that vintage sound.
  • True to it’s roots–No fluff, no filler sounds, EVERYTHING is usable.
  • Bonus folder of “Random Samples” + an added analog bass note folder.
  • Plug and play sounds. These drums will fit right into your mix and stand out.
  • EQ’d and mixed to taste–tweaked for immediate use.

The pack is available from the Drum Broker for $19.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / Sammich Kit Vol.3


Drum Broker intros The Unkempt Breaks XL: 1 Year Anniversary Edition

The Drum Broker has introduced The Unkempt Breaks XL: 1 Year Anniversary Edition, the 1 year anniversary edition of the critically acclaimed drum breaks package by MSXII Sound.

The Unkempt Breaks XL: 1 Year Anniversary Edition

The Unkempt Breaks XL is bigger, better, and more dusty than the original! All original breaks, recorded through an SSL Duality with insanely premium outboard gear such as the Universal Audio 8110 and with mics such as the sElectronics sE 4400, Schoeps CM, Coles 4038, and an Avantone CV-12.

Over 51 unique breaks all recorded on vintage equipment for that classic sound. In 3 formats of multi-tracked, vintage mono, and SSL mix down! and This project only gets better as it packages with a limited edition cassette tape as well! The tape includes numerous bonus breaks that are NOT included on the digital copy. Quantities of the cassette are limited so don’t sleep. Get busy & get creative. Get The Unkempt Breaks XL – 1 Year Anniversary Edition from MSXII Sound Design.

The pack is available to purchase for $39.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / Unkempt Breaks XL


MSXII Sound Design releases Steinway Stabs sample pack

MSXII Sound Design has launched Steinway Stabs, a new collection of samples from a Steinway and Sons 1910 Vertegrand piano.

MSXII Sound Design Steinway Stabs

As a family heirloom dating back to the 1960′s, we’ve now decided to put this incredible instrument out in it’s most pure form.

Steinway pianos have a history of fine craftsmanship and resonance. This piano still has the ivory keytops and original strings. The Vertegrand is literally their model Grand piano flipped upright. This improves overall resonance and tone which sets it apart from other upright studio pianos.

If you want authentic, real, and legendary piano samples in your arsenal, look no further!

Steinway Stabs features

  • Live recorded samples in 16bit .wav form of a Steinway and Sons 1910 Vertegrand Piano.
  • Numerous playable chords including Maj and Min in various keys and inversions.
  • Focused on more colorful chords; sus4 chords with +9 and +13 chords.
  • Includes block chords and the arpeggiated attacks.
  • A sound that cannot be replicated due to the natural de-tuning of certain keys inducing tones and harmonics not achievable otherwise.
  • Most chords with root on C, but can be mapped to fit whatever key you’re working in.
  • Pair with octave bass notes for pure jazz.
  • Samples organized by folders with key & chord info.
  • Compatible with all major software DAWs and hardware samplers.

The pack is available from the Drum Broker for $34.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker


Drum Broker launches MSXII Sound Design bundles

The Drum Broker has launched three bundle packs of MSXII Sound Design sample libraries.

MSXII Sound Design Bundles

MSXII Sound Design Bundles

  • The Analog Synth Bundle – Includes Synth Immaculate Vol 1, 2, and 3. Priced at $69.99 USD (individual packs value $84.97 USD).
  • The Drums and Breaks Bundle – Includes Sammich 1 & 2, Fill Up Banks, Jungle Kit, and Unkempt Breaks. Priced at $84.99 USD (individual packs value $99.95 USD).
  • The Instruments Bundle – Includes Joe Deertay 1 & 2, Rhodes and Vibes, and B.K.A. Priced at $99.99 USD (individual packs value $139.96 USD).

The bundles are now available as a digital download from the Drum Broker.

More information: The Drum Broker


Drum Broker intros The Joe Deertay 2 sample pack

MSXII The Joe Deertay 2

The Drum Broker has introduced The Joe Deertay 2, a new sample library by MSXII Sound Design.

The Joe Deertay 2 is all that you’ve come to love about that MSXII Sound; it sounds like the 70′s and it feel good! Inspired again by instrumentation of one of the greatest eras of music, MSXII adorns the project with warm analog synths, groovy drums, filthy guitars, and moving bass.

If you grabbed the original Joe Deertay, consider this it’s more refined upgrade! Hand crafted for producers that desire “that” sound and those that need something to spark inspiration. Don’t sleep, snatch The Joe Deertay 2!

The Joe Deertay 2 features

  • High-Quality 16bit .wav drum breaks & original MSXII compositions.
  • Mixed with a touch of vintage products by Neve, SSL, and API.
  • Individual tracked-out stems files of each instrument used in the entire sample pack (112 files).
  • Chopped REX2 example files to serve as idea starters and track builders.
  • Royalty free MSXII compositions ready for slicing, flipping, and recreation. Promotes hassle free clearance.
  • Instrumentation live drums, bass, Moog & Sequencial Circuits analog boards, vibraphone, Fender Rhodes + more.
  • Inspired by the sound of the early to mid 1970′s.
  • Bonus folder of unreleased MSXII drumbreaks.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $34.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / The Joe Deertay 2


Drum Broker intros Soulful Stems by MSXII

MSXII Sound Design has released Soulful Stems, a sample pack featuring a colorful array of rich, warm, vintage textures blended with the rhythm and groove of the golden era soul music.

MSXII Sound Design Soulful Stems

Live drums, analog synthesizer, organ, Fender Rhodes, live bass, and more all grace this kit so DISRESPECTFULLY.

The 161 file sample pack boasts nothing but that “feel.” MSXII Sound Design meticulously recorded each instrument through classic Neve analog hardware to get a sound that’s been often imitated, duplicated, and replicated. However, what separates this kit from the others is it’s authenticity.

If your production lacks that “feel, groove, or soul”, this incredible collection will surely get you going in the right direction.

Soulful Stems features

  • 16bit .wav files of completely original MSXII compositions.
  • Individually tracked out (stems) instruments of live bass, Fender Rhodes, live drums, horns, organ, analog synthesizers + more.
  • Comprised of instrumentation inspired by the soulful sounds of the late 1960s & early 1970s.
  • Sonically saturated through Rupert Neve Portico 5012 hardware “Silk” circuit for classic character.
  • MSXII royalty free compositions for non-hassle clearance.
  • 161 total files at your disposal for flipping, chopping, cutting, manipulating, and engineering.

The pack is available from the Drum Broker for $39.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / Soulful Stems