Short links for January 14th, 2008

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on January 14th, 2008: SimCity Source Code Released to the Wild! Let the ports begin… – Renamed to Micropolis, you can now download the source code. Blast from … read more

Build your own monome 40h

The monome 40h is a reconfigurable grid of sixty-four backlit buttons. It is open source and you can write your own applications for it. The 40h uses usb and talks serial, midi, and open sound … read more

JazzMutant Dexter now available in Europe

JazzMutant‘s touchscreen controller Dexter is now available in Europe. Dexter is a multi-touch control surface which lets your ten fingers perform simultaneous actions on-screen with great responsiveness. Key features Multitouch sensing with visual feedback Built-in … read more

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Björk puts the spotlight on some cool multi-touch gear

Björk‘s latest album Volta is out, and she is currently touring with a new show in the US (tour dates Europe starting in June). Her band is using some cool multi-touch instruments, like the JazzMutant … read more