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Peavey announces ReValver MK III.V

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Peavey ReValver MK III.V

Peavey has announced ReValver MK III.V, the next version of its amplifier modeling software, which debuts nine new amplifier and effects models.

Developed by veteran tube-amp maker Peavey Electronics, ReValver is a revolutionary amplifier modeling software that captures the true characteristics of vacuum tubes while allowing users unprecedented control over their tonality and gain structures.

Peavey ReValver MK III.V will feature the debut of the Peavey 3120™, Peavey Masterpiece™, Peavey Sensation™, Budda® Superdrive™II, and Budda Superdrive V Series amplifier models. New effects models in ReValver MK III.V are the classic Peavey VCL-2™ tube compressor and the Budda Budwah™ expression pedal. All of the amp and effects models and deep editing popularized by ReValver MK III are also available in MK III.V.

ReValver MK III.V features

  • 22 amplifier models, including the Peavey 6505®, 6505+, JSX®, 3120™, Classic®, ValveKing®, Triple XXX®, Masterpiece™ and Sensation™.
  • 12 preamp models.
  • 9 power amp models.
  • 20 stompbox/pedal-type effects.
  • 12 rack-style effects.
  • VST Host module.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit operation modes.
  • More than 150 speaker simulations using real-time convolution and membrane modeling.
  • 7 utility functions, including tuners, signal splitters, analyzer and more.
  • Fully MIDI mappable.

Peavey ReValver MK III.V will be available in Q2 2010 from authorized Peavey retailers.

Peavey has also joined forced with Muse Research And Development to develop the Musebox, a flexible musical instrument and effects module.

Peavey / Muse Research MuseBox

The MuseBox uses virtual instruments and effects technology in a brand-new way, so players of all types can easily take cutting-edge software-based synths, sounds and effects to rehearsals, gigs, to the practice room, or to the studio. The MuseBox’s compact 2U half-rack design is ultimately portable, incredibly versatile, and built for the road.

The MuseBox will be available in spring 2010 from authorized retailers with a U.S. MSRP of $1199.99.

More information: Peavey / ReValver / Muse Research


Muse Research updates: RECEPTOR OS 1.8, Solid State Drive and UniWire 1.3

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Muse Research Receptor 2 Pro Max

Muse Research has announced a number of updates for its RECEPTOR 2 platform.

Muse Research RECEPTOR 2 updates

  • RECEPTOR OS V1.8 system software — In addition to a number of performance and stability improvements, RECEPTOR system software V1.8 now allows Spectrasonics Omnisphere and FXpansion BFD2 virtual instrument users to take full advantage of RECEPTOR 2′s lightning fast processing power, super-low latency and renowned stability. RECEPTOR system software V1.8 also offers increased support for Synthogy’s Ivory pianos, GForce’s M-Tron Pro, and PianoTeq 3 from Modartt. In addition, V1.8 supports all IK Multimedia guitar plug-ins, including AmpliTube 2, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix, AmpliTube Metal, AmpliTube Fender, and AmpliTube Duo, and includes support for the most recent Kontakt Player engine that gives access to a large number of sample libraries including those from Big Fish and Sonic Reality.
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) — SSD dramatically increases the data throughput of the RECEPTOR 2 PRO and PRO MAX for greater polyphony and lower latency, as well as increasing the ruggedness of an already robust design by replacing the traditional rotating hard drive with solid state drive technology with no moving parts. The SSD option is available on either the RECEPTOR 2 PRO or RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX models, and offers either 128GB or 256GB of storage. These new storage devices dramatically enhance the performance of the already-impressive RECEPTOR 2 pro or PRO MAX by increasing the speed at which data is read from the drive by a factor of up to 5 when compared with a standard hard drive mechanism. The result is a dramatic increase in polyphony, along with reduced boot time, faster sample loading, and the ability to run some sample-based programs at much lower latency settings.
  • UniWire 1.3 — Now Pro Tools users can off-load power-hungry plug-ins to RECEPTOR 2 and run them “virtually” using the RTAS-format UniWire plug-in inside of Pro Tools. In addition, RECEPTOR 2 lets Pro Tools users move beyond the RTAS world of virtual instruments and effects into the immense world of Windows VST plug-ins. UniWire lets you connect one or more RECEPTOR 2s to your computer-based digital audio workstation using only Ethernet cables—no audio or MIDI cables are needed. You can then load up the UniWire plug-in to access the virtual instrument and effect plug-ins running on your RECEPTOR 2, controlling them from your computer and running them as if they were inside your host digital audio workstation. Unlike ‘old school’ external sound and effects modules with miles of cables and complicated patching, RECEPTOR 2 lets you integrate with your digital audio workstation exactly like a locally hosted plug-in—but without depleting your host computer’s precious CPU cycles. UniWire’s ability to transfer up to 32-channels of audio with 32-bit floating point precision over a single Ethernet cable means your audio quality will remain pristine all the way to the final mix. And the UniWire plug-in lets you save the RECEPTOR 2 setup as part of the DAW’s project file so you can quickly move from project to project.

