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Other Munday Press introduces To Serve & Groove – Book explains file–based music for the home

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Other Munday To Serve & Groove

Other Munday Press has announced the publication of To Serve & Groove, the debut book title by author Oliver Masciarotte.

As the throughput of public IP services to the home steadily increases, digital entertainment is rapidly becoming file-based. This trend is most obvious with the proliferation of motion picture and video delivery services, but music is catching up. Now, a wide variety of all genres of music, at higher than Compact Disc resolution, is available for purchase while more is arriving daily. To Serve & Groove walks the reader through this new world of file-based, ultrafidelity music playback in the home.

A guide to digital audio and personal computer-based music servers, To Serve & Groove is aimed at those who love music. One such aficionado and self-described audiophile is John Reekie, co-editor of Hifi Zine. In his review of To Serve & Groove, he states that, “…having read it a couple of times from front to back now, I’m pleased to report that Oliver’s book is one that I would whole-heartedly recommend.” With a light tone, Masciarotte reports on a wealth of actionable guidance. “Detailed information about computer hardware, music players, disk storage, file formats, and DACs…(fill the chapters),” Reekie stated. “There’s a lot in here, and you’ll know where to come back to in future when you are stumped with a question.”

If FLACs, DACs, Macs and ALACs are causing your head to spin, then settle in with a copy of To Serve & Groove. Oliver Masciarotte, Bay Area author and technical consultant, strove for practical information with a DIY slant. “If you’ve already dialed in your overall hi–fi rig and would like to start down the path of computer–based audio in the quest for a very high fidelity digital source, then this book was written with you in mind,” he said. The technical aspects of digital audio are also explained, and recommendations are given for complete systems within several price brackets.

To Serve & Groove is being made available in hard copy as well as electronic editions, priced at $14.95 USD and $4.99 USD respectively.

More information: Other Munday Press

Oh Drat launches Total Music Production video tutorials

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Oh Drat

Oh Drat has announced Total Music Production, 12 hours of HD music production video tutorials.

OD Total Music Production is the antidote to poor quality ebooks, shaky-cam videos by amateurs, and astronomically over-priced courses from institutions.

12 hours of clear, precise, music production tutorial videos will walk you through the studio from your first steps all the way to professional quality music production. Immediate access to our streaming HD videos will teach you everything you need to make amazing music – and we’ll save you money by using a specially curated selection of FREE pro quality instruments and effects!

YOU DON’T NEED ANY SOFTWARE ALREADY, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re on PC or Mac; purchasing OD Total Music Production gets you immediate access to our members site where you will be able to watch our logically laid out, inspirational, professional quality HD music production tutorial videos and follow along to fulfil your dream of producing amazing music!

Oh Drat Total Music Production

Total Music Production features

  • A curated list of completely free instrument and effect ‘plugins’ that will save you hundreds (or even thousands) of your hard earned cash.
  • Detailed setup and getting started guides that will stop you wasting money on things you don’t need and get you going immediately.
  • The music theory you need to know; tempo, time signature, scales, key – save hours of frustration and guesswork.
  • Harness the power of MIDI to control your instruments and effects! Learn how to save time editing, controlling synths, and automating your way to amazing evolving music.
  • In depth tutorials on synthesisers and how to control and create your own sounds from scratch – with easy to follow examples from beautiful IDM pads to tearing dubstep bass and way more.
  • How to record pro quality audio, re-time it, change its sound, and chop it up like the hip hop greats.
  • Hugely detailed effects section that doesn’t just explain what each effect is but also how it works and why.
  • Extensive routing, mixing, and mastering guides that will give you the power to give your music that pro polish.
  • How to export and share your music, and much more music production tutorial videos.

Total Music Production is available to purchase at the introductory price of $61 USD until August 20th, 2012 (20% off regular $77 USD).

More information: Oh Drat / Total Music Production

Gobbler goes multi-platform – PC Client released

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Gobbler has announced the release of a PC Client for its purpose-built cloud designed for digital media creators.

Previously available for Mac and iOS, Gobbler is now available to more than 1.6 billion PC users worldwide, allowing them to optimize their cloud-based experience.

Gobbler is already utilized by more than 40,000 media creators including artists, musicians, pro audio engineers and producers. Gobbler, which is one of the fastest and most reliable file transfer technologies, places the power of the cloud in the hands of digital media creators. Gobbler scans all drives, catalogs the location of all audio in addition to automatically updating changes made to files and can send files of any size to anyone.

