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Muse Research ships Recepter Trio & Qu4ttro hardware plugin players

Muse Research & Development has announced the availability of RECEPTOR TRIO and QU4TTRO, the latest additions to its line of dedicated hardware plug-in players.

The first generation RECEPTOR caught on quickly among touring professionals, and since then, thousands of RECEPTORS have played the stages of the finest venues all over the world, covering all styles of music, operating in all kinds of conditions from the frozen tundras of Canada to the sweltering deserts of Dubai. The world’s biggest bands and most famous performers are using RECEPTOR.

The RECEPTOR TRIO and QU4TTRO take RECEPTOR technology to the next level. These are our most powerful Receptors ever; the easiest-to-use Receptors ever, and they also has the most flexible I/O capability of any Receptor ever.

Muse Research Receptor Qu4ttro
The Receptor QU4TTRO offers more power & flexibility.
  • RECEPTOR TRIO & QU4TTRO have Muse R&D’s proprietary Tetra-Core™ technology — With Tetra-Core processing, your plugins are dynamically balanced between the CPU cores with priority given to making music, not graphics or other less-important tasks.
  • All RECEPTORs utilizes Muse R&D’s rack-oriented UI with LIVE MODE — First introduced with RECEPTOR VIP, the new Rack-mode UI and LIVE MODE are far simpler than the older Receptor UI, and are winning acclaim from players and reviewers alike.
  • RECEPTOR TRIO & QU4TTRO feature the most flexible I/O of any Receptor — With 8 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs, ADAT digital output, and SPIDF output, I/O flexibility steps up to the next level for the RECEPTOR line.

The Muse Research RECEPTOR product line is available through select music retailers in the US and Canada, as well as through music equipment distributors worldwide.

The Muse Research dealer network from within the United States offers the products at the minimum advertised prices of $1,699 USD (RECEPTOR VIP), $2,499 USD (RECEPTOR TRIO), and $2,999 USD (RECEPTOR QU4TTRO). International distributors set their own pricing for their respective territories. If there is no stocking retailer in your area, a RECEPTOR can be configured to your specifications and purchased via the website (, which also offers virtual instruments and effects packages for use with RECEPTOR starting at $29.99 USD.

More information: Muse Research


Applied Acoustics Systems announces upcoming Lounge Lizard EP-4 update

Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard EP-4

Applied Acoustics Systems has announced an upcoming update to its recently released Lounge Lizard EP-4 electric piano plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows.

The update adds MIDI control change assignments, MIDI bank change handling, micro-tuning support, and compatibility to the Muse Research Receptor VIP hardware plug-in player. The update shall be available by the end of 2013′s first quarter and free of charge to Lounge Lizard EP-4 registered users.

Lounge Lizard EP-4 ships with a new streamlined interface, a new equalizer and compressor module, a new multi-effect processor, brings native 64-bit operation on Mac OS X and more. The factory library has been redesigned with more than 200 presets boasting the sought-after classic electric pianos as well as a great selection of custom pianos taking full advantage of the effects.

“Since its first release more than 10 years ago, Lounge Lizard has always been a favourite among top keyboard players and producers both for live playing and studio work. This is not only because it sounds great but also because it has the feel of a true instrument,” says Marc-Pierre Verge, CEO of Applied Acoustics Systems, “The new Lounge Lizard EP-4 goes even further in terms of faithfulness and sonic possibilities resulting in a piano that is more inspiring and fun to play than ever.”

Lounge Lizard EP-4 is available now at a suggested retail price of $199 USD. The update shall be available by the end of 2013′s first quarter and free of charge to Lounge Lizard EP-4 registered users. Lounge Lizard EP-4 runs on both Mac OS X and Windows in 32- and 64-bit host sequencers supporting the VST, Audio Unit, and RTAS plug-in formats.

More information: Applied Acoustics Systems / Lounge Lizard EP-4


Muse Research launches Muse OS2.0 for Receptor 2+ Pro and Pro Max & Receptor VIP announced

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Muse Research has announced that it has enhanced the Receptor 2+ Pro and Pro Max models with the release of Muse OS2.0 software.

Muse Research Receptor 2

This entirely new software version features an incredibly simple user interface that introduces the SoundFinder™ technology for organizing and navigating presets in the RECEPTOR. SoundFinder was first developed for their MuseBox product which was jointly developed with Peavey Electronics, but unlike MuseBox, the MUSE OS2.0 supports up to 16-channels of synthesizers and audio effects thanks to the superb processing power of the dual-core processors found in the RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and PRO MAX models.

Additionally, the software features enhanced MIDI functionality including full “MIDI learn” capability, as well as other advanced programming and preset functionality to make these models of RECEPTOR better than ever! And since there are so many major touring bands and artists use RECEPTOR and are familiar with the mixer style interface, MUSE OS2.0 features a “Classic” mode lets you continue to use the legacy interface with its classic look and feel.

Muse Research also introduced the RECEPTOR VIP (Virtual Instrument Player).