More information: Muse Research


Muse Research shipping RECEPTOR 2

Muse Research has announced that it is now shipping the RECEPTOR 2, a high-performance, super-stable dedicated hardware plug-in player that runs hundreds of virtual instruments and effects with the convenience and portability of dedicated hardware.

Muse Research RECEPTOR 2

The RECEPTOR 2 uses a single-core processor and a 250GB SATA 2 hard drive and provides significantly more performance than the previous generation. Additionally, the new RECEPTOR 2 has a sleek, new look with a deep blue front panel, LCD, and blue power LED. The single core AMD processor and high speed DDR-2 RAM of this new second generation of Receptor provide performance that is similar to the previous generation’s top-of-the line, but RECEPTOR 2 costs significantly less with a MAP price of only $1999 US.

The unit also includes $700 worth of sounds in the form of the Univers Sons Plugsound BOX pre-installed. RECEPTOR 2 is available now from major music retailers and online providers.

Visit Muse Research for more information.


Muse Research announces USB Plugsound Box collection for Receptor 2

Ultimate Sound Bank Plugsound Box

Muse Research has announced that its Receptor 2 hardware plug-in player will now ship with the USB Plugsound Box collection by Univer Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank.

The Plugsound BOX collection features 6 superb virtual instruments covering a wide range of sounds and styles, including fretted instruments, keyboards, synthesizers, General MIDI instruments, drums and percussion, and Hip Hop sound sets. The collection, which originally sold for hundreds of dollars, is now FREE with each standard RECEPTOR 2 PRO & RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX.

USB Plugsound Box features

  • Plugsound Vol.1 : Keyboard Collection — features acoustic pianos in several styles as well as less-traditional honky tonk and modified versions. Features a large assortment of electric pianos as well as electric organs, tone wheel organs, clavinets, and electric grand sounds that provide a rich and expressive set of instruments to work with.
  • Plugsound Vol.2 : Fretted Instruments Collection — One of USB’s best-known sound sets featuring a comprehensive collection of acoustic and electric guitar samples. Covering a wide range of guitars and styles from classical to electric guitars, you’ll be hard pressed to know that these instruments were played on a keyboard given their realism and expressivity.
  • Plugsound Vol.3 : Drums and Percussion Collection — The Drums and Percussion collection has over 6,000 drum sounds sorted into various kits. Remarkably dynamic drum kits of all styles are represented as well as a diverse range of percussion instruments. The electronic drum collection is nothing short of amazing, capturing rare electronic drum kits of the past and providing them in a ready-to-use form.
  • Plugsound Vol.4 : Hip Hop and R ‘n’ B Collection — This collection features various loops, kits and multi-sampled instruments. The drum loops and instrument phrases are all sorted by tempo, letting you trigger in tempo and quickly create beats. Suitable for a wide range of musical styles, this collection provides fresh sounds in an incredibly easy to use form.
  • Plugsound Vol.5 : Synth Collection — This comprehensive collection of both modern and classic synthesizers provides you with an incredibly wide range of pads and leads to use either by themselves or layered into remarkably complex textures. The collection also contains various stacks, flute-style leads, voices, tines & bells, basses, pads, sweeps, and more.
  • Plugsound Vol.6 : Global Collection / GM — This collection is designed to serve as an ultimate General MIDI (GM) module, with instrument categories such as world, orchestral, basses, guitars, keyboards, drums and percussion all organized in standard GM layouts.

Visit Muse Research for more information.


Muse Research announces Receptor 2 Pro & Pro Max

Muse Research has announced the Receptor 2 Pro & Pro Max hardware plug-in players.

The NEW RECEPTOR 2 PRO and PRO MAX are the smarter, faster, and better way to run your favorite virtual instruments and effects. They deliver the pure performance muscle you need whether you perform on stage, record in the studio, or compose for the screen.

