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T2D releases E|Drumloops, loops by Multiples


T2D has released E|Drumloops, a collection of loops by Multiples.

E|Drums 2.0 has taken on a new shine in this release from Multiples. E|Drumloops takes all of your favourite samples from E|Drums 2.0 and has created 100 loops for your mixes and remixes to help with the creative process.

We have supplied loops that are eclectic enough to fit into any type of music and these are stepping stones onto better drum mixes and productions.

E|Drumloops is free to download and represents MTBM.NET’s continuing commitment to bring you the best products for free.

As an added bonus, we have also supplied the samplemaps for Reaktor 5.5′s GoBox so that you can recreate these loops and more when working on your own productions.

E|Drumloops features

  • 100 .wav loops @ 128bpm
  • 3 Reaktor Sample Maps for GoBox

More information: E|Drumloops


T2D releases E|Drums 2.0, free sample pack

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TD2 E|Drums 2.0

T2D has released E|Drums 2.0, a free collection of drum sounds.

Drums, drums and more drums dedicated to all types of electronic music is the order of the day with E|Drums 2.0

Built entirely from the ground up, E|Drums 2.0 contains everything you will need in two different sound sets.

E|Drums 2.0 features

  • 110 Foley samples – drum hits & incidental FX created with sounds from household objects. Processed with Audio Damage Roughrider Free, Ohmforce Fromage filter, Camel Audio Camel Crusher, Logic Pro Overdrive and Delay Designer.
  • 208 Synth samples – Kick, Snare, Hats and Toms, created from scratch using Computer Music CM595, Imageline Drumaxx, and Logic Pro Ultrabeat.
  • Available in Kontakt 4, EXS24 and Battery 3.1 formats.

E|Drums 2.0 is available as a free download from the MTBM.NET website.

More information: MTBM.NET / E|Drums 2.0


T2D releases Mixed Bag

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T2D Mixed Bag

T2D has released Mixed Bag, a free sample pack for Kontakt.

Jason writes:

All patches are in NI Kontakt 3 and above formats and are completely free to download along with all of our music at

You can also find a tutorial video on how I used Kontakt to create patches and also how to install the pack.

The sample pack features 10 instruments: 5 Basses, 4 Leads, and 1 Pad.

T2D Mixed Bag is available as a free download from MTBM.NET, a free release independent record label.

More information: MTBM.NET