RECEPTOR VIP makes use of an entirely new user-interface inspired by the MuseBox, and includes an incredibly simple front panel hardware interface to find and manipulate your virtual instrument and effects presets quickly. Sporting a new 2U rack-mount design, this product is ideal for customers who need more power and channels than a MuseBox, and the RECEPTOR VIP provides a lower-cost alternative to the top-of-the-line RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and PRO MAX models.

The Receptor VIP model will replace the existing base model Receptor 2+, and will ship in March with a MAP price of $1599 USD.

More information: Muse Research


Muse Research & Development upgrades Receptor 2

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Muse Research & Development Receptor 2+

Muse Research & Development has announced that its RECEPTOR 2 line of Hardware Plug-in Players has been upgraded to deliver even more impressive performance over its predecessors.

“We’re pleased to offer even more power and disk space to our customers with the RECEPTOR 2 + line,” comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Marketing for Muse Research. “All of this power and storage coupled with the unique RECEPTOR host software environment ensures that the RECEPTOR 2 + line has no equal when it comes to running virtual instruments and effects.”

Included in the refresh is an increase in the RECEPTOR 2 storage capacity from 320GB to 750GB, an increase in the processing power of the RECEPTOR 2 PRO and in increase in its storage capacity to 1 TB, and a significant upgrade to the RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX to the fastest processor in its class and a 50% increase in storage capacity to 1.5TB.

Receptor 2 hardware

  • RECEPTOR 2+: The RECEPTOR 2+ is an even better deal than before thanks to the increase in drive size from 320GB to 750GB – the same size as the previous PRO model. As with all RECEPTOR 2 products, the RECEPTOR 2 + includes the Plugsound BOX collection included at no charge, and adds the Alchemy Player as well.
  • RECEPTOR 2+ PRO: The RECEPTOR 2+ PRO has an upgraded 3GHz processor, and now comes with a 1TB drive.
  • RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX: The top-of-the-line RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX sees a 50% increase in drive capacity and a 10% increase in processing speed (now 3.3 GHz) – resulting in as many as 100 extra voices with which to make music.

These units are available now, and the prices remain the same on all three models at $1699, $2599, and $3199 US MAP respectively.

More information: Muse Research & Development


Muse Research & Development makes major changes to Plugorama website

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Plugorama / Muse Research

Muse Research & Development has announced a major overhaul of their Plugorama website which supports their RECEPTOR 2 line of dedicated hardware plug-in players. is a resource for both pre and post-sales assistance with RECEPTOR 2, providing registration, upgrades, software package options, and technical support all in one convenient location. The company has spent several months redesigning the site to provide a much-improved customer experience, regardless of your purpose for visiting the site. The company is also announcing new software bundles at low prices, new premium support packages for customers, and lower prices across-the-board for people looking to purchase a RECEPTOR 2.

One of the most significant changes to the Plugorama website are new prices for the entire RECEPTOR 2 product line. Effective immediately, the RECEPTOR 2 will sell for $1599, the RECEPTOR 2 PRO will sell for $1999 and the RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX will sell for $2499. Prices are in US Dollars and are only available to residents of the US and Canada. These same new lower prices are available through Muse Research Dealers throughout North America.

More information: Muse Research / Plugorama


Sample Logic announces Receptor compatibility for The Elements EXP & Synergy

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Sample Logic

Sample Logic has announced that its Kontakt Player powered virtual instruments The Elements EXP and Synergy are now compatible with Receptor.

Sample Logic’s award-winning virtual instruments “The Elements EXP” and “Synergy”® are now compatible and installable on Receptor using Muse Research’s “Direct Install” technology. Direct Install is part of Receptor Tools and can be accessed via the “Receptor Remote Control”

The Receptor is a standalone hardware plug-in solution for the professional composer and sound designer. “A unique and versatile musical instrument that takes the best software-based synthesizers and effects processors available, and turns them into real instruments.”

More information: Sample Logic


Ohm Force announces Remix Cohmpetition 2010

Ohm Force Remix Cohmpetition 2010

Ohm Force has announced the Remix Cohmpetition 2010, a music production contest with $4,000 USD in prizes.

The track to be remixed is “Stride”, the new release from talented american progressive house producer/DJ Derek Howell (check out his MySpace profile or take a look at his discography at Discogs).

What the contestants will have to do is pretty simple: go to the Cohmpetition’s page at our blog, listen to the original track, download the sample pack, use Ohm Force’s Frohmage filter and/or Symptohm:Melohman Performer Edition synth (both are freeware!) when producing their remix and… show their talent to the world! The submissions should be sent until February 28th 2010, the 3 winners will be chosen by the Ohm Force and Derek himself and the final result will be announced at the beginning of March. Shall the best win!

Remix Cohmpetition 2010 prizes include products by Ohm Force, Camel Audio, Sample Magic, and Muse Research, who will be offering a Receptor 2 to the 1st place winner.

More information: Remix Cohmpetition 2010