Muse Research Receptor 2
Muse Research Receptor 2 – faster, smarter, and better

Changes in Receptor 2

  • 50% more memory so you can load massive libraries and tons of sounds.
  • 2 times the processing power so you can run more plug-ins with less latency.
  • 3 times the hard drive throughput for more polyphony.
  • 10X the networking speed for improved UniWire™ performance and faster file transfers from your computer.
  • Includes hundreds of presets based on the Plugsound BOX collection of virtual instruments.

The Receptor 2 Pro & Pro Max are available now from major music retailers and online providers.

Visit Muse Research for more information.


IK Multimedia releases Total Bundle 2 Series

IK Multimedia has announced two new bundles in the Total Bundle Series: Total Workstation 2 and Total Studio 2.

To get to the top of the charts, you need the gear the pros use. IK’s new Total Bundles series offers a complete range of the highest-quality plug-ins now available together at an incredible price. Want to hear them? Turn on the radio.

Total Workstation 2 Bundle

IK Multimedia Total Workstation 2 Bundle

Offers all 5 of IK’s highly acclaimed virtual instrument and workstation plug-ins in one box for a staggering 14,000 sounds and 28 GB of samples available in one convenient package, and at one incredible price of up to 72% off regular list prices.

This bundle includes:

  • SampleTank® 2.5 XL
  • Miroslav Philharmonik™
  • Sonik Synth™ 2
  • SampleMoog™
  • SampleTron™

Total Workstation 2 bundle is priced at $699.99 USD / €539.99 EUR or $599.99 USD / €449.99 EUR for the crossgrade version (a savings of up to 72% over their regular combined prices).

Total Workstation 2 bundle is also available as a part of the new Total Workstation Rack, a hardware plug-in player from IK Multimedia and Muse Research, powered by Receptor, for $1,999.99 USD / €1,599.99 EUR (full version), and $1,699.99 USD / €1,399.99 EUR (crossgrade).

Total Studio 2 Bundle

IK Multimedia Total Studio 2 Bundle

The most complete solution for any DAW available on the market today covering every guitar, bass, mix and mastering need with over 160 accurately modeled effects in one all-inclusive package, and offered at one amazing price of up to 80% off regular list prices.

This bundle is a collection of 12 award-winning plug-ins:

  • The 5 instruments of the Total Workstation 2 bundle
  • plus 7 essential effects plug-in suites:
    • AmpliTube® 2
    • Ampeg® SVX
    • AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™
    • AmpliTube Metal
    • AmpliTube X-GEAR
    • T-RackS®
    • Classik Studio Reverb™

Total Studio 2 bundle has a price of $1,099.99 USD / €839.99 EUR or $899.99 USD / €689.99 EUR for the crossgrade version (a savings of up to 80% over their regular combined prices). The Total Studio 2 bundle will be available for shipping at the beginning of October 2008.

Exclusive Bonus
As a bonus, get exclusive “Artist Signature Presets” by the hottest players and producers from all genres: Dark Child, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Bernie Worrell, Wolfgang Gartner, Happy Perez, Lenny Dee and many more!

For a limited time, users of the previous versions of either the Total Workstation Bundle or the Total Studio Bundle, that registered their product prior to this announcement, will also be able to upgrade to the new version 2, in the IK online store, for only $199.99 USD / €149.99 EUR for the Total Workstation 2 bundle and $299.99 USD / €229.99 EUR for the Total Studio 2 bundle.

Visit IK Multimedia for more information on the Total Bundle 2 Series.


IK Multimedia releases Total Workstation Rack

IK Multimedia has released Total Workstation Rack, a sound module powered by SampleTank and Receptor.

The new Total Workstation Rack Receptor features the entire “Powered by SampleTank” line of workstation plug-ins integrated into the powerful Muse Receptor, a machine that’s built from the ground up to use plug-ins with the same feeling of an hardware synthesizer. This new fusion of software and hardware bridges the gap for those who are looking for more power from their plug-ins in the studio and on stage. Powered by Muse Receptor, and featuring the award-winning sounds of IK Multimedia, this is truly a world-class instrument and the future of the keyboard rack unit.

IK Multimedia Total Workstation Rack
Total Workstation Rack – Bundling Receptor with SampleTank plug-ins

Total Workstation Rack features

  • The ultimate hardware solution to soft-synths.
  • Over 10,000 playable patches straight out of the box.
  • Includes all “Powered by SampleTank” plug-ins:
  • 27 GB of Data on a 160 GB drive! There’s room for expansion!
  • Features UniWire™ – use the Receptor Hardware as a plug-in in your favorite DAW.
  • 4 user-programmable knobs for instant tweakability.

Total Workstation Rack is available now for $1999.99 / €1599.99. A crossgrade is available as well.

Visit IK Multimedia w for more information.