Now, media creators using a PC have the ability to set Gobbler to monitor and automatically back-up a project with a collaborator and send the entire project and all its associated files securely and quickly. Similar to Gobbler for Mac and iOS, it automatically catalogs all media project types even if they were not previously backed-up. Receiving projects in Gobbler is faster and more secure than the traditional transfer methods media creators are accustomed to, such as FTP or email.

“We’re striving to make media collaboration easier for as many people as possible, said Chris Kantrowitz, founder and CEO of Gobbler. “We already have a loyal following of Mac users who turn to Gobbler, and with the launch of PC, we see a vast opportunity to provide a purpose-built cloud solution that gives media creators a powerful way to share their most valuable assets – their projects.”

Additionally, Gobbler announced new pricing terms to coincide with the launch of the PC client, providing users with additional account space and holding prices constant. New users can opt for 5GB monthly of free storage or select one of four tiers ranging from 20GB ($4 monthly) up to 250GB ($30 monthly). All current paid subscribers will be bumped up to the new GB levels Gobbler is launching.

Sign up before August 6th, 2012 for your free 5GB account.

More information: Gobbler / Sign up for free 5GB

PreSonus Studio One integrates Nimbit to become a complete musician’s solution


PreSonus has announced it has acquired Nimbit and integrated its technology and services into Studio One Artist, Producer, and Professional to provide a complete solution for music and audio creation, sales, and promotion.

With integrated Nimbit, Studio One users can:

  • Instantly sell and promote their music and audio the moment it is created.
  • Sell MP3s, CDs, merchandise, and event tickets through beautiful stores for their Facebook pages, their Web sites,, and services like Jango, FanBridge, and PledgeMusic.
  • Create sharable, interactive promotions for Facebook, Twitter, and email that feature music and video players, messages to fans, and free downloads to drive sales.
  • Grow their fan base and understand their fans better thanks to detailed analytics and sales reporting.

From Studio One Artist, Producer, and Professional v.2.0.6 and later (with the free Nimbit Extension), you can select an individual song right from the start page, or select File >Export and upload to Nimbit. You then add details, upload a product image, and set a price, and your music will be immediately available for sale.

Studio One Professional users will reap additional benefits. When you export to Nimbit from the Project page, your project metadata pre-populates the Nimbit product setup, allowing you to sell and promote your music almost instantaneously.

Introduction to Nimbit – The Easiest Way To Sell and Promote Music, Merch, Tickets and More on Facebook, Twitter, and Your Website.

A Complete Solution

With the addition of Nimbit technology and services, Studio One users can now go from creating the first track to marketing and selling a finished project, all within Studio One and associated Web sites. Studio One Professional users can record, mix, master, digitally release, burn CDs, upload to the Web via SoundCloud, and market and sell through Nimbit without leaving the DAW.

In short, Studio One has become a complete musician’s solution.

Registered Studio One 2 customers will be able to download the Nimbit Extension free from the PreSonus Exchange. Having installed the Extension, they can sign up for a Nimbit Free or Nimbit Plus account from within Studio One and start selling and promoting their music.

The benefits of Nimbit are not limited to PreSonus Studio One customers. Anyone who would like to sell and promote their music, other audio products, and merchandise can sign up at or can install the free Nimbit store for Facebook.

The integration will be available on August 1, 2012, via a free Nimbit Extension for Studio One 2.0.6 and later.

More information: PreSonus / Nimbit

Anytune perfects music practice with the launch of Anytune 3 for iOS

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Anytune has announced the release of version 3 of the Anytune music practice iOS app for musicians of all kinds.

Anytune 3
Anytune 3 now comes with LiveMix input mixing, FineTouch EQ, and more.

Musicians worldwide use Anytune to learn to play or transcribe songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting the pitch, repeating loops, setting navigation marks and sharing timed comments using their favorite tracks. Musicians love being able to slow down mp3 music with Anytune. The first app to offer features normally found on expensive desktop software, Anytune is consistently ranked as the highest-rated music practice app on the Apple App Store.

Anytune 3 continues the tradition by producing HQ audio allowing musicians import their music, slow mp3’s, visualize their songs, and practice at their own pace and pitch. Now, with the redesigned Anytune 3, users can perfect their music practice and learning even further using FineTouch EQ and LiveMix.

