elephantcandy releases LiveFX – DJ Effects Kit for iPad

elephantcandy has announced the release of LiveFX, a dynamic effects processor for iPad. LiveFX dynamic effects processor for iPad by elephantcandy. Any audio source can be processed; use either live sound input, the built-in track … read more

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Avantgarde Sound releases enChord for Lemur & iPad

Avantgarde Sound has introduced its enChord chord app. Avantgarde Sound’s enChord can control any MIDI capable instrument whether software (VST, AU, AAX, etc.) or hardware. enChord is the harmony modular super algorithm; a 21st century … read more

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Steinberg introduces Cubasis multi-touch sequencer for iOS

Steinberg Media has announced the release of their latest iOS app, Cubasis, a multitouch sequencer streamlined for the iPad that offers discerning musicians a reliable, portable music production solution in the proven Steinberg quality. “Cubasis … read more

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Akai intros iMPC music production app for iPad

Akai Professional has announced the iMPC music production app for iPad. Turn your iPad into an MPC. With more than 1,200 samples, 50 editable programs, 80 editable sequences, and iconic MPC workflow, iMPC is the … read more

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Robert Tubb releases The Wablet – Scanned Synthesis on a Multi-touch Interface

Robert Tubb has released The Wablet app, a physics based synthesiser and noise toy. An animated mesh of springs can be vibrated with the fingers. The Mesh’s displacement around a path on this mesh is … read more

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Holderness Media releases Echo Pad effect processor app for iOS

Holderness Media has released Echo Pad, a real-time echo effect processor for iOS, featuring a unique delay and sound on sound looper controlled by a multi-touch XY interface. Use the built in mic on your … read more

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Marcos Alonso releases Samplr app for iOS

Marcos Alonso has released Samplr, an iPad app that lets you make music and play with sound in a new and intuitive way by touching the waveform on the screen directly with your fingers. Make … read more

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Delora rsTouch—Transform your iPad into a mobile controller for Reason

Delora has released rsTouch, an iPad control surface app for the Propellerhead Reason music software application that runs on a Mac or Windows PC. rsTouch provides mobility and multi-touch control for the Propellerhead Reason MIXER … read more

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Livid and Liine launch Hybrid Control + win custom Hybrid Setup in contest

Livid and Liine have announced the Hybrid Control Contest, a chance to win a hybrid setup. Liine’s Grid and Livid Instruments’ Code join hands with Hybrid Control for Ableton Live. Livid and Liine have teamed … read more

Borderlands audiovisual granular synth instrument by Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson is working on an iPad version of Borderlands, an interactive granular sampler instrument. Demo video for the soon-to-be-released interactive granular sampler: Borderlands This project is a mobile version of an audiovisual granular synthesis … read more

Holderness Media releases Waviary music app for iPad

Holderness Media has released Waviary, an iOS app that is part instrument, part generative ambient music machine, and part virtual wind chimes. Simple multi-touch control allows anyone to effortlessly create lush ambient soundscapes and environments, … read more

CyberStep KDJ-ONE Mobile Audio Workstation available to pre-order

CyberStep has announced its new Mobile Audio Workstation, KDJ-ONE, which is now available for pre-order in Japan, North America, Germany, and France. KDJ-ONE is a first of its kind DAW touchscreen smartbook featuring an advanced … read more

Neyrinck updates V-Control Pro control surface app to v1.5

Neyrinck has updated the V-Control Pro multi-touch control surface app to version 1.5. V-Control Pro provides a fully-featured, multi-touch control surface for Pro Tools, Logic 9, Cubase/Nuendo, and many more DAW’s. V-Control Pro uses WiFi … read more

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KMI intros QuNeo next-generation “3D Multi-Touch” portable iPad-sized music controller

Keith McMillen Instruments has introduced the QuNeo, the next generation of music software and hardware controllers for electronic musicians, DJs, VJs and DIY hackers. Redefining music production and performance, QuNeo (pronounced kyoo-ne-oh) covers all of … read more

Liine releases Lemur for iOS

Liine has announced the release of Lemur, a multitouch MIDI/OSC controller app for iOS. Lemur is a professional iOS controller app that doesn’t cut any corners. It lets you control anything, any way you want. … read more

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Wizdom Music releases Geo Synthesizer for iOS

Wizdom Music has released Geo Synthesizer is a musical instrument and MIDI controller for iOS. A collaboration of Wizdom Music’s Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier (MorphWiz, SampleWiz) and Rob Fielding (Mugician), Geo Synthesizer is an … read more

Oscillicious releases SodaSynth

Oscillicious has announced the release of SodaSynth, a VST synthesizer plugin for musicians designed with a clean signature sound. SodaSynth VST produces a unique clean sound without any filters and effects. Because of SodaSynth’s unique … read more

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Konkreet Labs updates Konkreet Performer to v1.2

Konkreet Labs has updated Konkreet Performer, a music control and performance instrument that was designed to use multi-touch technology to the full. Inertia control comes to Konkreet Performer, enabling smooth morphing, from fast and responsive … read more

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Retronyms releases Tabletop modular audio environment for iPad

Retronyms has released Tabletop, a modular audio studio app for iPad. The heart of Tabletop is a modular environment where you can mix and match different devices. Select from more than a dozen devices including … read more

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Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.70

Sensomusic has released version 5.7 of Usine, a universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilization. After months of development we are proud to announce that Usine V5.70 is out. Hundreds of improvements … read more

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