“FineTouch EQ allows you to pinpoint your instrument in the track,” said co-founder and CEO Tony Wacheski. “Unlike traditional EQs with fixed bands, FineTouch EQ has innovative controls that give musicians unprecedented flexibility to precisely enhance or suppress the instrument they want. The effect is particularly powerful when combined with LiveMix.”

“The best way to describe LiveMix is it makes you feel as though you are playing in the band,” said co-founder and CTO Sean Kormilo. “Plug an adaptor such as an Apogee JAM into your iOS device and you can practice in a live mix of your song with your instrument through your headphones or an amp – all at your pace and pitch.”

Damian Erskine from No Treble recently reviewed Anytune Pro HQ 3. “Anytune HQ 3 is now my all-time favorite slow downer of any iOS app,” said Erskine. “They’ve spent 6 months redesigning the app and have integrated many new features that users had requested. Job well done!”

Feature overview of Anytune 3 – Music Practice Perfected.

Changes in Anytune 3

  • Feel as though you’re playing in the band with LiveMix™ input mixing (Apogee JAM, iRig, Mic).
  • Pinpoint your instrument in the song visually and precisely with FineTouch™ EQ.
  • Step-It-Up Interval trainer.
  • Beautiful new user interface.
  • Zoomed in waveform to pinpoint all the details.
  • Seamless looping.

Anytune 3 is available in free, Pro ($9.99 USD), and Pro HQ ($14.99 USD) versions.

More information: Anytune

MakeMusic releases Finale 2012b

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MakeMusic Finale 2012

MakeMusic has announced Finale 2012b, a maintenance update for the notation software for Windows and Mac.

Finale 2012b is a free download for everyone who owns Finale 2012. It includes several new features including automatic range checking, the Finale Lyrics font, EPUB export, a new Aria Player, and more. Finale 2012b also includes more than 60 bug fixes. Visit the update page to see all the details and to download the update.

New in Finale 2012b

  • Automatic Range Checking.
  • Automatic Octave Adjustments when copying between staves.
  • The ability to export EPUB compatible files (viewable on most tablet devices).
  • New Finale Lyrics font makes lyrics more legible (even on tablet devices).
  • Dozens of improvements that target long-standing customer requests.

Finale 2012b is a free update for registered Finale 2012 users.

More information: MakeMusic

Hal Leonard publishes The Worship Band Book – Training and Empowering Your Worship Band

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Hal Leonard Books has published Worship Musician! Presents The Worship Band Book by Tom Lane, a mini boot camp for bands, artists, worship teams, and worship ministries.

Worship Musician! presents The Worship Band Book

Whether you’re in a band yourself or part of a ministry involved with teams, this book can help you on your journey. For 30 years, musician, songwriter, and worshipper Tom Lane has worked in the Christian worship music industry and alongside churches, ministries, and movements around the world associated with worship.

In this collection of articles, Lane encourages honesty and clear communication from all sides while aiming for the right thing – to be a band that worships, first and foremost. Spiritual, relational, professional, and practical issues relevant for individuals and groups in worship ministry of any kind are addressed head on.

Historically, bands have helped lead revolutions, crusades, campaigns, churches, rallies, and entire nations. The role bands play in worship, though important, is not the pinnacle of the calling or mandate according to Jesus. While it’s okay to have a good rock band and want to go places, many creatively gifted Christians miss the mark entirely and are derailed by their own quests for something other than God. Likewise, worship teams sometimes miss the mark by placing too much emphasis onperformance and not enough on relationships. This book will help lay the foundation for a healthier pursuit of creative dreams and a closer walk with God.

The Worship Band Book is available to purchase for $16.99 USD.

More information: Hal Leonard / The Worship Band Book

Hooktheory analyzes chords of 1,300 songs

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Hooktheory chord analysis

Hooktheory, a resource for learning how to write songs and understand music, has posted an interesting analysis of chords used in 1,300 popular songs.

In this article, we’ll look at the statistics gathered from 1300 choruses, verses, etc. of popular songs to discover the answer to a few basic questions.

First we’ll look at the relative popularity of different chords based on the frequency that they appear in the chord progressions of popular music. Then we’ll begin to look at the relationship that different chords have with one another. For example, if a chord is found in a song, what can we say about the probability for what the next chord will be that comes after it?

More information: Hooktheory